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Oh! My Emperor S2 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 1 Recap

At the court meeting, Beitang Yiyi told the world and declared the military and political unification. Starting today, he is the Lord of the Zodiac! Beitangyi also announced an amnesty for the world, the Queen Mother coughed, but Beitangyi still announced this encyclical.

The Empress Dowager made a clear objection, reminding Beitang Yimo to forget the death of the first emperor, and proclaiming that the ministers of all nations and foreign races cannot be pardoned before leaving. As soon as the dynasty was over, the Empress Dowager went to Bei Tang Yi, named Luo Feifei, and ordered the Ophiuchus not to be released.

In the cold and dark prison, Luo Feifei was being held in chains. King Tang went to advise the emperor to release Luo Feifei, but Beitang Yi was upset about this and asked Dehai to drag King Tang out. As soon as King Tang left Dehai, he advised Bei Tang Yi that Tang Wang had the heart to the city, and if it hadn’t been for Bei Tang Yi’s arrow, Luo Feifei would be deeply mad, Luo Feifei should understand Bei Tang Yi’s good intentions.

Bei Tang Yi nodded. King Tang came to the prison and released all the Ophiuchus people, but when he came a step late, Luo Feifei had been pulled to the execution ground, and King Tang remembered the carriage he had encountered on the road. He hurried to the palace to inform Bei Tang Yi of the incident, and Bei Tang Yi dropped the book in his hand in shock. The horse hurried to the execution ground.

On the execution ground, the Empress Dowager declared a decree to stabbing the Snake Husband Star Master. Seeing that the punishment was about to be executed, Wang Chen yelled at the knife to keep people and came to stop him. This caused dissatisfaction among the people, who thought that the demon girl had deceived King Chen and shouted and killed the demon girl. The Queen Mother also believed that this woman could not stay.

The king Chen insisted that he and Luo Feifei had a matchmaking statement, and the emperor announced an amnesty for the world. The empress dowager was still determined, and Wang Chen said loudly to kill Luo Feifei first! King Chen knelt on both knees and spoke earnestly. Luo Feifei is his wife, and the husband and wife must share honor and disgrace. Even if Luo Feifei is the Ophiuchus constellation, he must live and die!

At this time, Beitangyi came, and the angry empress dowager was about to use Beitangyi’s mouth to overthrow Chen Wang’s nonsense, proving that Chen Wang’s statement was false. I didn’t want Beitangyi to claim that he knew about it and testified that he was there on the day of the engagement! The empress dowager was angrily and had to give up. Wang Chen took Luo Feifei away.

Luo Feifei was placed on the couch in the Chen Palace, and Wang Chen patiently wiped Luo Feifei’s forehead and took care of him. Was ridiculed by Su Xunxian. Luo Feifei and Wang Chen’s wedding are approaching. Bei Tangyi is sitting in front of the case, seemingly calm, but in fact he is impetuous. The paper on the case is all Luo Feifei’s name. Dehai saw Beitangyi’s mind, took the emperor’s hand, and signaled Beitangyi to find Luo Feifei. Beitang Yi looked at Dehai coldly and shook his hand. Dehai quickly let go.

Xie Yanran visited Chen Wang’s Mansion late at night. Luo Feifei was in a fever and was unconscious. Chen Wang is summoning quack people to make medicine soup for Luo Feifei. It was cold in the middle of the night, and Wang Chen reminded Xie Yanran to go back, but Xie Yanran refused to leave because he was worried about Feifei’s safety. Bei Tangyi sneaked into Chen Wang’s Mansion with a black cloth and mask, and touched Luo Feifei’s room, staring blankly at Luo Feifei, who was feverish and unconscious.

King Tang came to the Palace of the Empress Dowager and gave the Empress Dowager a thigh massage. The Empress Dowager enjoyed the kindness of King Tang, but suddenly proposed to see Beitangyi. Wang Wang hurriedly stopped, but the Empress Dowager insisted on going. The little girl Chong Chong also came to Luo Feifei’s room with her face covered, and was hitting Bei Tang Yi who was dressed like her. Bei Tang Yi was so embarrassed that she pretended not to see it and slipped through the back door. Master Chongchong is really awkward. Sitting on the side of Luo Feifei’s bed, began to cast her ability to rescue Luo Feifei.

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