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Oh! My Emperor S2 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 18 Recap

Beitangyi actually found Su Xunxianlai to give him and Luo Feifei portraits. Su Xunxian’s painting skills were handed down by his mother, who was the largest timber merchant in the Zodiac, and Su Xunxian believed that art is interlinked and business is also art. When Luo Feifei saw the painting, she gasped. It was ugly! Not like it at all! Beitangyi and Luo Feifei hugged each other, and they had sent someone to find Yanran and Wang Chen. Luo Feifei has been twitching her right eye recently, feeling uneasy.

When Xia Binglai met the empress dowager who had forgotten to say, she reported to Wangyan that the wedding arrangements had been clearly understood, and by then, the whole city would be poisoned by the wine, and no one in the city could escape. And Wang Yan has just received a letter from the Flying Pigeon, and the army has been hidden in the market, ready to raise troops.

Xia Bing was intolerable to Bei Tangtang. She asked if the star masters of the Forgotten Zodiac Kingdom might be able to recruit peace. Bei Tangtang has no threat to them. Although Wang Yan refused to agree to Zhao An, he promised that it would not hurt Bei Tang Yi. After the event was completed, Xia Bing was the hero of the Orion nation, and he would personally witness their marriage. Xia Bing was overjoyed after hearing this.

Forgot to invite Xia Bing to stay for dinner. Xia Bing was going to the singles party held by Luo Feifei. At the singles party, Xie Yanran was back. Wang Chen also came back, but Wang Zhou was overwhelmed and caught in the wind and cold, so he could not come tonight. Everyone was talking and laughing, Luo Feifei announced to enjoy this last golden single night, the first thing to do is to fight wine! The second thing is awkward dance! After the party was over, everyone went back drunk, and Shang Yu suddenly remembered that he had a gift for Xia Bing, so he turned back alone. Xi Fenglie always felt a little uneasy, Su Xunxian advised him that Shang Yu was best at speed.

On the way back, Shang Yu overheard a conversation from the people of the Orion nation. They said that tomorrow is the big day of the Orion nation, and Xia Bing is smart. They got the news from Luo Feifei and poisoned the wine, so it would be no effort Take down the Zodiac. When they killed the emperor and brought the star master, the Zodiac will be in the bag! Shang Yu saw the big and small dogs of the Orion Nation, and he secretly said that he was not good. He wanted to go back and report the news. Before he could escape, he was spotted by the Orion Nation and surrounded him!

Wang Chen was fussing the qin, Xi Fenglie hurried, and anxiously came to report to him that Shang Yu had disappeared and had not returned overnight! Wang Chen ordered to find Su Xunxian. Neither Wang Chen nor Su Xunxian paid much attention to this matter. However, Xi Fenglie was extremely anxious, and the two of them paid attention to it.

Su Xunxian used the bird to inquire about it. After receiving clues, he decided to accompany Xi Fenglie to search for it, and King Chen then reconciled with them. In the Tianxing Palace, both Beitangyi and Tang Wang have put on the wedding dress designed by Luo Feifei. The four girls also sat in the wedding room and waited nervously, but Xia Bing looked a little unhappy.

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