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Oh! My Emperor S2 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 6 Recap

The Queen Mother handed Xie Yanran to Bi Lian and took it to Xingyifang to think about it. Bi Lian asked Xie Yanran to brush a stack of pots, which made Luo Feifei laugh, but she was too happy, and Bi Lian quickly gave Luo Feifei a big bucket to brush. Xie Yanran and Luo Feifei had a hard time at Xingyufang, weeding and cleaning cabinets, and they were so tired that they lay on the bed and didn’t want to move.

Shang Yu fed the cakes to the tied Xifenglie. Before feeding it into his mouth, he took it and ate it by himself. He also complained that people didn’t eat this or that. Xifenglie looked at him from behind. he. After Xifenglie suffered from maddening disease, he had sequelae and was slow to move. He spoke word by word, similar to a robot.

Beitang Yi rushed to Xingyifang to see Luo Feifei. Luo Feifei, a friend who is more serious and lighter, immediately suggested that Xie Yanran this light bulb find a place to cool off. Xie Yanran was stupid and didn’t understand. Luo Feifei came to the realization after she enlightened her. The heavy steps went out.

With only two people left, Luo Feifei made a grieving face when she saw Beitangyi, hugged Beitangyi tightly, and asked him to plead with the empress dowager. Beitangyi promised to rescue her soon. Luo Feifei pretended to be pitiful and addicted. He deliberately shook his hands to tell about his weakness, fatigue and hard work. Beitang Yi was very considerate.

He knew that Luo Feifei was not physically strong. He came to bring Luo Feifei a gift specially. It was a stone hammer and a bronze bell. As long as Luo Feifei practiced more often, his hands would naturally recover. The incomprehensible Beitang Lu Feifei suddenly came to the fire, but Beitang Yi was still at a loss. Don’t all the girls in “Looking for Flowers and Asking Willows” like others to give her gifts?

Shang Yu and Xi Fenglie came to meet the emperor. The emperor inquired about the whereabouts of the king of Tang, Shang Yu reported on the day when he was separated from the king of Tang in the desert. At this time, it has been half a month since the king of Tang went out, and both Shang Yu’s people and the people sent by the emperor searched Bei Tang Yi was very worried when he was not on the trail of King Tang.

In addition, since the rectification of the Ophiuchus has not yet been announced to the world, the people still avoid the Ophiuchus. Bei Tangyi had his own consideration of this matter, he was waiting for an opportunity, and there was a very important person. At this moment, Mei Daren hurriedly rushed into the palace to report: There is a mysterious monster in the city, and the situation is imminent!

Luo Feifei Xie Yanran was lying on the bed to rest, and Bi Lian yelled at him. The stiff Luo Fei Fei held the stone pestle to fight, and Bi Lian ordered the palace people in the palace to come around Luo Fei Fei Xie Yanran. Luo Feifei wilted immediately. Deliberately pretending to reprimand Xie Yanran, as if she was not the one who copied the guy just now. Kicked down by Bilian.

Bi Lian raised her slap and was about to hit Luo Feifei, but Luo Feifei moved first, and “touched” Bi Lian’s cheek twice before and after. Bi Lian was shocked, then furious, closed the door and fought, and the two sides fought in full swing. After a fight, Luo Feifei Xie Yanran won the battle and tied Bi Lian and the other palace men with ropes.

At this time, the Empress Dowager was rushing to Star Service Square. Luo Feifei was talking bad things about Bilian and the Empress Dowager in the room, and even threatened to bring ten more such little sisters, and she could handle it too! I didn’t want the empress dowager to come to her back and patted Luo Feifei on the shoulder. Luo Feifei thought that someone wanted to try, so she immediately gave the visitor a shoulder throw and threw the empress dowager to the ground! The empress dowager was angry and hurt, and fainted. Luo Feifei was not unexpectedly sent to prison again.

Wang Chen came to visit the Empress Dowager, and through the anger of the Empress Dowager, he said that he regretted the marriage too. I implore the Queen Mother to dissolve the marriage contract. Although the empress dowager did not like Luo Feifei, she was still sensible. She had already told the world that it would be too trifling to dissolve the marriage contract now. The gentle king Chen suggested that the marriage period should be postponed until the people had forgotten it. The Queen Mother agreed.

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