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Oh! My Emperor S1 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 4 Recap

Beitangyi directly asked Beitang Moran for military power, and Beitang Moran told him that unless the emperor could do two things. And the first thing is to gather Wanminshu to pray within three days, and the second thing is to start the four-sign star master contest based on the Wanminshu, and the final winner can get the military power. In order for Bei Tang Yi to obtain military power, he readily agreed to this condition. Before Beitang Mo Ran left, he seemed to threaten Beitang Yi and said in general that he hoped to see the dancing girl in the house before tomorrow night.

The second prince came up with an idea to save Luo Feifei by robbery tonight, Beitang Yi acquiesced in his behavior. That night, Bei Tangtang did indeed rescue the Luo Feifei he was thinking of under the jailer’s “turning a blind eye”.

Galaxy Star Advocate Tianzheng and Mei Daren learned of the bet between the emperor and Wang Chen, they also made a bet. Mei Daren felt that the emperor could get the Wanmin Book, while Zhang Dazheng did the opposite. The two gambled with money, and the losing party gave the other money. Zhang Tianzheng had often lost to Mei Daren before. This time, Zhang Tianzheng decided to use his star master ability to prevent the emperor from getting the Book of Mankind.

The second prince Beitangtang told Luo Feifei the bet of the emperor and the king. Luo Feifei thought that it must be a good idea to be rescued. Therefore, she decided to help Beitangtang and Beitangyi in order to make a wish for the people. . On the second day, Luo Feifei took to the streets to call on the people to sign, but the effect was not satisfactory. Luo Feifei suddenly thought that she asked Bei Tangtang to hug the people free of charge on the street in exchange for their signatures on Wanmin Book.

The plan was very successful, and Chu Shengnan showed up just when it was about to be full. As the star lord of Leo, her status is comparable to that of the second prince. She decided to take Wanminshu to compare the suspect’s handwriting on the grounds that there was a suspect in the city recently. Bei Tangtang and Luo Feifei failed to stop Chu Shengnan’s behavior. In the end, their Wanminshu was taken away by Chu Shengnan. .

The second plan failed again. After thinking hard, Luo Feifei decided to let the people of Zodiac play a game of tearing up the famous brand. In this case, as long as the winners hand in the nameplates with other people’s names they have obtained, they will be able to collect Wanmin books.

They worked hard all day and finally got the Wanmin Book together. When he was about to enter the palace, Luo Feifei’s words were full of joy to see Jiacheng. Bei Tangtang guessed that Luo Feifei liked his brother’s performance, and Luo Feifei did not deny it.

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