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Excellent Investor 金牌投资人 Episode 23 Recap

Fang Yubin believes that to prove Qi Yu’s innocence, you can transfer surveillance video from the hotel. As long as the video shows that Qi Yu entered the hotel that day and has not been out, it can prove that Qi Yu is innocent. Qi Yu suddenly cried and said that she did not return to the hotel that day. Instead, I went back to Shanghai, because I was jealous that Fang Yubin was often with Su Jin, so I was out of control that day.

Su Hao suddenly came to Fang Yubin and asked whether Haochen’s audit had lost 50 million yuan. Fang Yubin was surprised. He hadn’t told anyone about it except Qi Yu and Su Jin. Su Hao means that Haochen Film and Television has no investment fund, and hopes that Fang Yubin will leave Su Jin and come to Jinsheng Electronics to help him. Fang Yubin thinks that Su Hao is too despicable, so it is impossible to cooperate with such people.

Fang Yubin guessed that Hua Shouzheng had transferred 50 million yuan. He hoped that Su Jin could use his relationship with Hua Shouzheng to stop Jin Sheng from investigating the matter. Su Jin did not want to be dragged down by this matter and refused to help. Think of another way.

Before Hua Shouzheng arranged for someone to secretly photograph Chu Man and Fang Yubin, the first thing after returning was to ask Chu Man to question this matter. The relationship between Chu Man and Hua Shouzheng has already come to an end. The reason why he has not divorced has been because Chu Manla couldn’t help but return to the entertainment industry. The second reason is that Jin Sheng has been in a troubled autumn recently, and can no longer add to the scandals of these rich divorce cases. Persuaded by Fang Yubin, Chu Man has decided to return to the entertainment industry. Therefore, whether or not the divorce has no threat to her, and it is even more unscrupulous to speak to Hua Shouzheng.

At the second general meeting of shareholders, Su Hao stated that the loss of 50 million yuan from Haochen Film and Television, Fang Yubin took the initiative to take responsibility, dropped his work card, expressed his willingness to accept the punishment, and will certainly investigate this matter clearly. Su Hao asked Su Jin’s views on this matter, and Su Jin showed no mercy, and directly said that he would replace the person in charge of Rongding. Su Hao didn’t expect Su Jin to be so unsympathetic, so he said whether Su Jin deliberately arranged someone to frame Rong. Ding, after all, Haochen Film and Television is only responsible for two companies, W and Rongding, and Fang Yubin immediately released Su Jin, saying that there is a clear division of labor between them.

At the conference, Fang Yubin proposed two solutions, one is to call the police, and the second is to let Haochen Film and Television’s legal person Chu Man come forward to solve it. If you call the police, it will be well known and will affect the interests of shareholders. So everyone agreed that Chu Man will resolve the matter.

Fang Yubin turned over the luxury car assigned by the person in charge, and left the five-star hotel. Su Jin came to him and explained that Su Hao was at the shareholders’ meeting, so she couldn’t be sympathetic to Yu Bin. Fang Yubin asked Su Jin if Su Jin had a little regret when he announced the removal of the person in charge at the conference. Su Jin said lightly that there may be, but it is not important. Fang Yubin could not understand Su Jin’s indifference and reason, he I used to like Su Jin before, but now I will never again. This 50 million issue cannot be resolved clearly. Fang Yubin lost not only the position of the person in charge at Jinsheng, but also for his and Qi Yu’s future careers. stain.

Fang Yubin was about to take a taxi and was suddenly beaten by a crowd of people from around. Su Jin happened to come out of the hotel. Although he was wearing high heels, he still knocked down the few people. The group explained that they were bought by Hua Shouzheng and beat Fang Yubin specifically.

Fang Yubin took Qi Yu to Hua Man to find Chu Man. Chu Man and Hua Shouzheng were in divorce. Chu Man took Fang Yubin to the study room to prevent Hua Shouzheng from listening. Hua Shouzheng instigated Qi Yu to eavesdrop on the door of the study.

Fang Yubin hoped that Chu Man would help. First, he checked who’s account the 50 million yuan went to. Second, he found out who transferred the money. Chu Man said that she could not help because she did not have real power in Jinsheng, but she Able to come forward and make a statement explaining to the public that 50 million yuan was transferred, which was caused by financial misuse. 50 million yuan will be transferred back within a week, and then Fang Yubin and Qi Yu will be returned to Rongding. Chu Man agreed to help on the condition that Fang Yubin should invest in her return to the entertainment industry, but Su Jin would not be allowed to participate. Fang Yubin did not promise her positively.

After Fang Yubin and Qi Yu left, Chu Man and Hua Shouzheng reached an agreement. No matter what method Hua Shouzheng used, he must hit 50 million back to his original account within a week. After Chu Man re-made the film, the interest was willing to share with Hua Shouzheng .

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