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Oh! My Emperor S2 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 2 Recap

After the emperor came to the emperor’s dormitory, Dehai reported that the emperor had rested, but the emperor dowager did not believe that she broke into the dormitory. She lifted the quilt and found that Tang Wang Beitang was lying there! The Empress Dowager was furious. After learning that the emperor was going to see Luo Feifei at the Chen Palace, she made up her mind to get rid of Luo Feifei, the demon girl, and ordered that Tang Wang be sent to the palace for thought.

In Prince Chen’s Mansion, Luo Feifei was awakened by Chong Chong using a supernatural power, and Chong Chong told Luo Fei Fei that a very fierce big brother had just arrived. After hard work, the marvelous people gathered by the king Chen finally produced a bowl of black and smelly medicine. The maid brought the medicine to the palace of the princess.

Luo Feifei suddenly became the princess and couldn’t adapt. She muttered how to face the prince, suddenly heard the footsteps, and quickly fell down and pretended to sleep. Chen Wang ordered the maid to feed the medicine, but Luo Feifei closed her mouth tightly, and the medicine soup dripped from the corner of her mouth.

The maid couldn’t feed the medicine. Wang Chen personally went to feed it. Seeing that he couldn’t feed anymore, she took a sip by herself. Just about half an inch away from Luo Feifei’s mouth, Xie Yan called the lord! With a grunt, Wang Chen swallowed the medicine himself. Xie Yanran volunteered to give Luo Feifei the medicine. After taking a sip, Feifei opened her eyes sharply, and Xie Yanran sprayed the medicine on Luo Feifei’s face!

In the Yixing Pavilion, the emperor Beitang Yi and his officials are discussing matters. Zhen said that while he and Xi Fenglie were looking for Xie Xingzhu, a group of mysterious people suddenly appeared. They wanted to find out the identity of the mysterious person, but they were caught by the mysterious person and Xi Fenglie was taken away.

In Wang Chen’s view, the many strange things that have recently appeared are very similar to the rebellious case ten years ago: the last star owner became delirious after missing a few days, and Luo Feifei changed a moment after disappearing. I was unconscious, could it be that Xi Fenglie was arrested too?

Above the desert, Xifenglie and the people of the Zodiac were tied to a wooden shelf. He questioned the identity of the people in exotic costumes in front of him. Where could the mysterious people tell them and told them that the Zodiac was a hundred times more miserable than them! In the Yixing Pavilion, Su Xunxian teased that King Chen spent 20,000 stars in order to heal Luo Feifei, and Beitang Yi was secretly delighted when he learned that Luo Feifei had recovered.

After learning that it was a folk formula compiled by the Xunxian faction who rescued Luo Feifei, Beitang suddenly had the idea that the prisoners in the prison also suffered from the same disease. Why don’t they just use medicine? He ordered Bai Wuchen to cook soup medicine overnight for the madman to drink. He also ordered Shang Yu to secretly investigate the mysterious man, and be sure to find Xi Fenglie. At this time, King Tang yelled to go out in his palace.

King Tang was guarded and couldn’t get out. He walked around with that face. At this time he suddenly remembered that he had a clone! Why don’t you have a clone? He secretly scolded himself for being stupid, and went out to the palace! This fashion feather is ready to rescue the West Wind, leading two elite subordinates, only waiting for Beitang Yi’s order to set off. The king of Tang, who had arrived, volunteered and was allowed to go with Beitangyi.

In the middle of the night, Luo Feifei and the insects stayed in the room, and they ate a lot at night, and this time they were hungry again. Wang Chen was thinking of Luo Feifei in his heart, came outside Luo Feifei’s boudoir, and asked if she was asleep? Feifei immediately pretended to sleep and said that she was asleep. Wang Chen had to leave and asked her to rest well. As soon as King Chen left, Luo Feifei blew out the candle. Beitangyi stood upright and looked at the boudoir not far away.

Wang Chen walked over and mocked Beitang Yi three watchmen to sneak into the palace in the middle of the night, and Beitang Yi counterfeit Wang Wang knocked on his boudoir in the middle of the night. Wang Chen reminded Beitangyi that he and Luo Feifei had a marriage contract, but Beitangyi refused to admit the marriage contract between the two. The king Chen suggested that Beitang Yici married, and Beitangyi left unhappy.

Wang Wang and Shang Yu rode to the boundless desert and ran into a beautiful woman in a turban, named Xia Bing. Xia Bing took the two to the house where he lived. Both of them were very happy to live somewhere in the desert. Wang Wang was slick, also called sister Xia Bing, and praised her for her beauty. Shang Yu looked like he was doing business, asking the woman about the whereabouts of Xi Fenglie, but Xia Bing said he had never seen it.

Because it was getting late, Luo Feifei was worried about the bugs and sent them home. Beitang Yi followed her secretly, and after hearing her words, he deliberately ran to Luo Feifei’s only way first. When Luo Feifei and the insects came to the outdoor hut, Beitangyi was already waiting by the side. Luo Feifei was surprised to meet him, but Bei Tangyi said that he was just passing by.

Luo Feifei told Bei Tangyi that it was the insects that really cured her, and that the Ophiuchus’s water retrograde ability can also become a healing ability. I left after speaking. But Chong Chong knew that Bei Tang Yi was a fierce brother, and asked him if he liked her sister?

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