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Excellent Investor 金牌投资人 Episode 16 Recap

Yuan Ruilang was going to Beijing to talk to Mr. Ding and let Fang Yubin take Su Jin’s car back to Shanghai. After Su Jin saw Hua Zixian’s arrest last time, he unconsciously pulled Fang Yubin’s phone black, and Fang Yubin couldn’t reach her until Meeting today, Fang Yubin learned that Su Jin also saw Hua Zixian that day, but she kept secret, Fang Yubin felt that she was being played by Su Jin again, and refused to talk to Su Jin along the way.

Qi Yu’s mother sent her a box of local specialties, which she and Fang Yubin love to eat. Qi Yu returned to the company with a heavy box from the courier point. The phone dropped off halfway, and Yan Fei caught Qi Yu in time Yan Fei wanted to send Qi Yu home, and Qi Yu did not refuse, saying that she would go back to the company to get something, and then go upstairs and take away the key from Fang Yubin’s desk.

Su Jin’s car broke down halfway. Fang Yubin got out of the car and saw that the exhaust cylinder was full of toilet paper. Su Jin jumped violently and scolded Su Hao shamelessly. He must be more cruel to him next time, Fang Yubin Lamented that he really witnessed a giant fight.

Su Jin and Fang Yubin’s car can’t go, the two are playing water floats by the river, Fang Yubin said that he doesn’t like Su Jin. In order to win, he can do whatever he wants. The last second said that the two are friends, the next second can be without hesitation Di Lai black him, Fang Yubin’s phone rang, Su Jin grabbed the phone and threw it into the water, Su Jin deliberately angry Fang Yubin, deliberately to show his unscrupulous means. Qi Yu called Fang Yubin and was unable to connect.

Fang Yubin picked up the mobile phone from the water, and has been wiping the water stains on the mobile phone, and he was scolding Su Jin. Su Jin took out a birthday cake from the car. Today is Su Jin’s birthday. She has been for a long time. It’s no birthday. She hopes that Fang Yubin will not be furious with a person who’s birthday today. Fang Yubin lit the candle on the cake and sang the birthday song for Su Jin.

Su Jin’s father always remembered Su Jin’s birthday. Today, he specially made a table of dishes she loved to eat, but Su Jin couldn’t be reached.

Fang Yubin remembered that when he celebrated his birthday, Qi Yu shared it every time. Qi Yu’s birthday was also helped him to prepare. The friendship between the two has been for many years, but now because of feelings, they are like strangers.

It was very late. Su Jin went to bed in the car and looked at the family portrait he had photographed with his parents. Su Jin burst into tears and fell asleep. Fang Yubin looked at the tears in Su Jin’s eyes and felt distressed, so she put on her clothes. Qi Yu sent the things sent by her mother to Fang Yubin’s house. She saw Su Jin’s suitcase. She hadn’t seen the suitcase and left without thinking.

Su Jin’s car was dragged back to Shanghai. Su Jin and Fang Yubin went home to pick up the suitcase, and they missed the elevator with Qi Yu. Qi Yu left her mobile phone at Fang Yubin’s home. She went back to get her mobile phone and happened to see that Su Jin left the Fang Yubin’s house with a suitcase. Fang Yubin didn’t know anything about the woman’s thoughts. Somewhat embarrassed, this made Qi Yu very angry. Qi Yu thought that Fang Yubin and Su Jin lived together, and kept hiding from her, cheating her, Qi Yu angrily threw the keys of Fang Yubin’s family on the ground and said he would never come again. Too.

Yuan Ruilang went to the meeting room in the background Rongding headquarters to wait for President Ding. After a long wait, President Ding called and said that something was temporary. Financially, Yuan Ruilang felt that this matter was too risky and suggested that President Ding should carefully consider whether to protect Jin Sheng, but what Ding Ding had decided would not change. Ma Fuxing arrived in Shanghai, Yuan Ruilang asked Fang Yubin to find him anyway, and to keep secret.

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