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Oh! My Emperor S1 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 15 Recap

Bei Tang Yi had the heart to tease Luo Feifei, so he took this opportunity to draw a curly beard on Luo Feifei’s mouth with a brush, and Luo Feifei didn’t notice it at all. When she returned to her Star Service Square, the ladies laughed at her, and Luo Feifei looked in the mirror and realized that there was something wrong with her face.

When Xie Yanran came to visit, the two met on the street to stroll, but they met Chu Shengnan who was enforcing the law on the street. Luo Feifei thought that Bai Wuchen was so irritable after breaking up with Chu Shengnan, and Xie Yanran told her that Bai Wuchen and Chu Shengnan had never been together. Luo Feifei and Xie Yanran made up their minds to help Chu Shengnan, so they took Chu Shengnan to the palace.

Luo Feifei put a mask on her and advised her to cherish Bai Wuchen. Chu Shengnan got angry when she heard this. She felt that Bai Wuchen was really incompetent when she played around but didn’t practice martial arts. Xie Yanran and Luo Feifei kept persuading her that as long as this person loves her, it is fine.

The empress dowager summoned Beitang Moran. On the surface, she asked about the contradiction between the emperor and the king, but in fact, she was telling Beitang Moran to assist the emperor.

Chu Shengnan finally listened to Xie Yanran and Luo Feifei’s persuasion, she took the initiative to invite Bai Wuchen to get together, and Bai Wuchen was very excited. When Bai Wuchen was in the restaurant, he bought a hairpin for Chu Shengnan. He was about to put it on Chu Shengnan, when he came down to report that a large number of lunatics had appeared on the street. Chu Shengnan wanted to leave immediately, and Bai Wuchen followed.

Luo Feifei took Xie Yanran to find Xiang Wentian. Xie Yanran couldn’t move her feet when she passed by Chen Wangfu. Luo Feifei had to find Xiang Wentian by herself. Xiang Wentian told Luo Feifei that the reason why the current Ophiuchus star person is crazy may be because the star owner has not returned to his position. Luo Feifei was very puzzled. Xiang Wentian popularized her knowledge again. The Ophiuchus star master has the ability to absorb other people’s abilities, and the star master can also heal wounds on his body by himself. Luo Feifei asked Xiang Wentian to get rid of the mosquito bag on her, but when Xiang Wentian cast a spell on her, the mosquito bag instead of getting smaller, became bigger.

At the same time, Xie Yanran’s invisibility ability suddenly disappeared while she was peeping at Wang Chen’s bath, and she was almost discovered by Wang Chen. Xie Yanran ran away in time, but Luo Feifei at the door was caught by Wang Chen. Chen Wang said anxiously that he had a good feeling for Luo Feifei, Xie Yanran overheard, she was very sad, so she ran away immediately. Luo Feifei stopped Wang Chen from wanting to kiss her. She honestly said that she really didn’t like Wang Chen, and then she went after Xie Yanran.

The Star Master Conference began immediately. Bei Tangtang came to inform Bei Tang Yi that Luo Feifei and Xie Yanran had not returned from the palace, and Bei Tang Yi ordered Hai Gong Gong to discipline the good palace people not to leave the palace privately.

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