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Oh! My Emperor S2 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 9 Recap

After the ceremony, Beitangyi and Luo Feifei strolled on the street. Beitangyi felt that Luo Feifei had a lot of secrets. When asked about her, Luo Feifei confided in her miss for the 21st century. Beitangyi asked about the Jiacheng that Luo Feifei often mentioned, and Luo Feifei praised Jiacheng again. She boasted that there was nothing in the sky, but didn’t notice that Beitang Yi was looking at her coldly.

The two walked to the pavilion in the middle of the street, and Beitangyi held her to kiss her punitively. Maybe the lip fat in Luo Feifei’s arms fell to the ground and was suddenly broken. Luo Feife picked it up, regretting a few words, Bei Tang Yi took the lip fat and applied it to his lips. It was so charming, Luo Feife was tempted and immediately poke He raised his lips and Ren Beitang Yi kissed.

At this time, it was raining heavily, and the ministers who had been following them peeping all had to squeeze into the pavilion to see the details. Beitangyi performed a special power, and all the ministers were not set in the rain, and they were so cold. People kissed unscrupulously under the pavilion, as if the world was just the background. At this time, Wang Chen was holding the umbrella alone, standing not far away, his eyes under the umbrella were red, and the moment he closed his eyes, a tear fell down his cheek.

Beitangyi and Luo Feifei continued to be sweet, they returned to the palace, staring affectionately at each other, and then they came to this step without any next move. Luo Feifei repeated reminders and hints, and Bei Tang Yi did not do anything special. The helpless Luo Feifei unintentionally turned out a book of Seeking Flowers and Asking Liu from under Beitang Yi’s pillow, to see Beitang Yi Lai grabbing, Luo Feifei raised her face to ask him to kiss, Bei Tang Yi left two nosebleeds.

They are not the only ones who abuse the dogs. Bai Wuchen, who teaches in the pavilion, and the general Chu Shengnan, who patrols the street with his subordinates, use an orange to communicate. Engraving the emoji package with a knife makes Shang Yu, a book boy, also envious.

Luo Feifei was frowning. She was upset that Beitangyi didn’t touch her. The two of them lied like that all night without doing anything. She was so distressed that she suspected that she was ugly. There is another thing that hinders her and Bei Tang Yi, that is, her and Wang Chen’s marriage has been postponed, but the Queen Mother has been dragging it out. Luo Feifei worried that the Queen Mother would change his mind. Think of a way to have children with Beitang Yi.

Shang Yu saw that Bai Wuchen was in love, wondering what it was like to be in love, so he went to Su Xunxian and asked Su Xunxian to take him to learn more. Su Xunxian was in a good mood and agreed to Shang Yu to take him to learn more. The stingy Mei Daren wanted to borrow money from Luo Feifei, but was dismissed by a mask formula. Mei Daren was grateful, Luo Feifei took the opportunity to ask him to help herself, that is, she would hide under the table and pretend to be a gangster, and then let the emperor save her, and then… it goes without saying.

The plan was launched, and Bei Tang Yi came to Luo Fei soon. Luo Fei Fei was waiting for Master Mei to do her best, but she could wait for no response. It turned out that Mei Daren was asleep under the table. Luo Feifei secretly pushed him to wake up, and Mei Daren jumped out after waking up to startle the emperor and was violently beaten by the emperor. Mei Daren ran away against the table.

Su Xunxian brought Shang Yu to the Hongluanyuan to see him. Shang Yu wanted to see the Oiran fairy. Yuanniang and Su Xunxian reminded him not only to be able to chant poems, but also to have a lot of money. Shang Yu had no money, but the Red Luan Garden was opened by Su Xunxian. Upon request, Yuanniang took Shang Yu to see the Oiranian. When the night moon was in the sky, Wang Wang was lying in the yard thinking about the bit by bit he spent with Xia Bing, the corners of his lips curled up slightly.

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