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Black Storm 打黑风暴 Episode 1-11 Recap

Episode 1

“Crimination Is Inevitable” (Part 1)

On July 7 and August 18, 1999, two consecutive gun violence cases occurred in Meihekou City. The victims were Shi Jian, and Shi Jian was the leader of the local first-rate criminal gang. While pursuing the suspect, the Meihekou Public Security Bureau quickly reported the case to the higher-level leading agency-Tonghua Public Security Bureau.

Liu Pengwei, Director of the Public Security Bureau of Tonghua City, attached great importance to the case. After obtaining the support of Tonghua and Meihekou Municipal Committees and the Municipal Government, he immediately sent Pan Xuezhang, deputy head of the Criminal Police Detachment, to take people to Meihekou to conduct public security investigations. Secretly investigate the situation involving criminal organizations.

After three months of intense work, the investigation team basically found out the two larger gangs in Meihekou City, headed by Tian Bo and Shi Jian. With the strong support of the provincial, prefectural, and municipal leaders, the Provincial Public Security Department, Tonghua City Public Security Bureau, and Meihekou City Public Security Bureau jointly formed an anti-criminal task force, and first targeted the hacking target to the Tian Bo gang. On November 19, 1999, the anti-criminal task force successfully captured Tian Bo, but when the large-scale operation was about to proceed, the cunning Tian Bo escaped!

Episode 2

“Guilty Can’t Run away” (Part 2)

Tian Bo caused an uproar in Weihekou City. Various rumors spread. Many people who did not know the truth expressed doubts about the determination of the public security organs to crack down on crime.
With the greater support and enthusiasm of leaders at all levels, Commander-in-Chief Liu Pengwei called on all the task force personnel to unite, speak with facts, and turn the crackdown on the gang to the public, and all work will be carried out at the same time.

Dong Mingchun, political commissar of the Economic Investigation Detachment of the Public Security Bureau of Tonghua City, went to the mouth of the Mee River after Pan Xuezhang went to Shenyang to touch Tianbo, and led a team to investigate the astonishing facts of crime committed by Tian Bo to illegally collect money.

In April 2000, the task force went south to Shenzhen, and successively arrested the backbones involved Li Jiayong, Jiang Tao, Yang Yong, and Xu Qingjun, and then went north to Anshan to arrest suspected murder suspect Xu Chenggui. “7.07” and “8.18′: The case was successfully solved. .

In February 2001, the Special Action Squad of the Provincial Public Security Department under the personal leadership of Liu Wei, the captain of the Provincial Criminal Police Corps, will be captured by the fugitive Yitianbo in Donggang City, Liaoning Province. The anti-criminal task force succeeded in pursuing it and completely defeated the Tian Bo group and eradicated the Shi Jian group. The anti-criminal operation achieved a brilliant record!

Episode 3

“The Jiangnan Governor’s Arrest” (Part 1)

A man named Wu Liguo was shot and killed by four masked gunmen in broad daylight.
The police investigated Wu Liguo’s girlfriend and found that Wu had secretly opened a casino in the Baishazhou area before his death. At this moment, Wu Xiaohai, the driver of Wu Likun’s death, suddenly disappeared mysteriously.

The police found Wu Xiaohai based on clues, but did not find any valuable clues. At the same time, one of them had participated in gambling at another casino in Baishazhou. One of the gamblers provided a situation where the casino thug, Yu Huabin, inadvertently claimed that he was responsible for the Wu Liguo shooting. The police designed to arrest Yu Huabin secretly, but Yu refused to explain, and the case fell into a deadlock.

At this moment, another shooting occurred. The person being pursued was Wu Liguo’s driver, Wu Xiaohai! Helpless, Wu Xiaohai finally surrendered to the police and explained the truth about his conspiracy with the casino owner Shen Xizhong to kill Wu Liguo. And revealed the inside story of Shen Xizhong’s gambling company’s crimes.

