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A Love So Beautiful 致我们单纯的小美好 Episode 19 Recap

Jiang Chen is getting busier and busier in the hospital, and the time he can spend with Chen Xiaoxi is getting shorter and shorter. Chen Xiaoxi could only find Lin Jingxiao, and Lu Yang did not complain about Chen Xiaoxi. Chen Xiaoxi is also busy with her graduation project and participates in various interviews to make plans for her future. On this day, Chen Xiaoxi had an interview for another day, and her heels were worn out from her high heels. She was too busy with the Jiang Chen Hospital, so she decided to take the initiative to find him.

Unexpectedly, when Chen Xiaoxi arrived at the hospital, what he saw was Jiang Chen being molested by a female patient. Jiang Chen didn’t expect that his normal physical examination of a female patient would be described by Chen Xiaoxi as being unkind by others. Jiang Chen hugged Chen Xiaoxi and pushed her head, pettingly said that she had bad intentions and wanted to take her to dinner, but the plan still couldn’t keep up with the changes, and another emergency hand water took Jiang Chen away from Chen Xiaoxi.

Jiang Chen’s hospital decided to recommend him to Xiehe Hospital for a four-year training. Although this was a rare opportunity, Jiang Chen did not immediately agree. At night, Chen Xiaoxi was preparing her graduation project in the studio, when Jiang Chen suddenly appeared. As soon as he saw Jiang Chen coming, Chen Xiaoxi happily jumped onto him and hugged him. This is one of the few times when he can meet Jiang Chen at school, Chen Xiaoxi feels like he has earned it. Jiang Chen helplessly watched Chen Xiaoxi’s head buried in his arms, and stopped talking.

Jiang Chen found Director He and told him that he didn’t want to go for training in Xiehe. He wanted to stay with Chen Xiaoxi, and even thought about getting married in the future. Director He loves talents and cherishes talents, and doesn’t want Jiang Chen to let go of such a good opportunity, let Jiang Chen think twice.

Nearing graduation, Chen Xiaoxi’s roommates are all considering moving out. At this time, Chen Xiaoxi felt confused about the long way ahead. She was the only one in the class who had not yet handed in her graduation project, had not found a job, and had not talked to Jiang Chen about the house.

Chen Xiaoxi contacted the agency of the house alone and called Jiang Chen to ask if she could accompany her. After learning that Jiang Chen had another operation to be done, Chen Xiaoxi did not want to cause trouble to Jiang Chen, so she followed the agency to see the house. The intermediary uncle took her to an old residential building, and unkindly wanted to pull her into the house. Chen Xiaoxi saw that something was wrong and desperately broke free. The frightened Chen Xiaoxi ran all the way to the hospital crying, looking for Jiang Chen, but learned from the nurse that Jiang Chen was going to Beijing.

Chen Xiaoxi sat on the stool, Jiang Chen came to look for Chen Xiaoxi without even changing the surgical gown after the operation. With tears on her face, Chen Xiaoxi’s eyes were red and swollen and asked if Jiang Chen was going to Beijing. Jiang Chen told her that she hadn’t decided yet. Chen Xiaoxi suddenly felt a sense of grievance rushing to her heart and became angry with Jiang Chen. Her opinion was not important at all in Jiang Chen’s decision. Chen Xiaoxi felt that she was not important at all in Jiang Chen’s world.

Jiang Chen thought that Chen Xiaoxi was just losing her temper this time, and reached out to hold Chen Xiaoxi in her arms, but Chen Xiaoxi pushed him away. Chen Xiaoxi saw Jiang Chen’s mobile phone ringing again and got up and left. She was really tired this time, Jiang Chen held her arm, Chen Xiaoxi coldly left a sentence “I don’t want to like you anymore” before pulling away Jiang Chen. At this time, the nurse came again to urge Jiang Chen about the patient. Jiang Chen looked at Chen Xiaoxi’s lonely back, and finally had no choice but to choose the nurse to go. He was a doctor in the hospital and he must be responsible for the patient’s life.

A heart patient whom Jiang Chen had been responsible for passed away during the operation, which made Jiang Chen feel the impermanence of life and his powerlessness. After the operation, Jiang Chen went to see Chen Xiaoxi, who was very fragile at this time. But after seeing Chen Xiaoxi, Chen Xiaoxi was still angry with him, and the two of them broke up.

Jiang Chen sent a patient away from the operating table for the first time since he was a doctor. He felt that he could do better and he could save more patients’ families. So Jiang Chen decided to agree to go to Beijing for training. On this day, Jiang Chen came to Chen Xiaoxi, only to find that a strange boy was helping Chen Xiaoxi with luggage. He called Chen Xiaoxi but found that she was lying to him. Jiang Chen misunderstood Chen Xiaoxi and went away angry.

Jiang Chen recalled the previous youth with Chen Xiaoxi at the airport and called Chen Xiaoxi to ask if she could come to him. Jiang Chen already wanted to stay by her side as long as Chen Xiaoxi came over. But Chen Xiaoxi was angry on the phone and didn’t go to see him. Finally, Chen Xiaoxi rushed to the airport, but Jiang Chen had already left.

Chen Xiaoxi squatted on the ground with her hands wrapped around her and couldn’t make a sound. At this moment, she stood alone in front of her. Chen Xiaoxi slowly raised her head, and Wu Baisong’s familiar face came into view. Destiny is like this, bringing some people around you, and some people back, going around.

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