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Oh! My Emperor S1 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 13 Recap

Bei Tangyi thought that Xie Yanran would embarrass Luo Feifei, but Luo Feifei did not show any signs of being bullied, but also laughed at Bei Tangyi as an innocent man. Bei Tangyi decided to give Luo Feifei the Xingyifang as a reward, and let Luo Feifei take charge of Beitangyi’s Tianxing Palace.

Xie Yanran has been absent-minded since returning from the palace. Her maid, Xiaohe, felt that her lady was bewitched by the enchantress Luo Feifei. Xie Yanran even felt that if she became a queen in the future, she would definitely make Luo Feifei a noble concubine. At least Luo Feifei got her heart. Xiaohe felt that the young lady was crazy to think so.

Xie Yanran used her stealth ability to come to Luo Feifei’s room. She was here to invite Luo Feifei to go out with her for a spring trip. Luo Feifei was yearning and agreed to go together.

Xie Yanran used her power to help Luo Feifei successfully go out of the palace, and at the same time, Bei Tangyi was also asked to go out for a walk. Bei Tangtang and Xie Yanran had agreed to give Bei Tangyi and Luo Feifei a chance to be together. Therefore, they exchanged news and progress during their breaks. Bei Tangtang pushed Bei Tangyi into a cave dug by the prime minister during the war.

Soon after, Xie Yanran brought Luo Feifei here. Xie Yanran didn’t know what story she told Luo Feifei, so Luo Feifei volunteered to go down to the cave. in. When she found that there was another Beitang Yi in the cave, both of them were surprised.

Bei Tangyi suspected that Luo Feifei colluded with Bei Tangtang to deceive him because he liked him. As a result, Luo Feifei broke his illusion, Bei Tang Yi couldn’t help feeling embarrassed. Bei Tangyi has watched Liaomei’s “Looking for Flowers and Asking Willows” these days, and has trapped Luo Feifei with a wall-dong method. Luo Feifei can’t help but feel amused, so he uses modern methods to show the correct wall-dong. Xie Yanran saw that the two were making rapid progress, and she closed the ladder with satisfaction.

Bei Tangyi and Luo Feifei were trapped in this cave. Bei Tangyi felt that she would die here if she didn’t want to go out. Luo Feifei didn’t want to die, so she shouted for help, hoping to attract help. Luo Feifei’s call for help attracted the old woman and granddaughter of Ophiuchus, but when Bei Tangyi learned that they are Ophiuchus, he became cold, because in his perception, Ophiuchus are all Cold-blooded animals are like snakes. The old woman had left with her granddaughter, but the granddaughter was worried that Luo Feifei was trapped there, so the old woman could only go back and save the two. The old woman put down the ladder Xie Yanran had left, and Luo Feifei was rescued. But Bei Tangyi picked up a jade pendant after coming up.

Luo Feifei wanted Bei Tang Yi to carry her on his back, and Bei Tang Yi did. The two followed the old woman to the village of Ophiuchus. For the first time, Bei Tangyi entered this village that he had always regarded as evil, and was very at a loss. When Luo Feifei learned that there was a baby in the village, she was going to visit, and Bei Tangyi grabbed her.

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