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Oh! My Emperor S2 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 16 Recap

When asked who it was, Bai Wuchen was about to raise his hand and was forced by Chu Shengnan to tell him that he was not allowed to say that this matter was not allowed to be passed on, otherwise he would be laughed at! But she was like this, everyone knew who it was. Chu Shengnan then threatened everyone not to pass it on! A courtier suggested that the best way now is to give a marriage, and the king of Tang even suggested a wedding for six. The parties were beaming and enjoying the sweetness of love, but Su Xunxian felt that he was always upset recently, fearing that something big would happen!

The empress dowager went to the prison to visit and forget to say, and asked the jailer not to tell the matter. The empress dowager’s heart is no longer toward the Orion country, she finally confessed that she hadn’t seen forgetting to die, her heart has been hanging! She went up and slapped her forgot to say, this slap was for her dead son. She worked so hard to marry the country of Orion, climbed to the position of queen mother, and forgot to say that she promised not to harm her family, but to exclude the Ophiuchus who threatened him the most, they harmed him! Now that she wants to harm her grandson again, how can she let him live? !

The empress dowager understood that she was just a pawn in the Orion country, and she didn’t care about the so-called prosperity and wealth. She didn’t enjoy the joy of being a human until one day her child was born. But forgot to say that he ruined him! From today onwards, she will decide herself the way of being the Queen Mother! Forgetting to tell her that this was her dream, the Queen Mother was just part of the big plan, and soon the Zodiac Kingdom would be destroyed.

He would enter the earth with secrets, while the Queen Mother was waiting for her children and grandchildren to be buried. The empress dowager was irritated and pinched the neck of forgetting to say, asking him to make it clear! At this moment, he forgot to use the technique and occupied the body of the Empress Dowager!

Beitang Yi Luo Feifei invited the Queen Mother. The Queen Mother promised the wedding date for the two of them. It was set on the eighth day of the next month. She also had a friendly conversation with Luo Feifei and wanted to try the dumplings made by Luo Feifei. This makes Luo Fei feel that something is wrong with the Queen Mother recently. The queen mother is obviously not sensitive to fish, but she still wants to eat the dumplings she has made. But Luo Feifei didn’t think too much, maybe it is because the Queen Mother is too old and forgetful?

Xia Bing looked at the wooden horse in the yard and thought of the horse in the desert. King Tang realized that she was homesick. He talked a lot of sweet words to Xia Bing, Xia Bing was moved, and Wang Wang led her to play with the Trojan horse. The four people including Beitang Yitang and Wang will get married together, while Bai Wuchen and Chu Shengnan plan to go to the mountains and play and wait for the child to be born before the wedding.

Mei Daren brought rare treasures from the national treasury and showed them to Luo Feifei. The introduction was eloquent. Luo Feifei kept shook her head. Su Xunxian prepared the whole zodiac cuisine for Luo Feifei. Wang Wang came to Xia Bing, and he wanted to give her the best for the two married. Xia Bing felt that his wedding was a tool of diplomatic relations between the two countries, and it didn’t matter if she didn’t care about it. Bei Tangtang said sincerely that he was grateful for his marriage, because he could marry her. And he was very happy to be married to her.

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