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Oh! My Emperor S1 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 3 Recap

Luo Feifei got rid of Bai Wuchen. At this moment, Chu Shengnan, who was sent by the King Chen to track Luo Feifei, flew down from the eaves, and the two found that Luo Feifei had been lost by them.

At this time Luo Feifei was already hiding in the cabinet on the street, but unexpectedly, the second prince also hid here while avoiding the women chasing him. Luo Feifei saw that it was the person who had just hit her, so she suggested that they exchange their clothes so that they could escape those who were tracking them. After changing their clothes, the two separated and fled. Chu Shengnan recognized that the second prince Tang Wang wearing Luo Feifei’s clothes was the current second prince. She and Bai Wuchen realized that they were ashamed again.

The noble clothes of the second prince worn by Luo Feifei looked too fat. When he was staying in the store, the store found this. He hurriedly asked Xiao Er to see the store and prepared to report to the official. The store met Chu Shengnan, and Chu Shengnan brought Bai Wuchen to the store. But they arrived too late, and Luo Feifei had already swam into the palace through the moat next to the store.

Chu Shengnan reported to King Chen that Luo Feifei had been lost. King Chen guessed that no matter where Luo Feifei was, she would eventually enter the palace. Therefore, he asked Chu Shengnan to step up supervision of the palace.

Luo Feifei accidentally broke into the bedroom of the second prince Bei Tangtang. When the emperor Bei Tangyi came to see the emperor, he mistaken Luo Feifei, who was hiding behind the screen, as his younger brother, and spoke for a while. Bei Tangtang suddenly appeared, and Bei Tangyi realized that something was wrong. He ordered Luo Feifei to be arrested, and ordered her to be put in a jail to wait for questioning. The second prince had a deep affection for Luo Feifei.

After he failed to plead with the emperor, he ordered someone to send a message to the prison to make them treat Luo Feifei well. As everyone knows, when Luo Feifei arrived in prison, she ran into a prisoner who went mad. She stunned him with the electric rod she carried, and solved a major problem in the prison.

On the second day, Wang Chen and Su Xunxian were playing chess. Chu Shengnan came to report that Luo Feifei had been imprisoned by the emperor last night, but fortunately, her life was not in danger for the time being. Wang Chen knew that after playing chess, he went all the way to the palace compound. The King Chen begged the emperor to hope that he would release Luo Feifei, the emperor deliberately used Luo Feifei as a threat to King Chen, and the two of them spoke with each other and refused to give in.

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