Episode 4

“The Jiangnan Governor’s Arrest” (Part 2)

After full preparation, the Wuhan police launched a large-scale encirclement and suppression operation against the gambling company of the black boss Shen Xizhong. For various reasons, Shen Xizhong and several other key players in the casino slipped through the net.

At the same time as the crackdown was carried out, another vicious case occurred: Baoguxing boss Li Yingxin was broken with a gun on his legs and gouged out his eyes. After analysis, the police determined that it was the work of Shen Xizhong’s gang. After a large-scale round up, the first offender Qiu Ba was arrested in Baishazhou. According to Qiu Ba’s account, the police arrested the other two main criminals, Tang Binglin and Shi Xianghao, in Xianning.

After hearing the news, Shen Xizhong, who was hiding in Wuhan, tricked his cousin Shen Xixiang from the hiding place, and he and his mistress Li Man escaped without a trace. According to the information provided by Shen Xixiang, the police stayed at Shen Xizhong’s villa day and night, and finally learned of Shen Xizhong’s whereabouts from Li Man’s phone call. The black boss who had been involved in crimes finally fell into the French Open.

Episode 5

“The Guilty Goes Back” (Part 1)

On the evening of April 8, 1999, a gun murder case occurred in Yichun City. The deceased Huang Dong was a local unemployed person. He was once a well-known figure in society, and his family was ruined by drug abuse.

The Yichun Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government attached great importance to this case and instructed the Yizhong City Public Security Bureau and the Yichun District Public Security Bureau to make every effort to investigate the case. Soon, the task force arrested the suspects Xu Ye and Kang Yunshan in Tangshan City, Hebei Province, and the two confessed that the case was instigated by the unemployed Si Guoqing in Yichun City. When the task force pursued Si Guoqing with all its strength, he had fled Yichun City and his whereabouts were unknown.

According to investigations, Si Guoqing, nicknamed “Si Lao San”, ranked third among the six brothers in his family. Over the past few years, he has collected hundreds of inferiors in Yichun City. He sold his lives and illegally collected money. “Boss”, the people are very angry.

Based on the above situation, the Yichun Municipal Party Committee and Government made up their minds to instruct the Yichun City Public Security Bureau and the district and county public security bureaus to jointly form an anti-criminal task force, and strive to eliminate the roots and eliminate the evil!

Episode 6

“The Guilty Goes Back” (Part 2)

After the establishment of the Yichun City Public Security Bureau’s anti-criminal task force, there were a hunting team, a mass mobilization team, a propaganda team, an investigation and evidence collection team, and an interrogation team.

While pursuing Si Lao San and its key members Li Ji’an and Wang Gang, due to the hard work of the task force and the enthusiastic reports of the Yichun people, the crimes committed by Si Lao San’s younger brother Si Lao Wu also surfaced. For a long time, Si Laowu and his wife have monopolized the Yibeer market by illegal means and engaged in criminal activities such as organizing, coercing, and hosting women in prostitution and buying and selling guns in the nightclub “Hundred Paradise” opened by them.

The anti-criminal task force immediately wiped out the gang and pursued them with victory. They arrested some of the people involved in sheltering and concealing guns. Then, they investigated more than 80 criminal cases suspected by the Si family criminal gang and fixed the evidence.

After more than a year of hard work, with the strong support of the Yichun Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government and the Heilongjiang Provincial Public Security Department , the Yichun City Anti-Triad Task Force finally captured the gangsters involved in the National Day and key members Li Ji’an and Wang Gang in Harbin. Destroyed the Si’s criminal gang!

Episode 7

“Special Arrest Order” (Part 1)

In July 2000, Tang Youyue, secretary of the municipal party committee, received a letter of reporting covered with blood and handprints. The letter enumerated a large number of facts, which focused on the atrocities committed by the two evil groups headed by Liu Sili and Liu Defu over the past few years. The furious Secretary Tang summoned Yu Guoqiang, the director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, to strictly investigate the case, solve the case as soon as possible, and give the people of the city an explanation and a peaceful environment for the society.

