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Excellent Investor 金牌投资人 Episode 21 Recap

After Chu Man rejected Su Jin, he quietly came to Fang Yubin and expressed Su Jin’s intentions, hoping to seek Fang Yubin’s opinion. In fact, the one thing that Chu Man was most concerned about was the decision-making power of Haochen Television in the future.

If the first investment of the board of directors selects Haochen Film and Television, then Haochen’s future development is bound to be moved to the shareholders’ meeting, and it is not under Chu Man’s control. Fang Yubin advised Chu Man not to worry about these things that he is not good at. Man is a professional and can continue to film in the entertainment industry. Chu Man fears that he will be joked by various media when he returns. Fang Yubin thinks that it is not the case. Jinsheng Group is in a crisis. The low-key young Chinese grandma came forward and returned to the scene. The altar gives the Hua family a positive image of a good wife. This will not only make people laugh, but will make a good story. By then, Chu Man’s status in the Hua family will be more stable.

Chu Man had no intention of eating a nut allergy. Fang Yubin sent Chu Man to his door. Chu Man said that the family had run out of allergy medicine. Fang Yubin helped to buy some. When Fang Yubin talked to Chu Man, he was ambushed by the paparazzi near Chu Man’s house. Candid.

Chuman’s home is not a Hua family. She said she didn’t like to stay in a big house of Hua family alone, so she secretly bought a small house, and no one in the Hua family knew about it. Fang Yubin delivered the allergy medicine to Chu Man’s house. Chu Man had been chatting with Fang Yubin, and the other party’s Yu Bin moved his hands. Chu Man wanted Fang Yubin to stay with her for one night, and Fang Yubin repeatedly refused.

Qi Yu reconciled with the company and found that Haochen Film and Television’s account had a big problem, so he called Fang Yubin, and Chu Man saw Fang Yubin’s call and directly grabbed his mobile phone to shut it down. Fang Yubin quickly pushed away the rushing Chu Man. , Ready to leave, when Chu Man applauded and praised her, she did not misread Fang Yubin, Fang Yubin successfully passed her test.

The balcony of Su Jin’s and Fang Yubin’s room was interconnected. Su Jin turned over the balcony to Fang Yubin’s room and found that Fang Yubin was not at home. At this time, Qi Yu came to Fang Yubin. Su Jin opened the door and said that Fang Yubin was not convenient to meet people. Closed, Qi Yu stood at the door with a stunned face, not knowing what happened to Fang Yubin, and he cried back to his place alone.

Chu Man had more money when she was filming before than when she was with Hua Shou. In her view, Hua Shouzheng is an embroidered pillow that is not doing business. Chu Man has always wanted to divorce Hua Shouzheng, but he is afraid of outside rumors. The buzzwords can’t stand by themselves. Fang Yubin advised Chu Man to persevere and let go to the blog. As long as he succeeds, there will be no gossip to come to the door. When Fang Yubin returned to his residence, it was already very late. After returning to the room, he fell asleep and fell asleep. He did not notice Su Jin lying next to him.

Early the next morning, Qi Yu came to Fang Yubin again. Fang Yubin woke up and saw Su Jin lying on his bed, screaming loudly, and then threw Su Jin back from the balcony. Su Jin nearly fell from the balcony. Fang Yubin pulled When she was too close, the two accidentally kissed, Fang Yubin froze for a moment and let Su Jin down.

Fang Yubin opened the door to Qi Yu, explaining that he had fallen asleep and did not hear it, so he opened the door relatively late. After Qi Yu entered the room, he saw the earrings of Su Jin on the bed and thought that Fang Yubin did not dare to say anything dirty about what he did last night. Turned away.

Fang Yubin knocked on Su Jin’s door and asked her not to go to his room in the future, so as not to cause unnecessary misunderstandings. Su Jin said that they liked each other anyway. If they were misunderstood, they admitted that the relationship between them was good. Fang Yubin always felt that Su Jin was joking about his feelings.

Qi Yu’s mother called and said that Qi Yu and Fang Yubin sent a lot of delicious food. Those things could not be put. Let Qi Yu go back to Shanghai as soon as possible. Qi Yu recalled the earrings she saw in Fang Yubin’s room in the morning Cried, but did not dare to let her mother hear it, and hung up the phone quickly.

Haochen Film and Television is a subsidiary of Jinsheng, which has not started operations. Hua Shouzheng had hidden 50 million yuan in the account of Haochen Film and Television a long time ago, and no one knows the money. Su Hao found Hua Shouzheng’s casino in Macau through various means, so he called Hua Shouzheng about the situation of Haochen Film and Television. When he was worried about financial audits, he found that 50 million yuan of funds and asked Su Hao Help find a safe person as soon as possible and transfer the money out. In any case, Chu Man can’t get the money. Su Hao gave Huafei Zheng a phone call from Yan Fei.

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