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Oh! My Emperor S1 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 19 Recap

With injuries, Shang Yu insisted on walking from the endless desert to the grassland with cattle herds. He borrowed water from the local residents to replenish his stamina, and then embarked on the way back.

Luo Feifei picked up an injured little rabbit, and she cured the rabbit using the treatment techniques taught her by the elders.

When Bei Tangyi was swimming in the pool, he always thought about meeting Luo Feifei here for the first time, so he was a little absent-minded. On the way back, Bei Tangyi hurt his cheek by Bei Tangtang. Bei Tangtang knew that he had something in his heart these days, so he advised him to go back and rest early. Bei Tangyi came all the way to Luo Feifei’s residence. Luo Feifei saw the wound on his face. She had planned to get the medicine box, but Bei Tangyi pulled her and said, “Should the poison on the wound be sucked out?” Luo Feifei understood what Beitangyi meant.

Just when she was about to kiss Beitangyi on the cheek, Beitangyi turned sideways and blocked Luo Feifei’s mouth with her own mouth. The short kiss ended, and the atmosphere between the two was ambiguous, Bei Tang Yi finally plucked up the courage to tell Luo Feifei that he liked Luo Feifei. After hearing the confession, Luo Feifei turned into a small woman instantly, and she ran away shyly.

In the future, the relationship between Beitangyi and Luo Feifei became gentle, and the two practice archery together at the shooting range; Beitangyi carried the rabbit on the grass doing sit-ups, while Luo Feifei accompanied him. Time seems to be getting faster, Bei Tang Yi will also give Luo Feifei some surprises when the two get along.

Some people are happy, but others are worried. Beitangyi is busy in love, and Beitang Moran is worried about how he beat Beitangyi in the star master contest.

Xie Yanran didn’t want to offend King Chen, and naturally didn’t want to offend the emperor. So, she found Luo Feifei the day before the game, and she hoped that Luo Feifei could go to the star host competition site instead.

On the decisive day of the game, Beitang Yi dressed and neatly dressed early, and Beitang Moran was also dressed in uniform and brought his subordinates to the outside of the customs. Luo Feifei also came to the scene in place of Xie Yanran. After she was caught by Bei Tangtang, she could only lie that Xie Yanran had something to do.

The commander of Beitang Moran attacked Beitangyi’s camp in three ways. Su Xunxian, Chu Shengnan, and Bai Wuchen led their respective departures. At the same time, Luo Feifei was also deploying a strategic plan, and Beitang Yi ordered Luo Feifei to stay. Go down and guard the camp with him.

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