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Oh! My Emperor S1 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 17 Recap

In the evening’s Star Master Conference, plus Su Xunxian, only four Star Masters came. They didn’t even know that the rest of them were looking for Xie Yanran, and they searched for the whole night.

At dawn, after scouring the woods, Luo Feifei did not find Xie Yanran, she was anxious and tired. However, Beitang Mo Ran didn’t care about Xie Yanran’s whereabouts at all, and instead mentioned their marriage in front of Bei Tang Yi. Bei Tangyi only bluntly said that he would resign to Xie Yanran once he got the military power. Beitang Mo Ran satirized him that it is better to get the military power first.

The two people were noisy again, and Bei Tang Mo Ran was so angry that he simply advanced the star master’s test three days, Bei Tang Yi was excited and agreed. And Luo Feifei was even more disturbed by these two people. She said bluntly that the reason why Xie Yanran left was to blame Beitang Moran. If something happened to Xie Yanran, she would definitely not let Beitang Moran go. Beitang Mo Ran didn’t know the cause of the matter at all, he was simply at a loss.

Xie Yanran woke up and learned that Luo Feifei had come to see her yesterday and was driven away by Xiao He. Xie Yanran complained that Xiao He shouldn’t do that. Xiaohe didn’t say anything kind to Luo Feifei, and he also expressed his views on emotions. Xie Yanran felt that what she said was right, so she asked Xiao He to help her chase the king, but Xiao He only wanted her lady to like the emperor. Xie Yanran remembered that he did not attend yesterday’s Star Master Conference, so she quickly asked Xiao He to clean up for her.

The few people who were looking for Xie Yanran gathered at the agreed place, but Shang Yu and Xi Fenglie were missing. Bei Tangyi thought that there would be nothing wrong with the two, so he ordered everyone to go back to rest.

Xie Yanran arrived at the Star Master Conference room and happened to catch up with Bei Tang Yi, and Bei Tang Mo Ran and Bei Tang Tang returned to attend the meeting. However, the three of them were a little surprised when they saw Xie Yanran, who was full of energy. Father Hai was sent by Bei Tangyi to inform Luo Feifei that Xie Yanran had returned safely, and the big rock in Luo Feifei’s heart finally fell.

Since Xie Yanran was okay, Beitang Moran ordered a meeting. Xie Yanran wanted to sit next to her, but he ruthlessly refused. The conference began, and yesterday’s voting was not over. After thinking about it, Xie Yanran decided to vote for the earth sign, which is Beitangyi’s side. Before the meeting ended, Beitang Mo Ran proposed to put all the rioters in Ophiuchus to death. Bei Tangyi thought that all executions were too cold-blooded, but Beitang Mo Ran wanted to put those people to death. Bei Tang Yi deliberately refused to agree, but Bei Tang Mo Ran provoked his authority.

Since Shang Yu and Xifenglie are not there, the Chen Wang team is missing these two powerful generals. Bai Wuchen and Chu Shengnan are already in love. Therefore, Bai Wuchen voluntarily joins the Chen Wang team and participates in the stars three days later. The main competition showdown.

Xi Fenglie was forcibly fed the medicine by the man in black, and he immediately became unconscious. Shang Yu realized that the Ophiuchus people were probably going crazy because they were fed this medicine. Shang Yu decided Continue to follow to find out.

For a day, there was no news from Xi Fenglie and Shang Yu, so Wang Chen sent Chu Shengnan to Houshan to find Xifenglie and Shang Yu.

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