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Oh! My Emperor S1 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 8 Recap

King Chen was reading in the pavilion, Su Xunxian noticed that King Chen looked at Luo Feifei and smiled, and he invited Luo Feifei to come to the pavilion to drink tea. Su Xunxian told Luo Feifei that he could speak a hundred languages, so he could understand who needed what. Luo Feifei wanted to see this ability, but Su Xunxian found that he couldn’t use the ability in front of Luo Feifei.

Luo Feifei felt that Su Xunxian was bragging even more, and felt boring, so she left. Su Xunxian told Wang Chen about this strange phenomenon. Wang Chen guessed that looking at Luo Feifei’s reaction, she definitely didn’t know that she had the ability to lose power.

When Luo Feifei went to bed, she ran into the little girl who stole her food. She got angry when she remembered the last time, and ran after the little girl in the yard. The little girl escaped from the dog hole again. This time Luo Feifei was a lot smarter. To prevent getting stuck again, she overcame the wall and left the yard. The little girl outside the courtyard and her grandfather were there. Grandfather told Luo Feifei that she was an Ophiuchus, which means she was the same kind of people as them. Luo Feifei looked at the pattern on her left shoulder, and she really matched

King Chen learned that all the Ophiuchus had fled, so he sent Chu Shengnan to lead the arrest. Luo Feifei overheard their conversation as she passed by. She asked why Chu Shengnan wanted to catch the Ophiuchus star. Shang Yu told her that Ophiuchus people have the ability to absorb. Once others are defeated, they will absorb each other’s abilities and make themselves stronger and stronger. Make this world more and more dangerous. Luo Feifei is quite knowledgeable, so she is even more worried, if she is really Ophiuchus, then King Chen will also imprison her.

Bei Tangtang appeared in Chen Wang’s mansion. He didn’t want the emperor brother and the emperor uncle to fight like this, so he wanted to invite the emperor to pick a day to gather with the emperor. He didn’t want to personally hand the letter to the emperor, so he asked Luo Feifei. Give the letter to Beitang Moran.

Luo Feifei was stolen from her precious jewelry by a thief on the street, and she tracked the man all the way until she reached a remote hole. As a result, she saw a group of Ophiuchus conspiring to ambush the emperor when he went to Longyuan Valley to murder him. Luo Feifei hurried back to the palace, hoping to inform him in time, but Wang Chen was not at home at all.

At the same time, Chu Shengnan encountered a group of Ophiuchus people chased and killed, but fortunately she was enough to fight. But the subsequent appearance of Bai Wuchen apparently caused her trouble. After all, Bai Wuchen was just a scholar and had no martial arts. Chu Sheng was anxious, and she warned Bai Wuchen not to pester her anymore, for this reason. Very hurt.

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