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Oh! My Emperor S1 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 18 Recap

Shang Yu followed the black-clothed people all the way to the arid desert area. When they were resting, the black-clothed people were discussing their original intention of feeding these people’s medicine. The fat man headed bluntly said that the purpose of this was to cause the Ophiuchus and other ten people.

The contradiction between the two constellations, so that they can take advantage of the fisherman. Shang Yu understood now. He took advantage of the convenient time for the people in black to prepare to wake up Xi Fenglie, but Xi Fenglie could not recognize Shang Yu when he woke up, and they even started fighting. Fortunately, the group found no abnormalities.

Shang Yu was on the road preparing to attack the man in black to take Xi Fenglie away, but he did not know that he was stabbed by the leader and fainted. Shang Yu was pushed into the desert. The leader felt that he would be eaten by wolves soon, so he didn’t deal with his body.

Bei Tangyi noticed that Luo Feifei was cold towards him these days, he took the initiative to ask the reason, and Luo Feifei told her about Bei Tangyi and Bi Lian. Bei Tangyi had no choice but to explain that he didn’t mean anything to Bi Lian, but because she was the chief commander and the palace maiden next to the queen mother, she was temporarily unable to deal with her. After listening to the explanation, Luo Feifei was obviously in a better mood, but then Bei Tangyi said that he fell in love with Luo Feifei at first sight, which made Luo Feifei even more happy.

Xie Yanran came to Luo Feifei, and she asked Luo Feifei to figure out what she should do in the future so that Wang Chen could not be disgusted with her. Luo Feifei felt that Xie Yanran didn’t need to care about these trivial matters, because after all, the emperor and Wang Chen didn’t care about Xie Yanran. Who will marry in the future, but who can get the military power.

Xie Yanran was thinking hard about how to make Wang Chen like herself, Luo Feifei had already thought about taking her to Hongluanyuan for a fun. The proprietress of Hongluanyuan had seen Luo Feifei. She originally stopped the two of them, but when she saw Xie Yanran’s large amount of silver, the proprietress let them in with blushing eyes. The girls in Hongluanyuan are all masters of training. Luo Feifei pushed Xie Yanran among the girls so that they could teach Xie Yanran to tease men.

Xie Yanran and Luo Feifei spent a lot of time in Hongluanyuan, both of them got themselves drunk, and finally they were helped out of Hongluanyuan by the proprietress.

Shang Yu finally woke up after being lethargic for a long time, and he ran all the way with his wounds ready to return to life.

In order to prepare for the star-lord competition three days later, Fang Jian conducted rehearsal and training for his opponents.

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