Under the unified arrangement of the leaders of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Criminal Police Brigade of the Municipal Public Security Bureau first mobilized officers and established the “Liu Sili Special Team” to conduct secret investigations. The special police officers went to Suizhou three times to find the victim Yan Guo, and the verification was carried out-the heavy injury case. With the unremitting efforts of the dedicated police officers, various crimes committed by Liu Sili’s group gradually surfaced.

At the same time, the city bureau dispatched officers and police to set up the “Liu Defu Special Team” to investigate another evil force, Liu Defu’s group; the special team first checked the criminal facts of Liu Defu’s group armed with guns into the neighborhood committee and forcibly seizing construction projects?
Under the leadership of the city’s leading group for fighting crime and evil, Director Yu Guoqiang issued a special search order, and a concentrated attack on the evil groups began.

Episode 8

“Special Arrest Order” (Part 2)

Against the background of the nationwide gangster rush, cunning criminals are aware of it. In order to achieve the best arrest effect, Director Yu Guoqiang instructed police officers not to arrest on a large scale, but to adopt the method of secret arrest, and to destroy each one, be sure to catch the net. Members of the evil gang were arrested one after another.

At the same time, the dedicated police officers will all detain all persons present in the case, while arresting them and making a surprise trial, striving to dig deeper. Under the powerful offensive of interrogation, the truths of the heinous crimes were revealed.

Director Yu Guoqiang personally directed and carefully deployed, Liu Defu, one of the leaders of the evil gang, fell into the French Open. But Liu Sili, the leader of the other gang, fled after hearing the news. The leader of the Provincial Public Security Department came to the task force and instructed that the case had been listed by the Ministry of Public Security as an oversight case, and the Xiangfan police also sent personnel to the case for reinforcement.

The evil gang Liu Hongping was arrested in the mine where he was hiding. After interrogation, Liu Hongping confessed the shocking “2.24” intentional homicide case. With the unremitting efforts of the police, the task force finally discovered that Liu Sili, the gang leader, had fled to Shaoguan, Guangdong. With the vigorous cooperation of the armed police and the Shaoguan Public Security Bureau , the escape team captured the leader of the evil gang Liu Sili and key members Yu Yonghua on March 3, 2001. At this point, all members of the “Er Liu” evil gang have been arrested, and a just trial is bound to await them.

Episode 9

“Fu Mo Ji” (1)

On January 29, 1998, a shooting murder occurred in an ancient city in the south of the Yangtze River. The victim was shot in the heart of the eye and killed on the spot. During the investigation, the police found that there were inside stories behind the gang fighting, and a huge black hand was hidden behind the scenes: after several efforts, the police finally found the whereabouts of the murderer Erhu, but the gang forces were also eager to kill the two tigers. Thus, a contest between justice and evil began. In the contest between the two sides, the two tigers escaped by taking advantage of the gap.

Episode 10

“Fu Mo Ji” (2)

One wave has not settled and one wave has risen again. On March 11, another gun case occurred in the ancient city. The criminals used a more powerful five-shot shotgun, which had a greater impact and more victims.

At the same time, Erhu who secretly escaped back to Mangcheng was captured. With the efforts of the public security personnel, Erhu finally confessed the facts of his crimes and confessed the interlocking truth of the dark and evil forces in the city, and also exposed the true master of the “3.11” case, the Cao Jinxiang Group.

Episode 11

“Fu Mo Ji” (3)

Cao Jinxiang led his subordinates to abscond with the negative case. The police cast a net across the country and wanted him nationwide. He was finally arrested and brought to justice in Wuhan. However, while Cao Jinxiang was in custody, his remaining party was still active outside.

In order to expand the results of the war, the public security personnel searched for a breakthrough from his men and finally wiped out the Cao Jinxiang Group. At this moment, the remnants of the dark and evil forces in the ancient city launched a larger-scale fight in order to divide a new territory…

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