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Oh! My Emperor S2 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 17 Recap

Xia Bing suddenly entered the palace with King Tang, and King Tang teased that she was suddenly interested in the wedding because she wanted to inquire about the map and do bad things. Xia Bing’s expression immediately changed, thinking that Wang Wang was suspicious of her, so Tang Wang anxiously explained. Wang Wang held Xia Bing’s hand and told her that she was his wife. Xia Bing’s heart was touched.

The star masters discussed the emperor’s wedding. King Tang also brought Xia Bing to the hall, provoking the star masters to refute that Xia Bing was a bad woman, and that the wedding was related to national affairs and should not be a trifling matter. Women are involved. Du Luofeifei had the same experience, and felt that although Xia Bing had done bad things before, it was because everyone’s position was not unified, and a girl who made a mistake should be forgiven by everyone. Beitangyi agrees. Luo Feifei officially invited Xia Bing to participate in her wedding preparations.

As for the opinions of the stars, Luo Feifei’s overbearing statement disagrees, please keep it, and if you agree, please applaud. The stars clapped helplessly. Xia Bing took the opportunity to offer the emperor the ultimate crazy medicine developed by Black Pearl to reduce everyone’s wariness against her.

Luo Feifei took Xia Bing to the side hall to relax, and took the dress she had made to see what she had made. Xia Bing felt that the clothes were strange, as strange as Luo Feifei, and even helped her speak. But Luo Feifei told her that even though there were so many strange things, the enemy was not an eternal enemy after all. She could see that King Tang really liked Xia Bing.

She sincerely told Xia Bing that she had wrapped up the wedding gown for her, and she had settled her sister. At this time, a concealed arrow struck from outside the window and directed towards Luo Feifei. Xia Bing helped Luo Feifei escape the assassination and chased the man in black out, and found that the man in black was actually the empress dowager.

The empress dowager rebuked Xia Bing for blocking her plan, and Xia Bing knew that the empress dowager was the national teacher. Xia Bing begged the national teacher to spare King Tang’s life. Feifei was assassinated again, Beitang Yi hurried over and hugged Luo Feifei tightly. This time the assassination made Bei Tangyi feel that the Orion nation was still a thief, and he used his family to resolve conflicts. Xu Shiming repaired the plank road secretly.

Luo Feifei felt otherwise, and she did not want the tragedy of Ophiuchus to repeat itself. Moreover, Xia Bing rescued her. She felt that Xia Bing liked King Tang, like a person, and her eyes were different. As they said, they looked at each other and kissed each other. At this time, Luo Feifei proposed that the wedding customs of the Zodiac were too unconventional, and left the wedding to her. Beitangyi agreed.

Xia Bing has been worried since he left the palace, Tang Wang could tell. King Tang told Xia Bing that he envied Beitangyi and Luo Feifei. Suddenly, worried Xia Bing proposed to elope with King Tang, and the two left here. King Tang didn’t take it seriously and felt that Xia Bing was needlessly worried. He told Xia Bing that he would protect her no matter what problems he had. Xia Bing said in his heart that he was afraid that he would not be considerate, and that he would hate her then.

Luo Feifei decided to hold a perfect wedding for the four of them. She and Xia Bing happily sketched the scene of the wedding day, one step after the other. Xia Bing looked absent-minded. Insects came to the palace and complained to Luo Feifei of Mei Daren’s stingy, and even the gunpowder was solved by their Ophiuchus internally. Luo Feifei reprimanded Mei Daren and threatened to copy his home. The stingy Mei Daren complained about the emptiness of the treasury and reported that the wedding was going to be a shadow of the emperor and Luo Feifei. Beitangyi and Luo Feifei went to Su Xunxianlai to paint.

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