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Untouchable Lovers (2018) 凤囚凰 Episode 1 Recap

The identity of the violent princess has been exchanged, and the fake princess Shi Yingwei controls the princess house. Since the Jin Dynasty, all those who marry a princess are better off living. The princesses rely on their wealth and strong background. They stick to the horses and insult them at will. They even almost lose their lives. The horses are afraid of the identity of the princess. For a lifetime.

In 464 AD, Liu Ziye was the throne, killing the emperor’s most beloved prince, Liu Zizhen, and placing the head of Liu Zizhen, who was only ten years old, on the court, and let the courtiers watch, Liu Ziye was cruel and violent, killing and killing the people. . The Tai Chi Hall of the Liu Song Palace, because the painter did not paint the portrait of Liu Ziye’s father with rosacea, Liu Ziye indiscriminately pressed the artist on the ground. At this time, Liu Ziye’s sister-in-law, Shanyin Princess Liu Chuyu, came to the temple. When Liu Ziye saw her sister, she immediately became gentle and stopped beating and scolding the artist.

Laoshanyin Princess Liu Chuyu is the first beauty of the royal family, relying on her royal identity, she has attracted many beautiful men as doormen, and spends her days in the princess house. Princess Sanyin and Liu Ziye expressed their feelings. She thought that the emperor’s queen had countless concubines, but the princess could only have one horse, which was too boring and unfair. Princess Sanyin often wore strange incense. Liu Ziye smelled the incense and was uncomfortable. She agreed to her sister’s request and sent all the beautiful men in Jian’an City to the palace. princess.

Liu Ziye ’s uncles, Liu Ye and Liu Xiuren, did n’t know that Liu Ziye ’s older brother and sister had been insulted all day long and ignored the world ’s people. Therefore, they found Tianji Pavilion, a gang of rivers and lakes, and hoped that the owner would help them remove the faint king and save the world. The host called a woman named Suzaku, who looked exactly like Liu Chuyu. The host threw the ring representing the task to her, and the woman left Tianji Pavilion after receiving the task.

Liu Ziye appreciated many gold and silver treasures and beautiful men for Princess Sanyin. The ox cart that Princess Sanyin used was walking down the street. Many people on the street were watching the beauty of the princess and the guests. A little boy suddenly waved his hands. Seeing the red cloth strip, the cow immediately became furious and rammed into the street. He flung off the guards accompanying the princess and broke the rope on the car. The ox cart fell into the river next to it. , Princess Shanyin kept crying for help, and suddenly she was dragged under her feet, and she did not go into the water. She faintly saw a person who looked exactly like her, dressed in the same dress, and swam up to the surface when Princess Sanyin sank into the water.

In order to get rid of the fainting monarch, Xuan Tianji Pavilion arranged a woman who resembled Princess Shanyin to replace her as Liu Chuyu. After Chu Yu woke up, she found that the guest was lying on her bed, terrified, and quickly rushed out of bed. Faced with a completely strange environment at the moment, Chu Yu can only pretend to have amnesia after falling into water, and tolerate that she is the most trusted person of the princess. Chu Yu does not believe and is not willing to let tolerance close to herself.

The emperor Wu heard that Chu Yuluo was sick, so he invited a medical officer to treat her. Chu Yu replaced the princess in order to get close to Liu Ziye. This time the emperor sent a medical officer to see the doctor. She wanted to get close to Liu Ziye by saying that she was gracious in the palace. However, Rong Zhi and his daughter-in-law said that she was injured with blood, pressing You cannot enter the palace until the rules are well. Chu Yu imitates the impermanence of Princess Shanyin, loses her temper against several maids, and then prepares for a rest. The maid ignites the favorite incense of Princess Shanyin, and Chu Yu immediately makes the incense burn out, she ca n’t smell it That strong fragrance.

During Chu Yu’s illness, he did not call any doormen. He was the most trusted person of the princess before. He managed the affairs of the princess house and had the privilege of free access to the princess house. Therefore, he would often take care of Chuyu, but other guests You can’t see the princess without a call. In order to seek official positions for his brother, to tolerate the princess in the princess’ palace, he often jealous with other guests in order to get the princess’s favor. Liu Se has not seen the princess for several days, so he came to the princess palace Mingyu Pavilion and asked to see him Princess, the guard Yue Jiefei stopped Liu Se. Liu Se made a big noise at the door and was thrown out by Yue Jiefei.

