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Oh! My Emperor S2 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 7 Recap

Xia Bing and King Tang came to a city, which was the city of Orion. When he got here, Xia Bing left King Tang and left alone. King Tang is still yelling behind his back, isn’t he responsible for him?

According to the courtiers’ investigations, the monsters in the city of the Zodiac were plagued by insects. There were black and red crustaceans everywhere in the Zodiac. The fertile fields were destroyed, and the people were miserable. Now the plague of insects has spread to the city, and the people are rumored to have fallen from the sky. Visions, evildoers are rampant, and when critical moments, these worms will merge into a huge monster, extremely fierce.

In addition, wherever the worm goes, everything does not grow, there will be a slimy sap on the ground, and the air is still filled with stench. According to rumors, the worm still eats living things and some people accidentally fall into the worm pile. The body was bitten in an instant. After Beitangyi heard these reports, he ordered Mei Daren and Zhang Tianzheng to find out the source of the black bugs, and ordered Chu Shengnan to bring elite troops into the city to protect the people, and clean up all the bugs.

Xie Yanran came to the prison to rescue Luo Feifei. The two were happy. Who thought that the Queen Mother did not know when she followed behind, locked the cell door, closed both of them, and confiscated the keys. King Tang finally returned to the palace, Beitang Yi was relieved. Luo Feifei played cards with the jailers in the prison, and heard that there was an insect plague in the Zodiac Kingdom. The worm had not been identified from the jailer’s painting.

The worm came in the prison. Luo Feifei was happy to see the worm. lobster! King Tang told Beitang that the poison found in the Snake Husband was the so-called Orion State. They developed a poison that can control people’s minds and drink it to the Snake Husbands to control them and not only divert their attention. It can also reduce the risk of the Orion State, reduce human and material resources, and achieve the goal of attacking the Zodiac State from within.

In the outbreak of the insect plague, none of the twelve star masters could come up with a clever plan to deal with the insect plague, and the situation got worse and worse, and the people had starved to death. Fearing that the people will riot, Bei Tangyi ordered to open the warehouse and release the grain, first to stabilize the people, so as to better solve the problem. After King Tang came back, he pestered the Queen Mother and begged her to release Luo Feifei.

King Chen also knocked on the side, saying that Luo Feifei could solve the pest plague. The queen mother was anxious about the pest plague, and the pest plague caused her to cleanse the heart palace. After hearing Wang Chen’s words, I still hesitated. Suddenly, the Qingxin Palace people came to tell the palace that there were a lot of big worms. She also carried a one-foot-long lobster in her hand. The empress dowager paled in fright and let her go. Lofifi!

Beitang Yi Luo Feifei went to visit King Tang, and Bei Tang Yi went to lead an imperial physician. Wang Wang was not happy that the imperial physician would treat him because he was fine. Luo Feifei said earnestly and earnestly that Bei Tang Yi was all for his good. King Tang took the opportunity to complain, Luo Feifei opened her arms to give him a hug, Tang Wang ran over and was intercepted by Bei Tang Yi, and Bei Tang Yi hugged King Tang.

Luo Feifei looked at the crayfish spreading everywhere and turned over, and immediately fried three plates. Chu Shengnan and Xie Yanran were afraid to eat. Luo Feifei used the method to agitate Chu Shengnan. The excited Chu Shengnan finally shook his hands. Picked up a crayfish. Bei Tang Yi looked at them and smiled slightly. On this day, the emperor invited his officials to taste a dish, crayfish! The ministers have different faces, some have a taste of it and blossomed, some who dare not start alive, and some awe-inspiring.

Luo Feifei knocked on the cauldron to start the crayfish business. Mei Daren complained that he would not sell the signature Lo Feifei for the spicy crayfish for 400 stars, but when he knew, Su Xunxian gave 40,000 stars to buy it. After the crayfish’s sign, stayed! The crayfish in the city were all turned into Chinese dishes, and the people were very happy to catch the crayfish.

The crayfish are very popular, and even the Queen Mother wants to enjoy the crayfish. However, before moving the chopsticks, the child coldly reminded the Queen Mother to over-enjoy the family happiness and forget her motherland’s plans! Now the relationship between Beitangyi and Luo Feifei is getting better and better. The Orion nation wants to provoke the Ophiuchus and the Zodiac plan to be difficult to implement.

Forgetting to say, it is recommended to kill Luo Feifei first, make Beitangyi sad, and then poison Beitangyi. , Claimed to be depressed and ended. The attitude of the empress dowager is not very towards the Orion country, and Beitangyi is her grandson. At exactly this time, Beitangyi and Luo Feifei asked to see him, but the Empress Dowager directly said nothing, but forgot to say, but openly announced that the Master Luo Star had seen him!

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