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Oh! My Emperor S1 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 1 Recap

Luo Feifei is an ace trainee surgeon in Santa Maria. One day, after 20 hours of continuous work, she received another suture operation. Before taking the stage, she opened up today’s fortune in a gloomy manner. It said, “Love is five stars, and travel is not easy. Pay attention.” Luo Feifei rushed to the operating room after packing up, but there was no one in the entire operating room.

In addition, it was night, and Luo Feifei was very scared. Suddenly, extending a hand from her back, Luo Feifei turned around and threw the man behind him over the shoulder. Unexpectedly, the person she fell was actually Jiacheng, the most popular contemporary singer whom Luo Feifei has always admired. After recognizing the person, Luo Feifei apologized embarrassedly and bandaged the injury on her hand.

Luo Feifei worried that the wound on Jiacheng’s hand would affect her evening activities, and Jiacheng thanked her for her concern. Luo Feifei admitted that he was the president of the Jiacheng Fan Support Club, and Jiacheng took advantage of the trend to give Luo Feifei the VIP ticket for her evening concert and told her to go there. Luo Feifei readily agreed.

Luo Feifei ran all the way out of the hospital in plain clothes. She got into the taxi to the Workers’ Stadium, only to brake suddenly because the female driver hit someone at a traffic light. The driver took the injured person to the hospital, and Luo Feifei was driven off. Luo Feifei then rode a bicycle to the stadium, but she accidentally ran into the construction site on the side of the road. As a result, Luo Feifei fainted and fell to the ground, and at that time, the rare Ophiuchus meteor shower appeared in a century, and Luo Feifei’s chest flashed a mysterious light.

In the pond of the zodiac, candlelight flickered, the emperor Beitang Yizheng and his servants held a water polo competition, and the water was a shout of concubines and court ladies cheering for the emperor. Su Xunxian, who was watching the game in the pavilion, was very disdainful of this. When Huang Shuchen Wang Beitang Mo Ran appeared, he blamed him for inviting him to watch this boring game.

Wang Chen didn’t want to argue with him, as everyone knew, when he sat down to drink tea, the emperor’s water ball accidentally hit his teacup. The anger on King Chen’s face only remained for half a second before returning to its original appearance, but when he picked up the water ball, the Ophiuchus meteor shower appeared in the sky, and Luo Feifei in ancient costume suddenly flashed in King Chen’s mind. .

Wang Chen threw the water ball back into the pond. At this moment, Luo Feifei suddenly rose from the water. When she was sober, she thought she had just experienced a car accident, and she nervously hugged the emperor Beitangyi, who grew up exactly like Jia, next to her. Bei Tang Yi didn’t know who this woman was, he fell over his shoulder and knocked Luo Feifei fainted.

Luo Feifei’s clothes seemed weird to everyone, and a group of civil and military ministers surrounded her and talked. The ministers asked the emperor how to deal with this woman, Beitang Yi decided to ask Zhan, but it was discovered that Luo Feifei’s unusual Beitang Mo Ran stopped in time. He pretended that this woman was a dancer in his house, so he wanted to protect this person. But the emperor blamed Beitang Moran for the crime of conspiracy against Luo Feifei, but Beitang Moran threatened Beitangyi with military power in his own hands. Beitangyi had nothing to do and could only promise to release the people.

Bei Tang Yi could hardly swallow the grievance that King Chen had threatened him. Moreover, military power was the most important thing in the country. If he could not get military power in one day, this King Chen would always be a big stone in his heart. Beitang Yi remembered the house construction of the guardian soldier, he sent someone to find the house construction, hoping to discuss how to deal with the matter of the king’s military power.

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