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Excellent Investor 金牌投资人 Episode 13 Recap

Song is always a glorious customer, Mr. Song of Tianhe Construction Engineering, Mr. Song sent flowers and asked Qi Yu to agree to be his girlfriend. Qi Yu was very embarrassed and declined Mr. Song politely. No, Yan Fei came with a fire extinguisher and sprayed at General Song. Mr. Song was angry and complained to Yan Fei. Yan Fei said that the heart-shaped candle on General Song’s vehicle head broke the public environmental order and could easily trigger Because of the accident, I had to put out the fire and handed over my business card to President Song, who drove away angrily.

He Zhaowei’s lover studied Rongding’s investment contract and found many clauses that were unfavorable to him. These clauses were very obscure and could not be found without careful study. Therefore, He Zhaowei determined that Fang Yubin set him in advance and intentionally wanted to harm him. The friend Yu Bin was also disappointed.

Fang Yubin went to He Zhaowei and wanted to remind him that Su Jin was not easy. Let him carefully cooperate with Su Jin. Fang Yubin satirized Fang Yubin’s small belly. He Zhaowei went to Su Jin to invest. Su Jin’s argument was that he couldn’t dismantle Fang Yubin’s desk, so He Zhaowei was rejected, and He Zhaowei felt that Su Jin was at least a brilliant person.

Lin Hai likes a school girl at school, but he is not confident, worried that his family conditions are not good, the school girl will not abandon him, Lin Hai has been hesitant to confess, so these days I have been worried, always feel that I have disease. Lin Hai confided his feelings to Fang Yubin. Fang Yubin felt the same way. They were all children of ordinary people in small cities and had no family background or financial resources. Therefore, they were cautious in their work and were always worried about exposing their shortcomings if they accidentally .

Yan Fei invited Qi Yu to eat, the restaurant was not big, but the food was very delicious, and Qi Yu was bought after a meal. In addition, in the morning, Yan Fei helped Qi Yu to make a siege. Qi Yu had a very good impression of Yan Fei, Yan Fei asked Does Qi Yu have a boyfriend? Qi Yu said sadly that he did not. Yan Fei said smoothly. Both of them are so good. It is better to make a match together. Qi Yu was scared by Yan Fei. Hippie smiled and said they were all jokes.

Fang Yubin went to Su Jin and hoped that she would help He Zhaowei. Su Jin asked Fang Yubin to accompany her to practice two-person yoga. When practicing, Fang Yubin said that he could see Su Jin’s tummy. Su Jin was angry and kicked Fang Yubin down and nourished him with water. Fang Yubin He quickly explained that it was all vest line, and then grabbed the water bottle to push Su Jin down to the ground. At this time, the yoga teacher came and Fang Yubin quickly withdrew it awkwardly.

After practicing yoga, Fang Yubin sent Su Jin home. Su Jin fell asleep in the car. Fang Yubin did not wake her up. After Su Jin woke up, Fang Yubin said that she had just recorded her snoring recording. If Su Jin agreed to help He Zhaowei In order to delete the recording in person, Su Jin originally intended to help He Zhaowei, so he readily agreed.

Fang Yubin did not drive himself. After sending Su Jin home, Su Jin would send him home again. At the door of the community, Qi Yu saw Fang Yubin getting off the Su Jin car, and was sentimental. He saw Su Jin’s car leaving, and Qi Yu turned angrily and left.

In the name of W, Su Jin wants to bid for Huoxun with Huo Shi. Huo Shi will inevitably win Xiu Xun in order to be listed on the Nasdaq. What Su Jin has done is just to raise the price of Xiu Xun. As a result, Flint felt competitive pressure, and therefore bid higher, why Zhao Wei strives for greater benefits.

Ye Yunlai heard about the W bidding news and immediately hurried to Rongding to discuss the acquisition. Ye Yunlai must clear all obstacles that may affect the valuation of the listing before the listing of Huo Shi, so he would rather spend more money at this time. The news should be settled.

Ye Yunlai gave a price of 80 million yuan to buy Xun. Yuan Ruilang’s intention price was 100 million yuan. Yuan Ruilang said that W company will be a strong opponent of Firestone. Even if it is given a 100 million yuan, it is difficult to guarantee whether W company will At a higher price, Ye Yun had a dilemma at the moment and proposed to re-calculate the price with the team. Yuan Ruilang lent Rongding’s office to them.

After Huo Shi’s team calculated the price, Ye Yunlai gave 90 million yuan, Yuan Ruilang directly took the floor and raised the price to 150 million yuan again. Ye Yunlai admired Yuan Ruilang’s strength and self-confidence, and had to set 150 million yuan. Million price.

According to the usual practice, Ye Yunlai bought the equity of Rongding for 150 million, and can also acquire the equity in the hands of He Zhaowei at the same price. Fang Yubin suggested that He Zhaowei sell the equity in his hands and start again after getting the money. I don’t believe that Fang Yubin is good for him, so he decided to stay in Xunxun and fight with Ye Yun. As long as He Zhaowei still holds the equity in his hand, he has Xunxun’s decision-making power. dividend.

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