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Excellent Investor 金牌投资人 Episode 2 Recap

Fang Yubin and Sun Song saw Su Jin again in the waiting room. Su Jin replaced the high heels with slippers, and the male bodyguard also provided shoes for her. Fang Yubin and Sun Song became extremely curious about Su Jin and whispered to guess Su. As Jin’s identity, Fang Yubin recognized that Su Jin’s brooch was a limited edition brooch of Jiangzhou Club, and guessed that she must be a strong woman, an extinct teacher or something. This sentence happened to be heard by Su Jin, and Su Jin was indifferent. Huo said that he also wanted to participate in their topic.

Su Jin had a lively chat together. Su Jin observed that Fang Yubin and his colleagues were dressed and talking, inferred that they were investors in the financial industry, and inferred that Fang Yubin was after the colleagues. Fang Yubin treated Su Jin Su Jin’s inference and observation were amazing, and Su Jin had left to rest elsewhere before he could react.

After getting on the plane, Fang Yubin made a special trip to find Su Jin, apologizing for what she had just said, and hoped that Su Jin would reveal how she inferred their identity. Su Jin refused coldly.
Fang Yubin just got off the plane, Su Hao called Fang Yubin to discuss things with the company, Fang Yubin saw Su Jin got in a man’s car, curious a little lost.

Su Hao hopes that Fang Yubin persuades Rong Ling’s boss to buy Juneng at a price of 47 Hong Kong dollars. Su Hao is willing to give Fang Yubin a five million rebate. Fang Yubin believes that although the money invested is not his own, he knows that there will be a purchase of 47 Hong Kong dollars. Loss, but also contrary to conscience acquisition, which is not in line with his professional ethics, and his career does not want to have these five million stains.

Fang Yubin learned from the people around Su Hao that Su Hao recently bought a luxury yacht. Fang Yubin wanted to get some information from this yacht, so he checked the location of the yacht and some photos, posing as Su Hao’s staff. Off the yacht.

Fang Yubin saw Su Jin on Su Hao’s yacht, Su Jin also got the information of this yacht, and pretended to be Su Hao’s secretary to test the equipment on board, the two met so coincidentally, neither of them knew each other’s identity , But they all saw that the other party was not Su Hao’s person. Fang Yubin remembered that he had seen Su Hao’s family portrait in Su Hao’s office. There were photos of Su Jin in it, and she guessed that she was Su Hao’s sister. Su Jin praised him better than he was on the plane. There was a growth last time.

Su Jin wanted to talk to Fang Yubin. The two had been on the yacht for a long time. Fang Yubin had some seasickness. The two of them had no way to have a good conversation. Fang Yubin got used to the freshman for a while before getting a little better.

The heir of the Su Group has not yet been selected. Su Jin’s purpose is to let Su Hao step down and make him ineligible to become an heir. Therefore, he wants to cooperate with Fang Yubin and jointly acquire Shaonong to acquire Juneng. Jin cooperation.

Fang Yubin found Shao Yong before Su Jin and arranged him to other places. Shao Yong had an appointment with Su Jin before. He mistakenly thought that Fang Yubin was Su Jin’s secretary and got on Fang Yubin’s car without precautions. Shao Yong proposed a higher purchase price. Fang Yubin failed to win Shao Yong. After returning to the hotel, Lin Hai investigated Shao Yong in detail.

Shao Yong is not only the second largest shareholder of Juneng, he also has a private equity fund company. Lin Hai was checking inside information and found that Shao Yong was suspected of inside trading. Insider trading is prohibited in China. If this handle is used to threaten Shao Yong, Not afraid of his uncompromising. Fang Yubin believes that this method is too mean. Few companies in the industry are completely clean. If you threaten Shao Yong with this kind of handle, there is no guarantee that other companies will report Rongding, so you must think of other methods.

The same threat, Fang Yubin was unwilling to do it for Rongding, but Su Jin did it. Su Jin threatened Shao Yong with an inside transaction record. Shao Yong sold all his stock to Su Jin for 18 Hong Kong dollars. Su Jin is now a partner of Oona. After Oona acquired Shao Yong’s stock, he already had the power of deliberation on the board of directors of Juneng, and was actively seeking to attract some small shareholders. The position of Chairman Su Hao was already in jeopardy.

The acquisition of Juneng is very important for General Manager Yuan and Fang Yubin. General Manager Yuan urges Fang Yubin to complete the acquisition as soon as possible. If Fang Yubin is unsure, he will come to Hong Kong as soon as possible.

The news that Su Hao used his private money to buy a luxury yacht for himself was exposed to the Internet by Su Jin. The photos contain detailed photos of the yacht’s interior and exterior. Su Hao immediately called to ask who had been on the yacht recently. After this incident was exposed, it would definitely affect Su’s father’s choice of heir. Su’s mother saw Su Hao’s news of buying a yacht on the Internet and called him to scold him, letting him find a solution as soon as possible.

After the news of the high-level corruption of Juneng came out, Juneng’s stock price fell a lot. Those small shareholders who were waiting for dividends sought Su Hao to lose money. Su Hao couldn’t do it, but there was no way. Fang Yubin believes that this is the best time to acquire Su Hao’s stock. Su Hao sold all his stock and declared that he was to blame and resign. This is the best solution for both parties. In the future, he will start a battle for equity with Ona. It was the matter of Rongding and Ona. Su Hao just returned to Jiangzhou with peace of mind. Su Hao now has a hard time riding a tiger and can only accept Fang Yubin’s suggestion.

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