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Oh! My Emperor S2 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 10 Recap

The emperor Xuan Luo Feifei entered the palace, but when Luo Feifei arrived and saw the emperor, he could not tell what was going on. Luo Feifei immediately realized that Beitangyi wanted to see her, so she summoned her in this way. Luo Feifei was secretly pleased in her heart, so she sat on the dragon case and gave Bei Tang Yi a discharge, and then took the book in Bei Tang Yi’s hand and threw it on the ground.

Beitangyi shouted that it was Mr. Ouyang’s masterpiece, how could he throw it away? Luo Feifei endured her anger and continued to seduce Bei Tang Yi. At this time, she remembered an idea-playing cards! The one who wins can draw a small turtle anywhere in the loser. Luo Feifei also emphasizes and reminds that it is anywhere! Bei Tang Yi agreed.

In Qingxin Palace, the maids found a black pearl while cleaning the palace, and Bilian secretly hid the black pearl. The king won the card, Luo Feifei was not only not depressed, but also very happy, let Beitangyi draw the little turtle, Beitangyi wanted to draw on his hand, Luo Feifei also hinted that he could paint anywhere! It’s a pity that the emperor was like this and drew a tortoise on Luo Feifei’s face.

As the night was over, a court lady was taking porridge to the emperor’s palace to feed Luo Feifei according to her word. She was hit by Bi Lian. Bi Lian used herself as an excuse to poison the porridge with black pearls and returned the porridge to the court lady. The maid sent the porridge to the emperor’s palace. Luo Feifei anxiously took a card to cover her painted tortoise. The maid still saw it and couldn’t help laughing, and Luo Feifei left in annoyance. The emperor actually took a bite of that porridge!

The courtiers reported to Beitang Yi that a newly infected madman had appeared in the city. The speed and strength of the new generation of madman were far higher than the previous Ophiuchus madman. More importantly, no one knows how they got infected.

According to the well-reported Chen Wangji Qi Xingyao, the people of the Orion Kingdom are good at controlling people’s behavior with Xun. Coupled with the experience of Wang Wang and others, it is suspected that the Orion State used the xun to control people, and then mixed them with drugs to achieve a new way of infection between people and expand the scope of infection.

Yuanniang led Shang Yu to a few curtains, and told that there was a beauty behind each side. Shang Yu answered one question correctly and could lose one hand. The remaining one was the Oiran. Even after three questions, Shang Yu answered correctly, but this oiran fairy turned out to be Su Xunxian! Shang Yu did not die of depression.

The emperor was still talking with General Chen Wang Chu, and suddenly fell to the ground with cold sweat on his head. When the two held on to the emperor, they were shocked to realize that this was a precursor of madness. Before Bei Tang Yi completely lost his senses, King Chen quickly tied him up. Wang Chen could only do this. When Luo Feifei came and used her supernatural power to treat the emperor, she found that the poison in Beitangyi was very deep, and she could not contend with this power. Wang Chen went to report to the Empress Dowager.

The empress dowager sent Bilian to practice medicine in front of the imperial court. Luo Feifei clearly opposed and refused to allow Bilian to approach the emperor. Luo Feifei knew about Bilian’s medical skills and worried that Bilian’s wrong medicine would aggravate the emperor’s condition. Bi Lian took up the will of the Queen Dowager to deter Luo Feifei and King Tang. King Tang couldn’t understand Bi Lian’s arrogant and domineering attitude. He let out the coercion of the lord and told Bi Lian that he had executed Bi Lian now and he was responsible Up!

In the end, Luo Feifei compromised and held down King Tang. Luo Feifei agreed to go out, but on condition that, except for the heat dissipation veil, nothing else should be touched! Bi Lian naturally dismissed it, and was not prepared to listen. Before going out, Luo Feifei warned him that if she dared to mess around, she would make her die better! King Chen rushed over at this time, Shang Yu also came over with the insects, and the Ophiuchus tribe would take another hour to arrive.

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