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Oh! My Emperor S1 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 9 Recap

Chu Shengnan and Bai Wuchen had a baby kiss since they were young, and Bai Wuchen did care about Chu Shengnan when he grew up, but Chu Shengnan felt that Bai Wuchen wandered around her all day very annoying. Chu Shengnan took the advantage of speaking clearly today, she said she didn’t like Bai Wuchen at all, and she would not like it in the future. Bai Wuchen instantly became stunned when he heard this, he didn’t know how to conceal his sadness.

Luo Feifei wondered whether he should enter the palace again and tell Bei Tangyi that someone was chasing him, but the father-in-law Hai told her that the emperor had left the palace. Luo Feifei hurriedly swam out of the palace again and went outside. She saw a donkey and went up to ride it. But the donkey didn’t move at all, and Luo Feifei could only move on by violently spanking her ass.

Beitangyi, Beitang Moran and Beitangtang came to the river where they used to hunt when they were young. Beitangtang hopes to take this opportunity to ease the relationship between the emperor brother and the emperor uncle, but they can be caught between the two. It is not just military power, but a throne that can bring power to everyone. Bei Tangtang persuaded the two to reconcile, but the two of them couldn’t say their own thoughts for a while. At this moment, the three of them sensed that there was an ambush behind them, and drove away quickly.

Luo Feifei finally caught up with the three people on a donkey, and she quickly informed that there was an ambush nearby. As everyone knows, the ambush is ready and the Ophiuchus bandits shoot arrows at them. Unfortunately, Luo Feifei hit the arrow in the shoulder while protecting Bei Tang Yi.

A group of Ophiuchus surrounded the four of them, and Luo Feifei took the opportunity to hold the leg of a gangster and told him to persuade his comrades to run away. But Bei Tangyi thought that Luo Feifei was in danger of life, so he immediately drew his sword. The gangster took advantage of the opportunity to subdue Luo Feifei in his hands, using this as a handle to threaten Bei Tang Yi.

Luo Feifei was framed by two people, and the foggy forest was further ahead. Bei Tangtang asked the emperor and brother to rush to rescue Luo Feifei.

The gangster let King Chen kill the emperor, otherwise Luo Feifei would not be released. When Bei Tangyi wanted to run, Luo Feifei felt that he was very useless. Beitang Moran said that he was willing to change his life. The gangster saw through his intentions and took the initiative to attack. Beitang Moran successfully killed one person, but the other person ran away. Beitang Moran pursued him all the way. Bei Tangyi stayed to take care of the injured Luo Feifei.

Luo Feifei wanted to understand that Bei Tangyi said that he chose to leave just now to make the gangster feel that Luo Feifei was not important and let her go. Luo Feifei thanked Bei Tangyi for this. Bei Tangyi responded one by one, and Luo Feifei even felt that he was The dull elm head. Another gangster ran away from Houshan, and Beitang Moran had to rush back, but saw Beitangyi holding Luo Feifei and leaving in front of him.

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