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Oh! My Emperor S1 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 14 Recap

Luo Feifei persuaded him to go see the little baby together, as it was to understand the sentiments of the people, and Bei Tangyi really went together. The newborn Little Treasure is a Capricorn, and the villagers are shouting, as long as they are not Ophiuchus.

Then, the whole village planted seeds to celebrate the birth of the newborn, and Luo Feifei and Bei Tangyi were immersed in this joy. Luo Feifei and Bei Tangyi stayed in the village for an afternoon. This short and good time made Bei Tangyi’s feelings for Luo Feifei deeper. When the farewell, the little girl reluctantly gave up, Luo Feifei promised to come again in the future.

Beitang Moran was drinking tea in a teahouse and accidentally found Luo Feifei and Beitangyi walking on the street. Su Xunxian thought he was dazzled, and Beitang Moran didn’t know whether he should believe him or not.

Bei Tangtang asked the emperor brother and Luo Feifei about the progress. Bei Tangyi in turn asked him when he conspired with Xie Yanran. Bei Tangtang bluntly said that it was not because the emperor brother and Luo Feifei made progress together slowly, so they both The talent has made the wrong decision.

The pendant that Bei Tangyi picked up at the entrance of the cave was Luo Feifei’s. Before going to bed, he quietly stared at the pendant, and all that was lingering in his mind was Luo Feifei. He put on his clothes and came all the way to Star Wars Square. He just wanted to see Luo Feifei. Fortunately, Luo Feifei did not sleep either, and the two of them had been sitting at the door. Luo Feifei saw that Bei Tangyi had not spoken, so she asked Bei Tangyi to learn her speech.

Luo Feifei’s original words were “Feifei, from the first time I saw you, you have made me move.” But Beitangyi couldn’t say anything. Luo Feifei was very disappointed and called him a idiot, and then went Close the door and enter the house, leaving Bei Tangyi alone at the door. Luo Feifei felt wrong, and opened the door again to find Bei Tang Yi, but Bei Tang Yi had already left Xing Yi Fang.

On the second day, Luo Feifei went to the Tianxing Palace to report, and Beitang Yi ordered the maid to go down and gave Luo Feifei all the cleaning work. Luo Feifei cleaned so-so, and Bei Tangyi personally handed her over. As a result, the restless Bei Tangyi cleaned the whole house, while Luo Feifei sat on her seat and ate a lot of good things, which was very relaxed and happy.

Luo Feifei resigned, but Bei Tangyi left her to study ink for herself. During this period, Luo Feifei fell asleep, and her shoulders accidentally leaned on Bei Tang Yi, which made Bei Tang Yi feel warm.

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