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Oh! My Emperor S2 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 13 Recap

Xie Yanran yelled “Feifei her!” panting and ran to Beitangyi’s room where Beitangyi thought that Luo Feifei had something wrong, and his face changed greatly and rushed out. The others followed immediately, and Xie Yanran hurriedly closed the door and told everyone that Feifei was all right. Everyone was puzzled, and Xie Yanran clarified that Luo Feifei was only making a joke in order to increase the relationship with the emperor. Wang Chen wanted to hide the sorrow on his face when he heard this, or he revealed it. And Xie Yanran realized that she had missed her mouth.

Everyone rushed to Luo Feifei’s palace, and one by one, they gave Beitangyi an idea: Mei Daren said that pain can make people sober, and suggested Beitangyi to beat Luo Feifei vigorously; Chu Shengnan suggested that like a military force, pour a pot of water over it. Be sure to wake up; Tang Wang decided to scratch the soles of Luo Feifei’s feet with feathers.

Feifei both resisted. Xie Yanran finally seized the opportunity to speak, and suggested that Bei Tang Yi talked about love, first call his heart and then call his person. Bei Tang Yi said that he would not, and everyone shook him off, and Bei Tang Yi reluctantly agreed. Everyone left the room. Only Beitang Yiluofeifei remained in the room.

Beitangyi couldn’t say it several times. Suddenly, she remembered the story of Snow White and Prince Charming that Luo Feifei had told him: Prince Charming kissed. Snow White woke up all of a sudden on Snow White’s lips. Bei Tang Yi kissed Luo Feifei’s lips, and Luo Fei really woke up. When she woke up, she didn’t spare the few people who had just come up with bad ideas, and went to them one by one to settle the accounts, and there was a lot of laughter in the bedroom.

As night fell, Su Xunxian and Mei Daren all had a drink, but they seemed quite melancholy, especially Su Xunxian. Just because Wang Chen is about to leave, it is rare to be a confidant in life, but this wine can only be drunk by Su Xunxian himself. Beitangyi announced to the ministers that after investigation, it has been confirmed that the many accidents in the city were caused by the Orion Nation, and he decided to attack the Orion Nation with troops! The state of Orion who got this news was not happy. The power of the Zodiac nation should not be underestimated.

The war is not the best time for the State of Orion. Fortunately, the State of Orion has been lurking in the State of the Zodiac for many years. The resourcefulness and the skill of big and small dogs can turn danger into a breeze. The emperor sent big and small dogs with Xia Bing to the Zodiac, and then he would follow the arrangements of the national teacher and assist him.

Big and small dogs and Xia Bing came to the Zodiac, and they passed by the three of Chu Shengnan, Xi Fenglie, who was patrolling in the city. Xi Fenglie suddenly called and stopped and recognized the three. The two sides are about to fight, but because there are scruples, there is no friction. The queen mother asked her two grandsons, who would marry the daughter of Orion? Beitangyi and the emperor both stepped back. The Queen Mother called out the princess Xia Bing, and Bei Tangtang saw Xia Bing. His eyes were bright, and she stood up without saying anything, showing her heart and willingness to marry! The Queen Mother was overjoyed.

At the pavilion and waterside pavilion, Xie Yanran invited Wang Chen out to say goodbye to him. Xie Yanran decided to travel thousands of miles. She believes that there will always be a journey of mountains and rivers that will make her find herself, and there will be an answer. Wang Chen nodded in approval. He happened to want to visit Wuxian Country recently. There are many fine wines in Wuxian Country. Fine wines can make people forget their troubles. At that time, he will bring back a few jars for Yanran and the two will not be drunk. Seeing Wang Chen’s smile, Xie Yanran hugged Wang Chen abruptly, blessed Queen Chen, and disappeared with her invisibility.

Luo Feifei was also sad about Xie Yanran’s leaving to travel and study at this time. Bei Tang Yi was busy commenting on the memorial, and after simply comforting her, Luo Feifei was still unhappy, and Bei Tang Yi gave her a kiss. Seeing that Beitangyi was still busy, Luo Feifei said: Are you busy, I’m going back. Beitangyi agreed. Luo Feifei was very upset, and taught him that as a boy, he should retain girls. Beitang Yi followed the instructions, and Luo Feifei was happy to blossom. If you don’t want to go, you won’t go, and you will sleep in Beitangyi’s bedroom!

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