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Oh! My Emperor S2 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 11 Recap

Wang Chen believes that their top priority is to find the source of the virus. So he made a decree and went to find the source of the virus. Wang Chen went to the infected area. This is recorded in historical materials: The Great Lord Beitang Mo Ran predicted the next disease area with the power of the stars and the beauty of the flourishing age, and dispatched troops to suppress it in time, and the country temporarily stabilized public order.

According to the survey, the food of the people in the infected area is not problematic, and the livestock have not gone crazy. This proves that the poison is only effective for humans. What are the common characteristics of mad people? The first person to go crazy never goes out, and Zhang Tianzheng and Mei Daren have also recently become ill. Why are they infected at home? Luo Feifei guessed that there was a water problem. Thinking about it this way, Master Zhang used the well water protected by the Tianbao Star Pavilion to eat every day, and Mei Daren and Master Zhang had just made a bet and won the well water eggs for a month.

As a result, within a few days, Mei Daren became infected. Prove that there is indeed a problem with water! Luo Feifei decided to test the poison in person, Wang Chen didn’t want to refuse categorically, Wang Chen wanted to test the poison in person! Wang Chen got the water from the well and was preparing to take a bath. Xie Yanran came. She asked Wang Chen if he wanted to bathe in the water personally, was she afraid that Feifei might be infected?

He still likes Feifei, even though she has someone else in her heart. Wang Chen didn’t deny either, he said yes. Xie Yanran looked at him with tears. When Wang Chen was about to take a bath, Xie Yanran suddenly stopped him and told him that Luo Feifei had found a new way to save the mad patients, and asked him to have a look. Xie Yanran’s tears fell after the Wang Chen was dismissed. He went into the tub and took a bath.

When Wang Chen came to find Luo Feifei happily, Luo Feifei did not make progress here, and Wang Chen realized that she had a sweet purpose. Hastily turned back. As soon as the curtain was opened, Xie Yanran was already in the shower, and she quickly closed the curtain. Luo Feifei rushed in following him, and after the advice was invalid, she had to leave according to Yan Ran’s will.

Yanran and Wang Chen were inside the curtain and the other was outside the curtain. Yanran burst into tears. She used to watch him take a shower. Now she tried poison for him, and they were even. She liked Wang Chen for ten years. She didn’t dare to say it, she was afraid she wouldn’t say these words again, she…suddenly there was no voice, Wang Chen yelled for a few times and there was no movement, she stepped into the curtain, and Yan Ran had fainted in the bathtub.

When the time was nearing the golden bull, Luo Feifei suddenly thought of Bei Tang Yi, and after running over, Bi Lian had not left. At this time, Bi Lian untied the rope buttons tied to Bei Tang Yi. In the clothes of Bei Tang Yi, Bei Tang Yi refused. She still forcibly served Bei Tang Yi to bed. Suddenly, Bei Tang Yi had an attack of mania, Bi Lian Screaming for help, Tang Wang rushed in and stunned Bei Tang Yi.

Luo Feifei slapped Bi Lian twice on the spot, because Bi Lian’s actions caused Bei Tang Yi to go crazy again and accelerate the spread of toxins! King Tang ordered Bilian to be taken to death. Bi Lian used Tai Huang Tai as a shield again, and Luo Feifei warned her that if Bei Tang Yi made any mistakes, she would die.

Yanran also became ill, but the worms controlled her disease and finally found out the source of the virus. It is the bath water that has a problem. The water is colorless and tasteless because the concentration of the poison is washed away. After the toxin enters the human body, it reacts with the blood. After a period of accumulation, it will change. And grandpa taught a prescription for insects and saved many mad patients. She still remembered the prescription, and everyone was overjoyed after hearing it.

Wang Chen took care of Yanran and gave her an antidote. Xie Yanran woke up. At this time, something happened to the Tianxing Palace, and Wang Chen hurried away immediately. Luo Feifei tied Bei Tang Yi with a rope again, and looked at him with tears in her eyes. Beitang was frantic, biting Luo Feifei’s shoulder, biting her mouth full of blood, Luo Feifei still hugged him. Xie Yanran also rushed over with the sick body and found that the emperor’s poison was diminishing.

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