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Oh! My Emperor S1 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 2 Recap

Luo Feifei was taken back to the palace and put on ancient clothes. When she woke up and discovered all this weirdness, she thought she was tied up by a certain program group to do the show. The servant brought the modern backpack she was carrying, and saw that the electric rod in the bag was still there, Luo Feifei quickly took it to escape. The subordinates tracked all the way behind her, Luo Feifei forced her to hold the flower pot and smashed it, but unexpectedly, she had special spiritual power on her body, which caused all the spiritual power houses to be smashed.

Fang Jian was unwilling to be hit by an ordinary woman, so he asked Luo Feifei to try again. As a result, Fang Jian was smashed again by Luo Feifei after his success. Su Xunxian laughed at him for breaking into the Chen Palace somehow, and Fang Jian was ashamed and fainted. Chen Wang Beitang Mo Ran invited Luo Feifei to gather in the house.

Under Chen Wang’s inquiry, Luo Feifei reported his modern name. The two exchanged briefly for a while. Luo Feifei’s mouth was full of fresh words, and Chen Wang had never heard of it. Therefore, he could not help but save Luo Feifei. suspicion. Luo Feifei is not used to life here, she wants to leave here. Wang Chen knew that she had been hungry for a long time, he signaled, and the next person set up a table of food, Luo Feifei was attracted by the delicious food and stayed. After Wang Chen walked out of the room, he told Su Xunxian that this woman was the one predicted in his ephemeris who could change the fate of the zodiac.

When Luo Feifei was eating, a little girl stole his food. She was so angry that she ran after the little girl. As a result, the little girl managed to get out of the dog hole, but Luo Feifei got stuck in the middle. Both Su Xunxian and King Chen saw this scene. In order to find out about Luo Feifei, King Chen motioned to his general Chu Shengnan to kick Luo Feifei out of the dog hole. Luo Feifei left the palace in this way. She didn’t have a penny on her body, so she could only ask passers-by how to get to the palace.

The prime minister’s daughter Xie Yanran was called into the palace by the Queen Mother. The Queen Mother proposed to let Xie Yanran enter the palace. Beitang Yi did not dare to disobey, but he was unwilling in his heart. However, Xie Yanran was very knowledgeable, and she suggested that this matter should wait until the emperor consolidates the situation before making any plans.

At this time, Bei Tangtang, the second prince of the Zodiac Kingdom, was playing on the street, because today is the auspicious day of Venus and the red luan stars are moving, and Bei Tangtang’s heroic appearance has attracted the likes of many girls of the right age. A sturdy woman fell in love with Bei Tangtang, and Bei Tangtang could only escape in a hurry. As a result, he ran into Lofifi who was driven out by the palace guards on the road. Since Luo Feifei was brought into the Chen Palace, the emperor has been letting the guard Yum Yum follow Luo Feifei. Because of the collision of the second prince, Luo Feifei discovered Bai Wuchen and Chu Shengnan who were sneaking after her.

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