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Oh! My Emperor S1 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 10 Recap

Chu Shengnan rushed to Beiyuan Valley with soldiers and horses, and none of the criminals involved escaped. Beitang Moran led people from the small road to pursue the person who had just escaped, and Beitangyi and Beitangtang returned to the palace. Luo Feifei was left in place awkwardly, and Chu Shengnan took the opportunity to let the officers and soldiers take her down.

As a result, Luo Feifei went to the previous prison again, and the jailers were very familiar with her, and even brought out good wine and food to entertain her. When Wang Chen learned that Luo Feifei was in prison again, he went back into the palace without stopping. The emperor pretended not to know that Luo Feifei was imprisoned, and Wang Chen ignored his obstruction and insisted on entering the prison to take Luo Feifei away. Bei Tangtang also felt that Bei Tangyi’s behavior was too chilling for Luo Feifei, and he suggested that the emperor should call Luo Feifei into the palace. Bei Tangyi was really useful, he asked Bei Tangtang to figure out how to get Luo Feifei into the palace.

Beitang Moran into the prison, and he discovered that Luo Feifei had already lived in the cell like a fish in water. Not only did he have a good relationship with the jailers, he also pulled them to play cards together. Beitang Moran watched Luo Feifei out of the side, and felt that this woman was even more cute. At the end of a card, Luo Feifei followed Wang Chen back to Wang Mansion.

Bei Tang Yi invited King Chen to enter the palace to play chess. The two used this chess game to ask King Chen to enter the palace as a dancer. King Chen deliberately shied away, but Bei Tang Yi came up with “the coast of the land, could it be the king?” Just to warn Wang Chen. Due to the situation, Wang Chen could only reluctantly agree to give away.

King Chen talked to Luo Feifei, and Luo Feifei hoped to know from him whether he could predict the recent abnormal astrology. Although Beitang Moran has the ability to predict the future, he is passively generated every time, so he cannot tell Luo Feifei now. After hearing these words, Luo Feifei could only give up asking.

Luo Feifei saw the mark on the Ophiuchus that day was clearly different from her, so she went to the little girl’s grandfather Xiang Batian to ask what happened. Xiang Batian saw Luo Feifei’s mark and discovered that Luo Feifei was the star lord of their Ophiuchus, and Luo Feifei couldn’t believe it even more.

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