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Excellent Investor 金牌投资人 Episode 18 Recap

Su Jin and Su Hao signed a cooperation contract. After the funds were received, a new round of panic buying began. Soon Su Jin’s purchase volume exceeded Rongding. Jinsheng’s stocks did not fall under the competition between the two parties. Rise, more and more small investors on the market choose to wait and see.

Su Jin competed with Rong Ding quite closely. Su Jin contacted the small shareholders he was looking for again. Minor shareholders decided to sell all the shares to Su Jin ten minutes before the stock closed. Successfully entered the Jinsheng Board of Directors. This equity battle, Rongding lost to Su Jin, Su Jin called Fang Yubin to show off, Fang Yubin was willing to quarrel with Su Jin, but Fang Yubin was always the defeat of Su Jin’s men.

Su Jin sent a package to Fang Yubin, saying that it was a gift for his defeat. Fang Yubin was not at home, the courier sent the package to Qi Yu’s house, Qi Yu took a picture and sent it to Fang Yubin, Fang Yubin asked Qi Yu to throw the package directly.

Fang Yubin followed Yuan Ruilang to Beijing headquarters. Yuan Ruilang went to General Ding’s office and asked Fang Yubin to wait in the lobby. Fei always came to Fang Yubin. He took the initiative to talk about some personal information on Fang Yubin’s resume, trying to get closer to Fang Yubin, and said that he was aggrieved for Fang Yubin because he could not become the investment director of the Shanghai branch because he did not have a doctorate or master’s diploma; For the MBA degree, Fei Zong also actively proposed that the company should give tuition fee support. Fei Zong’s initiative and enthusiasm made Fang Yubin somewhat unexpected.

Fang Yubin talked to Yuan Ruilang about the process of Fei Zong talking with him. Yuan Ruilang said that this was Mr. Fei’s initiative to throw an olive branch and let Fang Yubin stand to see whether it was Zong Yufei or Zing Ding. Yuan Ruilang said that although Fang Yubin has been following him since he joined the company, he will never limit Fang Yubin’s choices for the future. He hopes that Fang Yubin will think about it himself. Fang Yubin listened to Yuan Ruilang’s tone and felt that because of Jin Sheng’s failure, Yuan Ruilang might have to left.

After Qi Yu threw away Fang Yubin’s courier, she felt something was wrong and went to the garbage station to find the courier. She opened the courier and found that there was a whole box of sanitary napkins inside.

Jinsheng Group is one of the largest groups in Jiangzhou. This crisis also attracted the attention of the local government. Su Jin resolved the crisis and successfully entered the board of directors of Jinsheng. The director of the Jiangzhou government invited Su Jin and Su Hao to discuss the future. Su Hao grabbed the limelight of Su Jin and said that he would formally take over Jinsheng on behalf of Jiangzhou Group and W Company. The merger of two local leading enterprises was a result that the government was very willing to see. Su Jin Su Hao entered Jinsheng’s board of directors, but Rongding still had the right to speak in Jinsheng, and the struggle between the two sides was not over.

Fang Yubin returned home and Qi Yu brought him the whole box of sanitary napkins. Qi Yu determined that Fang Yubin had something to do with Su Jin. She felt that Fang Yubin refused to be okay, but because Su Jin refused her, it was Fang Yubin’s character. There is a problem because Su Jin has money and power, status and resources. Fang Yubin didn’t expect to know Qi Yu for so many years. Qi Yu regarded himself as such a person. Fang Yubin didn’t want to explain, and didn’t want to continue arguing with Qi Yu.

Qi Yu asked Fang Yubin last time on a business trip, but went to the hotel. What did he do? Fang Yubin explained that many people were together at the same time, doing the same project at the same time, but what specific things can not be done with others, Qi Yu Very angry and said that Fang Yubin will never be reimbursed for that hotel’s invoice.

Fang Yubin looked at a pile of sanitary napkins and couldn’t help but scold Su Jin’s neuropathy. Afterwards, Fang Yubin went to a nearby pharmacy, bought a bottle of medicine that had some effect on neuropathy, and sent it to Su Jin.

After returning from Beijing this time, Yuan Ruilang has never been to work again. The people in the company have argued that Yuan Ruilang will be suspended and the leadership of the Shanghai branch will change.

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