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Oh! My Emperor S1 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 12 Recap

Bei Tangyi was splashed with water all over, and he was very angry. Luo Feifei repeatedly emphasized that she was not intentional, and the two had a long dispute. Luo Feifei suddenly saw a woman behind Bei Tangyi holding a bow and arrow ready to assassinate, she quickly reminded Bei Tangyi. Bei Tangyi hit an arrow in the arm, and the two went into the room to avoid the remaining arrows.

Luo Feifei shouted for help, which finally alarmed the guards and the eunuch ladies. Fang Jian led someone to subdue the assassin’s maid, and he discovered that this person was the remnant of Ophiuchus. Bei Tangyi asked Luo Feifei to bandage his wound, and Luo Feifei took this opportunity to implore Bei Tangyi to release the maid just now.

Bei Tangyi disagreed at first, but Luo Feifei repeatedly requested, and Bei Tangyi agreed, decided to give the maid 20 big boards and let her go.

Luo Feifei entered the palace, and Wang Chen seemed to have lost his soul. Su Xunxian tried his best to make him happy, but Wang Chen didn’t play chess, nor did he drink wine, and looked unhappy. Su Xunxian ridiculed his deep-rooted love for Luo Feifei,

Xie Yanran’s maid asked Xie Yanran to visit the injured emperor, Xie Yanran looked indifferent, she couldn’t lift the spirit into the palace at all. The maid told her that the new dancer was better than her future queen, and Xie Yanran finally raised interest in entering the palace.

Luo Feifei saw Xie Yanran, and she recognized that this person was the woman who peeped at Wang Chen’s bath that night. She pulled Xie Yanran aside and whispered. Luo Feifei therefore understood that Xie Yanran preferred the king Chen, not the emperor. Later, Xie Yanran’s words were full of involuntary sighs about her marriage in the official house, and Luo Feifei told her the modern people’s courage to pursue love. Xie Yanran felt very strange when she heard it, and this passage brought each other closer. Xie Yanran promised Luo Feifei that she would help Luo Feifei pursue Beitangyi in the future.

Luo Feifei suddenly remembered and asked why Xie Yanran suddenly disappeared that day. Xie Yanran told her that everyone in the Zodiac has abilities. For example, the emperor is petrified, the Chen Wang can predict the future, and the Tang Wang can be alone. And Xie Yanran’s ability is to fly away. Luo Feifei was very curious. She asked Xie Yanran to teach her to hide. Xie Yanran jokingly said whether she had talent. At this moment, the emperor came from the opposite side, Xie Yanran deliberately said that she had something to leave, and gave the space to Luo Feifei and Bei Tangyi.

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