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Oh! My Emperor S2 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 19 Recap

Beitangyi and Tang Wang came outside the Xifang to pick up their bride. Xie Yanran and Chu Shengnan stood at the door and refused to let them in easily. Beitangyi used Xie Yanran’s heroic history of fighting against the three major wine magnates in the British Immortal Country to threaten Xie Yanran, making everyone laugh, thank you Yan Ran refused to give in. Everyone wanted to enter the door with a word and a word, some said that auspicious time was coming soon, some were about to hit the door, and Bai Wuchen made an idea to move the door with his own power, but was blocked by two “powerful” women. gone back!

Xie Yanran smiled and said that they didn’t give enough. This is going to be a red envelope. Upon seeing this, the king of Beitang Yi Tang pretended to leave, saying that if he didn’t bring enough money today, he would not marry first, pretending to leave, Luo Feifei heard it in the wedding room, was anxious, and rushed out the door. Xie Yanran and Chu Shengnan panicked to stop her while shouting the dragon egg not to go, but Bei Tang Yi and Tang Wang also took the opportunity to knock open the door, making the scene a mess.

Xi Fenglie and Su Xunxian finally found Shang Yu in a room. Shang Yu fell to the ground with blood on his forehead, and the blood ran all over the ground. Xi Fenglie hugged him in grief. King Chen also rushed there, he turned from fright to anger, leaving the two to stay here, and he went to find the murderer who killed Shang Yu. Su Xunxian saw the black letters on the ground and urged Xi Fenglie to leave.

The empress dowager is presiding over the wedding of two couples. Luo Feifei offered tea to the empress dowager. The empress dowager gave her two bracelets, which were stuffed around her waist, and offered tea again. So the empress dowager Two more hairpins were given to her. It was Xia Bing’s turn to offer tea to the Empress Dowager, and the two looked at each other. Because Xia Bing had something to offer, the Empress Dowager gave Xia Bing a white silk and satin coin with a star coin of ten thousand taels. It made Luo Feifei really depressed.

Everyone walked out of the hall of the Empress Dowager, Xia Bing suddenly said that he had a stomachache and it was convenient to go, and Wang Wang was refused to go with her. But Wang Wang still didn’t worry and followed secretly. Zhang Tianzheng approached the emperor to report, and the soldiers came to report that the army of Orion had been stationed at the border of the Zodiac.

Zhang Tianzheng took some people to see, but found that the enemy had been silent. Suspected that he was worrying, he brought good wine to check, but found that there was no one in the tent! Only then did Zhang Tianzheng know that he had been in a plan to adjust the tiger away from the mountain!

Xia Bing came to the city gate, looked at the city gate, wandering around and hesitating, reluctant to act. When Chu Shengnan and Bai Wuchen saw her, they cared about her a few words. At this moment, Xia Bing heard the change and urged the two to leave. The people from the Orion nation had already arrived! Was seen by the following Tang Wang. Xia Bing did not stop the people from the Orion Nation.

The big and small dogs chased after Chu Shengnan two people. Seeing that they could not escape, Chu Shengnan fought each other. Bai Wuchen struck a sword in his body to save Chu Shengnan and the next one struck. Shi Chu Shengnan no longer asked Bai Wuchen to block the sword for her, and used his body to help Bai Wuchen block the sword.

The two stared at each other and fell together. For Bai Wuchen, he has always wanted to be the person who protects Chu Shengnan, but unfortunately there is no chance. Chu Shengnan held Bai Wuchen’s hand tightly and confessed with love that she was safe by his side and she did not regret it. The two held hands tightly together. Chu Shengnan covered his abdomen, but unfortunately, they would never see their child again.

Su Xunxian and Xi Fenglie rushed to see the two people who fell on the ground. The sorrow was not exhausted. The big and small dogs ambushing here attacked them. Su Xunxian and Xi Fenglie did not fight each other. People are also dying. King Chen followed closely, and fought the dog to the death, killing each other.

But I was told that it was too late, that the Orion nation had poisoned the wine! King Chen came to Su Xunxian’s face, his eyes were sad, and he covered Su Xunxian’s wound, asking him to hold on. Su Xunxian held his hand tightly and pulled away, asking him to save the emperor. Wang Chen had no choice but to leave, Su Xunxian smiled bitterly, this time he might be about to miss his appointment. The folding fan fell and his head dropped.

At this time, the hall was unable to wait for Bei Tangtang and Xia Bing, so they decided not to wait anymore and went through the ceremony for the emperor. The emperor wore a gorgeous wedding dress and walked into the hall with hundreds of officials and ministers standing on either side. Halfway through, Luo Feifei An unstable foot, lying on the ground! This is ugly, Beitang Yi glanced at her sideways, stretched out her hand to lift her, and the ceremonial officer continued to sing her congratulations.

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