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Oh! My Emperor S1 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 11 Recap

Xie Yanran took a peek at Wang Chen’s bath and was caught by Luo Feifei, but because Xie Yanran escaped with a power, Wang Chen misunderstood Luo Feifei who was peeking.

Bei Tangtang made suggestions for Bei Tang Yi, he asked Bei Tang Yi to hug Luo Feifei from behind from time to time, and said that this would capture her heart. Unexpectedly, Bei Tangtang was incapable, so Bei Tangtang left a book “Looking for Flowers and Asking Willows” for the emperor to study.

Luo Feifei entered the palace with a burden on her back, why did she still call her into the palace by the phantom emperor along the way. After Grandpa Hai took her to Xingyufang, he gave her to Bilian Siyao and then returned to the emperor to return to life. Luo Feifei realized the reality. It turned out that she was in the palace to be a girl. And this Bilian Siyao is not a fuel-efficient lamp. She arranged for Luo Feifei a very simple accommodation, and also yelled at him, very harsh, Luo Feifei was bluffed by her as soon as she arrived.

Father Hai went back to his life, Bei Tangyi asked him to arrange whatever he wanted. Bai Wuchen thought that the emperor did not know how to pity and cherish the jade, and he advised the emperor to treat Luo Feifei better.

Bi Lian Si Yao asked Luo Feifei to brush everyone’s laundry buckets. Luo Feifei became more and more angry. Bi Lian Si Yao threatened her that if she didn’t clean it, she would not be able to sleep tonight.

Bei Tangyi read the book and saw that in the middle of the night, Father Hai had been serving him for many years. He knew that the emperor had encountered difficulties. And this difficulty is also related to Luo Feifei. However, Bei Tangyi didn’t want to talk about his thoughts with Daddy Hai, so Daddy Hai had nothing to do.

It was the next day in a blink of an eye. Bei Tangyi was upset for a long time, and he came to Xingyufang to see Luo Feifei’s situation. But she did not expect that as soon as he entered the courtyard, he would be splashed with a bucket of water on him by Luo Feifei, who hadn’t seen anyone behind him.

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