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Oh! My Emperor S2 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 20 Recap

After the ceremony official sang, Beitangyi and Luo Feifei paid respects to the world, and sweetness surrounded their hearts. However, Xia Bing and Bei Tangtang, who were also dressed in happy clothes, faced an embarrassing scene at this time. Bei Tangtang looked at Xia Bing with a wry smile. It turned out that he had always been wishful thinking, and Xia Bing had never been sincere to him. Xia Bing shook his head repeatedly. Bei Tangtang was in pain.

If they didn’t leave the desert, the two of them would live happily, right? Bei Tangtang roared and drew out the dagger to stab Xia Bing, but after all he couldn’t do it. Xia Bing also did the same. She refused to attack Bei Tangtang and asked him to go!

At this moment, the empress dowager just forgot to say something and appeared, hearing all this, saying that Xia Bing had disappointed him too much, took out the knife, Xia Bing closed his eyes, Bei Tangtang called no, rushed up, and who Knowing that the person who forgot to kill was Bei Tangtang, he stabbed the king again and again. Xia Bing was startled to tears, but Bei Tangtang repeatedly urged her to go quickly. Xia Bing suddenly pulled out the knife and stabbed it in. Empress dowager body!

Xia Bing never thought that one day Bei Tangtang would die. She was both horrified and sad, but Bei Tangtang, who was betrayed, was still thinking of her, asking her to go quickly, the people of Huang Daoguo would not let Xia Bing go. Xia Bing burst into tears, and asked Bei Tangtang again and again whether she would go back to the desert with her? Are the two handcuffed together? King Tang still fell, and Xia Bing began to cry.

At this time, the black smoke in the head of the Empress Dowager rushed into Bei Tangtang’s body. Bei Tangtang woke up abruptly, as if he had been attacked by an evil spirit, and stabbed Xia Bing several times while Xia Bing was defenseless. Until she fell to the ground and died. Bei Tangtang yelled to kill you all. Rushed into the city. And Xia Bing, who fell to the ground, recalled scenes from the scenes when the two met and fell in love.

Beitangyi’s wedding is being held lively, the people in the city are drinking wine, the officials in the hall are also toasting each other, and officials toast Beitangyi. Luo Feifei stopped the wine for Beitang Yi, thinking that the emperor was going to do business tonight. Suddenly, all the people who had drunk fell to the ground, and the people in the city, the officials, Xie Yanran. And Luo Feifei herself is groggy! Bei Tang Yi was taken aback and got down from the dragon seat.

At this time, King Chen was entering the hall, and he informed the emperor that the people from the Orion Kingdom had already entered! Beitangyi picked up Luo Feifei, and Wang Chen also picked up Xie Yanran and apologized to her for being late. Xie Yanran tearfully said not to apologize. If you meet in the next life, don’t let her wait too long, and then close Closed eyes.

After the Orion Kingdom broke through the gate, Beitang Yi and Beitang Mo Ran fought against the Orion Kingdom, repelling waves after waves. But he didn’t guard against Bei Tangtang stabbing Bei Tang Yi in the back! The emperor Chen Wang and Bei Tangtang fought against each other. The two of them managed to hold Bei Tangtang under control, but couldn’t bear to attack him.

Haoyue was in the sky, and Wang Wang seemed to be controlled by something. After a while, he woke up and yelled to make them quick. kill him! But the two of them couldn’t start cruelly, and the king of Tang became devastated again and hit the two! The two fainted in agony, not knowing their life or death.

The moonlight became more and more prosperous, Bei Tangtang was controlled by two kinds of consciousness, suddenly transformed into a clone, and killed Bei Tangtang who had been forgotten to occupy the main body! It is unbelievable to forget the words, but what is unchangeable is that he has indeed been hit and turned into black smoke. There is a vicissitudes of life in the air, calling me to come back! Zhang Tianzheng finally came with his troops, looking at the fallen King Chen and Bei Tang Yi, feeling miserable.

Luo Feifei looked at the Zodiac Kingdom, which was full of corpses, and was frightened and panicked like never before. Until she saw Beitangyi who fell on the ground, Luo Feifei began to use her abilities to save Beitangyi, and then saved King Tang, King Chen, and everyone. The tribe of Ophiuchus also rushed over and began to save people under Luo Feifei’s order. Under the treatment of the Ophiuchus, the people of the Zodiac gradually wake up, and the Ophiuchus people have lost their vitality and turned into stars.

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