A couple of nieces were discussing at the door, and the guests often came to see the princess, but were stopped by Yue Jiefei. When Chu Yu heard the concubines talking, and wanted to meet the guests, she summoned all the guests to the garden on the grounds of holding a Spring Festival banquet. After hearing it, Liu Se hurriedly went back to change her beautiful new clothes to meet the princess. Nuo Princess House has many visitors. The youngest Liusang is only twelve years old. She is good at fighting cymbals and often plays with the princess. When Chu Yu is calling the visitor, the visitor’s ink-scented and willow-colored flowers are coming. In front of Chu Yu, Liu Se complained that she did not have the same privileges as Rong and could not come to see the princess at any time. Chu Yu announced that she would cancel all the privileges of Rong princess house, which was unexpected.

The reason why the bullock cart went out of control last time was because a child on the street waved a red scarf and maddened the cattle. Liu Se captured the child who waved the red scarf and claimed that he had murdered the royal family. Not only the child was killed, his family should be guilty. The child explained that because he was seeing the noble princess for the first time, and wanted to wave the red scarf to cause the princess’ idea, he did not expect that the cow would get out of control. The tolerant claim is not because the red caused the cow to go crazy, but because the shaking movement made the cow mistakenly think it was provocative, so the cow went crazy. Liu Yu and Rong Zhi were indifferent to each other. Chu Yu asked a cow to let Liu use a green shirt. Waving in front of the cow to see if it would cause the cow to go mad, Liu Se frequently waving his shirt in front of the cow, and the cow suddenly went mad to Liu Se. Liu Sang was also busy interceding for the child, and Chu Yu released the child.

Jiangmen and Jiangyuan both had shocking talents. They became princess gatekeepers only because of their life experiences, but they were unwilling to please the princess all the time. The two planned to secretly contact the court officials and impeach the princess. The Muxue Garden where Rongzhi lives is remote, and there is no guardian of the Princess House. Therefore, Jiang Yan and Yuanyuan often use this reading as an excuse to discuss secretly how to rebel against the princess, tolerate knowing their behavior, and think that it is impossible for them to shake the princess. Status, so let them act. When Chu Yu learned that Rong Zhi was in Muxueyuan’s largest courtyard except Mingyu Pavilion, she thought of Muxueyuan to take a look. In the study room of Muxueyuan, Chu Yu heard Jiang Yan and Yuanyuan want to rebel against the princess. words and deeds. After returning to his room, Chu Yu looked through the information of all the visitors, and wanted to see what secrets these visitors had.

Looking at the data, Chu Chuyu found that Jiang Yan was profoundly knowledgeable and literary. He had been thrown into prison by a cricket and had nowhere to show his ambitions. Bian Yuan is the only bloodline left by the clan of the former dynasty. Chu Yu thought that if Bian Yuan could be used by her, he could leave Princess House as soon as possible. Chu Yu looked through the content of the tolerance, and found that the data turned out to be empty, was it forgotten to record, or had it been erased? There must be many secrets hidden in it. Chu Yu let Yue Jiefei immediately return all the information to the original Bit, how to deal with the people involved in the matter of Yuan Yuan, she had plans in mind.

Xi Chuyu gave Jiang Yan a letter of recommendation, asking him to find Jianping Wang Liu Jingsu for a job, and he recommended several guests who had made friends with Yuan Yuan to various court officials and asked them to leave the house. The people implicated in Yuan Yuan were sent away, severing all their contact with Yuan Yuan, and Yuan Yuan could only rely on the princess. Furthermore, there are examples of successful job hunting like Jiang Yan. Other gatekeepers will continue to desperately please the princess, and no one will follow Lu Yuan to take risks.

Chu Yu recommended Jiang Yan and others, Rong Zhi saw her thoughts very thoroughly. Chu Yu felt that the tolerance in front of her was unfathomable, and Rong also saw Chu Yu’s anomaly. If she was a former princess of Shanyin, she would In terms of alienation, Jiang Yan and Yuan Yuan would kill Jiang Yan secretly, and would never recommend him to be an official. Chu Yu lied that he was just pity for Jiang Yan’s talent, and could not bear to see the dust of the pearl.

After Jiang Yan left the Princess Mansion, Shen Guangzuo, who had made good friends with Yuanyuan, also betrayed Yuanyuan, and sent Yuanyuan to the court, and sent a list of plots to Chu Yu. Chu Yu asked who Rong Zhi should recommend to Shen Guangzuo , Rong Zhi recommended him to General Long Ye Shen Youzhi. This errand is too generous for a person like Shen Guangzuo who has become more influential, but he has obtained a good official position, and other visitors will follow suit. Good method.

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