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Oh! My Emperor S2 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 5 Recap

When he was at a loss for the poison in Xifenglie, Luo Feifei rushed to heal the wounds of Xifenglie with her ability. After healed, he was exhausted and almost fainted. Xie Yanran helped him back. Wang Chen always looked at Luo Feifei worriedly. The emperor Bei Tang Yi was thinking about what happened in the dowager dowager’s palace today. How could it happen by coincidence? That kid just knocked off the box and let the poisonous insect escape? ! Luo Feifei came to see Wang Chen. Wang Chen was very happy and asked Luo Feifei coldly.

However, Luo Feifei’s confession greeted him. Luo Feifei directly told Chen Wang that she did not like him. Where did Wang Chen know, but he thought that as long as Luo Feifei stayed with him, he would be there sooner or later in his heart? But Luo Feifei shook her head altogether. Love can’t be achieved through hard work. Moreover, this matter has been delayed for a long time. If she doesn’t talk about it, she will feel very sick. Like now, the better Chen Wang treated her, the more uncomfortable she was. Wang Chen smiled bitterly.

Actually, he should have understood it a long time ago, but it is easy to understand, but difficult to let go. Luo Feifei apologized to Wang Chen, and the gentle and elegant Wang Wang told her that there was no need to apologize. Luo Hua deliberately flowed ruthlessly, and blamed him for being too persistent.

Luo Feifei made another request, begging Chen Wang to talk to the Queen Mother to dissolve the marriage contract. Wang Chen refused, because now telling the Queen Mother will not be effective, but will anger him. He promised to bring up the matter when the best time came. Luo Feifei repeatedly said that he was really good, thanked him, and ran away. Leave a bitter Chen Wang. Yes, he is so nice, but what’s the use?

In the hall of the Queen Mother, the Queen Mother was talking to the child. Unbelievably, the voice made by the child was the voice of an adult, and the child was forgetting his words. He is not afraid of the Empress Dowager, and even more bluntly, even if it is what they do in Orion? The grieving Empress Dowager thought of the death of her son, but she never thought that the death of those people was related to the kingdom of Orion. Forget the words but remind the Empress Dowager not to forget her identity and the purpose of marrying the Zodiac!

Luo Feifei and Xie Yanran were drunk and hiccup in the pavilion, confessing their favorite objects. The reason Xie Yanran likes Wang Chen so much is that he is beautiful. It is ridiculous that Luo Feifei likes the emperor because the emperor is beautiful. Xie Yanran asked how the emperor compares with Luo Feifei’s Jiacheng? Luo Feifei bluntly said that the emperor can’t compare with Jiacheng, Jiacheng is gentle, considerate and talented, and Beitang Yi, who is standing across the lake, is listening! It’s a pity that the emperor didn’t hear Luo Feifei’s confession behind. Although the emperor is straight-tempered, speaks dull, and has the same work and rest as the elderly, but he looks so cute!

The two women came to the bridge again drunk and almost fell down. The emperor and Wang Chen rushed up at the same time, one embraced Xie Yanran and the other embraced Luo Feifei. The expressions of Xie Yanran and Luo Feifei distorted at the same time, and the two sides pulled each other over. This is only satisfactory. The two men took one back.

The emperor came to the hotel with her face covered, holding Luo Feifei, the innkeeper saw that Luo Feifei was the female thief, and went to report to the officer secretly. The emperor put Luo Feifei on the bed, and the sleepy Luo Feifei asked the emperor to bring him water. When the emperor confessed his fate to get her water, he heard Luo Feifei humming and asked a few words. Luo Feifei again mentioned Jiacheng, this is Jiacheng’s song, he is a male god, good-looking, talented, and handsome. Hearing this, Beitang Yi kissed her lips, forbidden her to mention other men.

Sheng Nan brought officers and soldiers to the store to search, only to find that the wretched man described by the store was the emperor! Not really depressed! Early in the morning, Xie Yanran cried and rushed to Luo Feifei’s room, yelling at Luo Feifei that she had harmed her, because the Queen Mother had called them into the palace. As soon as he entered the palace, the Empress Dowager scolded Luo Feifei for taking the three of them badly, and wanted to punish Luo Feifei. Luo Feifei was not convinced, and she raised her leg to go to the prison. The queen mother knew that she was familiar with the jailer, but she didn’t let her go to the prison and gave her to Bilian!

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