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Oh! My Emperor S1 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 7 Recap

Bei Tangyi was standing in front of Luo Feifei, but he flashed, causing Luo Feifei to fall directly to the ground. Luo Feifei scolded him for not understanding Lianxiangxiyu. Bei Tangyi thought that Luo Feifei was doing this to attract his attention, and he ordered that Luo Feifei be arrested.

In the first round, Bei Tangtang, as a representative of the Earth-like galaxy, competed with people from the Fire-like galaxy. As a result, the people from the Fire-like galaxy did not come at all. Bei Tangtang waited in the venue for a long time.

Luo Feifei met Wang Chen on the street, and she hurriedly hid behind Wang Chen. Bei Tang Yi insisted on catching Luo Feifei, and Wang Chen asked the two to conduct a two-dimensional contest in advance, and Bei Tang Yi readily agreed. Bai Wuchen replaced the emperor, and Su Xunxian replaced Chen Wang, but Bai Wuchen lost. Wang Chen defiantly took Luo Feifei’s hand and left Bei Tang Yi.

At the same time, Bei Tangtang waited for a day and did not wait for the representative of the Fire Elephant Galaxy to appear, which meant that the Fire Elephant Galaxy would automatically abstain. And no one knows, it’s all because Chu Shengnan, the Lord of Fire Elephant, remembered the wrong time. She thought that tomorrow would be her test, so she, Shang Yu and others drank too much in the restaurant, so she missed the test. Bei Tangtang picked up a big deal to qualify.

Fang Jianlai reported that all the Ophiuchus lunatics in prison have successfully escaped. Once the Ophiuchus lunatics fall into the civilian population, they will inevitably cause turmoil. Bei Tang Yi urgently ordered his men to arrest people, and Mei Daren reminded the emperor embarrassingly that the military power was still in the hands of King Chen, and Bei Tang Yi could only send someone to notify King Chen.

Through these days of observation, Su Xunxian felt that Wang Chen was very concerned about Luo Feifei, but Wang Chen replied coldly that he only cares for valuable people.

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