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Oh! My Emperor S2 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 8 Recap

Luo Feifei was very nervous to meet the Queen Mother this time, because this time, she was to save her people and to make them in the Zodiac upright and innocent. After Bei Tangyi comforted Luo Feifei, he gave her a box and told her that the box contained the evidence that cleared Ophiuchus’ grievances. Black pearls and white flowers, both of which are made into poison, are causing the Ophiuchus madness. Reasons for change.

Seeing the two people behind the dowager, Wang Yan hiding behind the pillar and staring at him secretly, Luo Feifei took out the evidence of cleaning the grievances, forgot to repeat the old trick, and rushed out and knocked down the box! But this time he miscalculated, the box was empty, he was hit by Bei Tang Yi’s plan! When Wang Yan saw that the incident was revealed, he attacked Luo Feifei, Beitang Yi also attacked Wang Yan and saved Luo Feifei.

Luo Feifei washed away the grievances of Ophiuchus in this way. She was still very happy. Xie Yanran asked her what she wanted to do next? At this time Beitang Yi was standing behind the two. Luo Feifei asked happily whether Queen Xie Yanran’s palace was very big? Bei Tang Yi said from behind, someone has been coveting the Queen of the Zodiac for a long time! Seeing Beitang Yi came, Xie Yanran was gone, Luo Feifei raised Beitang Yi’s chin, even with full marks, so that the beautiful emperor shouldn’t be in vain and be held by the emperor.

Luo Feifei drowned in the arms of the emperor. It was so sweet. Luo Feifei suggested that the two go back to exercise. Bei Tang Yi did not hear what he meant, and seriously agreed that the two would go back for a run. Luo Feifei had a dark face.

The case of the Ophiuchus maddening man was made known to the world. The emperor announced in the court hall that the Ophiuchus was innocent, and the Ophiuchus star master returned to the throne. All the officials had no objection. The emperor also rewarded the Beitang Tang Shangyu star coins ten thousand taels.

The succession ceremony is about to be held. The king of Tang and his ministers agreed that the rich should contribute money and power, but the result was that only the king of Tang and the emperor would contribute money, and the ministers unanimously expressed their efforts. Luo Feifei and the Ophiuchus people met, and the people were accustomed to being treated unfairly. Luo Feifei told them that after the succession ceremony, the star lord will return and everyone will be equal.

Wang Wang handed Bai Wuchen a book of Seeking Flowers and Asking Liu to help him catch up with Chu Shengnan as soon as possible. Successor Grand Dian Mei Daren repeatedly called for budget overruns, Luo Feifei lost the family, Tang Wang let the extra money from Su Xunxian. The succession ceremony is held in the evening, when the moon is hollow, the colorful flags are flying, the music is constantly playing, and there is joy.

The two elegant men Su Xunxian and Chen Wang played well. Beitang Yi went up to the attic and gave a speech: From today, I don’t want any constellation to be eliminated. Only when the 13 constellations are united together, can the zodiac enjoy peace and happiness forever! Then there is the Ophiuchus star Lord Luo Feifei and his tribe who vowed to advance together with the twelve constellations to protect the country and protect the community.

After the oath was taken, Bei Tang Yi asked her what she wanted to say when she became the star lord. Luo Feifei immediately changed back to her joyful appearance. She stood upstairs and said something. I want to sing to cheer everyone, not only saying that I sing well, but also that I love to sing difficult songs, and the song that I sang turned out to be “flicker and sparkle”! But Beitangyi and Wang Chen still looked at Luo Feifei affectionately.

Bai Wuchen took the opportunity to pull La Chu Shengnan and asked if he was her little star? Chu Shengnan said it was a little monkey. Bai Wuchen confessed boldly, saying that he liked her, Chu Shengnan didn’t hear too well, and asked again, Bai Wuchen dare not say it. At this time, Chu Shengnan kissed Bai Wuchen fiercely, and put his arm around his shoulder! Bai Wuchen smiles like fireworks.

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