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Oh! My Emperor S2 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 15 Recap

Bilian said to the Queen Mother that the emperor could not marry Luo Feifei. The empress dowager knew Bi Lian’s thoughts and was quite dissatisfied with Bi Lian. Bi Lian’s attitude is very presumptuous. Don’t forget the motherland mission of the Empress Dowager. She is only eager to protect the lord. Now the emperor and the star lord are united. If this continues, the fundamental plan of shaking the zodiac nation and replacing it is bound to fail. After hearing this, the Queen Mother said nothing.

Beitang Yi thought of the Qibao Furong that he had left for Luo Feifei, and Dehai reported that the flower hadn’t bloomed yet, but it was still in good shape. Beitangyi still didn’t worry about seeing it in person. Luo Feifei was talking with King Tang near the flower. King Tang came to find Luo Feifei to go out of the palace. Luo Feifei thought that the Queen Mother would be upset and refused to go out.

The two walked casually, and found that seven-treasure hibiscus flowers were growing on the stone, Luo Feifei raised his hand and pulled out the flower! As soon as Bei Tang Yi came over, he saw that the flowers were pinched. So upset, Luo Feifei immediately pushed the matter to Bei Tang Tang! Beitang left angrily.

Luo Feifei chased after him and called Beitangyi to stop. Beitangyi stopped. He had long seen that the flowers were made by Luo Feifei, but he had spent a lot of effort to raise that flower and was naturally unhappy. As soon as Luo Feifei learned that the flower was for herself, she was relieved and said that she had received it with her heart. The two are hugging and kissing me. Bi Lian hiding in the corner of the wall used a dark arrow and shot towards Luo Feifei.

Bei Tang Yi quickly caught the dark arrow and threw it back at the murderer, hitting Bi Lian’s body! Bilian foamed at her mouth, and the two knew that this dart was poisonous! Bei Tang Yi noticed that there was a pattern on Bi Lian’s body and was blocked by Luo Fei when he was going to check it. He used an ability to eliminate the pattern. When Bei Tang Yi looked again, it disappeared. With this incident, Bei Tang Yi reminded Luo Feifei not to go around the Queen Mother.

Luo Feifei made an appointment with Su Xunxian and others on this day, but only Su Xunxian Tang Wang and Shang Yu were left. Chu Shengnan was pregnant, and Bai Wuchen didn’t know yet. He suddenly realized what Luo Feifei and others had said, and ran back to see his strength. The reason why Luo Feifei made an appointment with everyone was to ask them to help her make dumplings. After the dumplings were made, several people were full of praise. After Luo Feifei finished making dumplings, she took the dumplings to the Queen Mother’s palace. Bei Tang Yi hurried to learn the news.

Bei Tangtang brought dumplings to Xia Bing. Xia Bing was walking along the promenade. King Tang patted her with the steps of catching up with Xia Bing. The guarded Xia Bing put the knife on his neck and made a cut. Looks pitiful. Xia Bing was nervous and then saw that he was pretending, and the two of them laughed.

Luo Feifei carried dumplings to the Queen Mother’s palace. The relationship between the two eased a lot. Luo Feifei knew that the mother of the Queen Mother was the kingdom of Orion. The totem on Bilian could explain that she told the Queen Mother that she was not afraid of her. It is the emperor’s grandmother, she wants to be nice to her. The Empress Dowager also admitted that she had always added hatred to the Ophiuchus, but it was not that she had never doubted her home country, Orion.

After the queen mother tasted dumplings, she was very happy. She hadn’t eaten such comfortable food for a long time. But she soon became unhappy. Luo Feifei’s dumpling skin was wrapped in fish, and she was allergic to fish! The empress dowager fainted after eating a dumpling! In the chamber, every time the emperor Beitangyi said a word, Chu Shengnan would vomit, and the emperor learned that Chu Shengnan was pregnant!

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