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Oh! My Emperor S1 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 5 Recap

Luo Feifei and Bei Tangtang met Shangyu Chen Wang Shutong who had come to cut the Wanminshu while sending the Wanminshu. To avoid making mistakes, Luo Feifei took the Wanminshu and escaped in time. Bei Tangtang thinks that Shang Yu’s coming to cut Wanminshu is the will of the emperor Shuchen Wang. When he sees the Queen Chen, he scolds her for being a villain. Wang Chen didn’t admit this behavior, but he also realized through Bei Tangtang’s words that his second nephew had grown up a long time ago and was no longer the youngest person who knew nothing about the world.

Luo Feifei once again swam into the palace by jumping into the moat, but this time she was not so lucky, she swam to a place she had never been to before, and she was also taken away by the palace guards from unknown origin. On the other side of the palace, the court lady eunuch is stepping up time to count the number of Wanmin books. Bei Tangyi and Bei Tangtang have been anxiously waiting for the last batch of Wanmin books in Luo Feifei’s hands.

But instead of waiting for Luo Feifei, they waited for King Chen. The emperor and the king of Tang deceived the king of Chen to say that the books of Wanmin were all collected, and Su Xunxian went forward to count by himself. Afraid of seeing the flaws, King Tang sang and made trouble, causing Su Xunxian to count.

The King Chen told the emperor that after the collection of Wanmin books is complete, the next step is the trial of the star master. The emperor needs to compete with the four star masters of earth, water, wind and fire, and follow the order of four to three, three to two, and two to the final selection. Out of the championship. And the emperor is the Saturn star master, he needs to eliminate the other three star masters to succeed.

After finishing the number of Wanminshu, it was found that there was still 521 tickets left. Fortunately, Luo Feifei, who escaped from the guard, arrived in time with the last 521 Wanminshu. However, Luo Feifei fell on the Wanmin Book placed on the ground, causing a Wanmin Book to be blown onto the incense-burning stove, and the famous brand instantly turned to ashes. Luo Feifei was so anxious that she wrote her name on a piece of paper as the last supplement. Su Xunxian felt that this piece was not counted, and the emperor rejected his opinion on the grounds that Luo Feifei was the dancer of the Chen Palace. Chen Wang’s plan failed, and he could only return home in a desperate manner.

Bei Tangyi learned from Bei Tangtang that it was Luo Feifei’s credit to get the Wan Min Book, and Bei Tang Yi was very moved. But he is an emperor after all, and he still has doubts in his heart for this woman who suddenly broke into this world. He doesn’t know why Luo Feifei stayed with him again and again to help him. After a few days of hard work, Luo Feifei slept for a long time, and Bei Tangyi stayed in the house for the whole process. During the period, Luo Feifei didn’t know what kind of dreams she had. After she woke up in a daze, she hugged Bei Tang Yi and kissed him. Bei Tang Yi was frightened by this bold behavior. Fortunately, Luo Feifei fell asleep again, and the embarrassing situation did not continue.

Bei Tangyi was worried about Luo Feifei’s stealing kiss last night, and he woke up Luo Feifei. Bei Tangtang came to visit Luo Feifei, he asked the emperor for a reward for Luo Feifei. Luo Feifei said embarrassingly that she wanted to go to the pool with the emperor to take a bath in the pool where they first met. Bei Tang Yi was taken aback. After all, such shared bathing was really rare in ancient times. Luo Feifei went to prepare early, but Bei Tang Yi hadn’t made any move.

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