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Oh! My Emperor S2 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 14 Recap

Luo Feifei bounced around on the bed to tell Beitang Yi this and that, and she was so happy that the bed collapsed by her! Chu Shengnan in the garden heard Luo Feifei’s screams and thought that something had happened, so he would check it out. Bai Wuchen held her in a panic and told her that the emperor and Luo Feifei were doing business. Chu Shengnan still didn’t understand. Bai Wuchen explained it several times and told her to tell the truth. Only then did Chu Shengnan understand that Bai Wuchen took the opportunity to invite her to do business. Chu Shengnan blushed and twisted. It looks like it’s pinched, but it promises readily.

The diligent emperor let Luo Feifei sleep on his collapsed bed, and went to criticize the memorial. And the place where Bai Wuchen and Chu Shengnan were was also changed from a garden to a bed. It was the first time for Bai Wuchen. She was timid and cowardly afraid to come. Motivated by Chu Shengnan, she hugged Shengnan on the pillow. Don’t want to press her hair, Li was captured by Chu Shengnan backhand. Bai Wuchen was so frightened that he didn’t dare to move anymore, Chu Shengnan turned his back on the guest, and the two finally achieved good deeds.

Beitang Mo Ran and Su Xunxian Pavilion met friends with the sound of the piano. The two narrated a conversation. King Chen was about to leave, and Su Xunxian wished King Chen no worries. As for Su Xunxian, he felt that he was just a fool in the dust. Some people were willing to be sober, but he was willing to be immersed in dreams. In the chamber, the emperor talked about two things with his ministers.

The first thing was to establish diplomatic relations with his relatives; the second thing, Beitangyi said that he has not been awarded since Luo Feifei succeeded the Ophiuchus star master, and Beitangyi also Unmarried, everything in the harem needs someone to take care of. When Luo Feifei heard this, she was very happy, pouting towards Beitang Yi and saying she would like to seal everything. But after Beitangyi announced that she had been designated as a first-grade female officer, Luo Feifei’s face suddenly sank, and it was so dark.

King Tang called Xia Bing to the yard and asked Xia Binglai’s purpose of being married. He told Xia Bing that if he wanted to kill him, his life could be given to her at any time. But if she wanted to harm Beitangyi and Luo Feifei, he would never agree. Xia Bing said that he and his relatives are to keep her country safe. Bei Tangtang was very happy to hear that, and grabbed Xia Bing’s hand and said that she believed her.

Luo Feifei didn’t want to be a female officer. She felt that a group of girls had a lot of things. She originally thought that Bei Tangyi had made an order to marry her. She naively thought that being a queen was good, and every day besides eating or eating. Bei Tang Yi beat her and did the queen’s care and more people. Luo Feifei, a new official who took office, taught the maids to make rouge gouache.

Tang Wang was coming to ask her if he had something to do. She forced Tang Wang to do coolies for him, so Tang Wang called everyone together. After everyone’s abilities were used, Luo Feifei made a perfume! After the perfume was made, Luo Feifei understood that Tang Wang was worried about the blind date and gave him a box of lipstick.

Bei Tangtang took the lipstick and the good things found everywhere and sent it to Xia Bing’s room to please her. Xia Bing saw the lipstick, Bei Tangtang taught her how to use it, and remembered the scene where Bei Tang Yi wiped the lipstick and pro-Luo Feifei, put the lipstick on her mouth, who would have wiped a sausage mouth, and went to Xia Bing to kiss her. Xia Bing punched her nose and bleeds. The two of them laughed.

Luo Feifei suddenly ran to the Empress Dowager and couldn’t cry anymore. The Empress Dowager was shocked and hurried to see the emperor lying on the bed. Luo Feifei made up her mind to claim that the emperor was evil, and she has been calling a woman’s name, Xiao Hong for these two days. But this Xiaohong is the name of the Queen Mother, is it the Supreme Emperor?

The empress dowager was in shock. At this time Beitangyi woke up and looked at Luo Feifei strangely. Luo Feifei secretly motioned to him to lie down, but was still seen by the Queen Mother. The Empress Dowager was about to happen, and Beitangyi had to pretend to be the Supreme Emperor and told the Empress Dowager that Beitangyi’s marriage should be on the agenda. Seeing that the queen mother really cried Beitang Yi in her arms.

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