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Oh! My Emperor S1 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 16 Recap

The Star Master Conference began, and Bei Tangyi took the lead. Beitang Mo Ran never sat down. He got up and walked to the last chair and asked the emperor if he still remembered whose seat it was. Of course Bei Tangyi knew that it was the seat of the Ophiuchus star lord. Beitang Mo Ran suggested that since the recent riots in Ophiuchus have caused anxiety among the people, there is no need for Ophiuchus to exist anymore.

Therefore, the chair of Ophiuchus should be revoked. After voting, the seat of Ophiuchus was withdrawn, and the thirteen constellations have now become twelve constellations. Xie Yanran did not come to the Star Master Conference because of her anger, so Beitang Moran decided to postpone the conference until the evening.

Luo Feifei returned to Xingyifang after looking for Xie Yanran unsuccessfully, but saw Bei Tangyi and Bi Lian hugging each other, Luo Feifei became more angry.

Knowing that Xie Yanran had disappeared, Bei Tang Yi and Bei Tang Mo Ran took people to the woods of the back mountain of Chen Wang’s Mansion to find someone. The group found it was dark, but they couldn’t find it. Who would have thought that Xie Yanran at this moment was actually crying and eating in her own home, and she did not know that someone had been looking for him for a long time after she ate and slept.

Xi Fenglie and Shang Yu were in a group. The two lost each other on the way to find someone. Unfortunately, Xi Fenglie was knocked out by the assassin lying in the dark, but Shang Yu had no idea. When Chu Shengnan was partnering with Bai Wuchen, the two had differences over trivial matters.

Chu Shengnan used his lion roar power to make Bai Wuchen leave him, and Bai Wuchen approached Chu Shengnan desperately and took the initiative to kiss her. Such fearless behavior finally infected Chu Shengnan, and Bai Wuchen proposed to Chu Shengnan, and decided to get married after the military power competition.

The assassin who attacked Xifenglie was a gang, but Shang Yu found them and successfully entered the gang through disguise.

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