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Excellent Investor 金牌投资人 Episode 3 Recap

Fang Yubin is a member of the investment and research department of Rongding. On the way to winning customers, the investment and research department often spends money without permission. This makes the director of the finance department Meng Wei very dissatisfied and decides to cancel some reimbursement orders.

Qi Yu is the deputy director of the finance department and a good friend of Fang Yubin. He often finds ways to help the investment and research department reimburse the invoices smoothly. After Fang Yubin went to Hong Kong, Qi Yu asked Fang Yubin to bring her a necklace. Fang Yubin asked Qi Yu Qi Yu was distressed about the payment of bail by Su Hao. After all, this bail was not a small amount. How to get past Meng Wei was still difficult.

After Fang Yubin helped Qi Yu to buy the necklace, he met Su Jin. Su Jin invited him to a villa in the suburbs and wanted to talk to Fang Yubin.

Su Jin has set up an investment company called W in China. He wants to dig Fang Yubin. The investors behind W are very powerful. The method is extremely appreciated. Another reason is that Fang Yubin did not use Shao Yong’s inside trading evidence to threaten Shao Yong’s cooperation. Su Jin believes that Fang Yubin is a very different investor.

Fang Yubin cannot approve Su Jin’s approach to Shao Yong. They have different values ​​and different outlooks on life, so they cannot be the same people on the same boat, and Fang Yubin is unwilling to betray and explore his own Yuan Ruilang.

Fang Yubin was about to leave the villa, slipped off the swimming pool under his feet, and Su Jin also jumped down. Su Jin pretended to be unable to swim and waited for Fang Yubin to rescue. Fang Yubin rescued Su Jin ashore and prepared to give Su Jin artificial respiration. Su Jin spitting all the water in his mouth into Fang Yubin’s face with a smile, and then deliberately provocatively pushed Fang Yubin down the swimming pool, and left himself proudly, after which Fang Yubin could only walk out of the villa area on his own.

Su Su has always said Su Hao’s kind words in front of Su Su. Su Su obviously no longer eats this set. Su Jin sent a message stating that when he saw his father in Shanghai, Su father turned off his phone impatiently.
Su Jin went to psychological counseling. She often dreamed of the situation when she left home alone when she was 16 years old. Su Jin hated her father very much, but she couldn’t refuse her father.
Fang Yubin flew back to Shanghai and met Su Jin again in the waiting room. Su Jin teased that Fang Yubin walked back last time. Fang Yubin never wanted to see Su Jin again.

Fang Yubin pays Su Hao the bail fee without authorization, and takes the money for the customers to eliminate the disaster. The company will not reimburse him. Fang Yubin asks Qi Yu for help to find a way, otherwise the money can only be paid out by himself. Qi Yu was not careful Having said that he likes Fang Yubin, fortunately, Fang Yubin did not hear clearly, Qi Yu blushed and turned his head out of the window.
After Su Hao returned to Shanghai, he explained to his father about the mighty things. He pushed everything to Shao Yong’s head. He claimed that Shao Yong wanted to count him. Su’s father didn’t come together, like Su Hao’s cynical. The rich second generation deserves to be framed by others.

Qi Yufan looked at some pictures taken with Fang Yubin. They are the most tacit friends and share too many common stories. Su Jin and his father suggested that in order to make the group stronger, the most effective way is to find investors through investment companies and introduce a large amount of money in order to make the company stronger. Su’s father recognized Su Jin’s ideas and made her ready Let’s talk about the set investment plan.

Su’s father is still hospitalized and temporarily unable to manage the company, he entrusted Jiangzhou Communications, an important project of the company, to Su Hao, Su Jin is an investment company in order to obtain more shares of Jiangzhou Group through investment, and then he can successfully enter the board of directors.

In the past, Su’s father made a special trip to Hong Kong to find Su Jin. Su Jin spoke coldly to his father and refused to leave a trace of tenderness. Many years ago, Su father abandoned Su Jin’s mother and Su Jin to remarry his ex-wife Zhuoya in order to make the Jiangzhou Group go public. This incident was very harmful to Su Jin. Su Jin never thought that the group The listing has nothing to do with Su Su’s search for the remarriage of his ex-wife. After a long time, she doesn’t want to think about it, only remembering the injuries her father gave.

After Su Su’s age, his health became worse and worse. Zhuo Ya’s younger brothers occupied important positions in the company. This has always been Su Su’s heart knot. Su Su came to Su Jin and hoped that she would return to Jiangzhou Group to help him solve it. To the tumor within the group.

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