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A Love So Beautiful 致我们单纯的小美好 Episode 18 Recap

Chen Xiaoxi finally ushered in the long-awaited university life. After being mentioned by her roommate, the beginning of school was the time to show good affection, and Chen Xiaoxi immediately applied what she had learned and ran to Jiang Chen’s dormitory to clean his bedboard. After Chen Xiaoxi left, Jiang Chen’s roommate praised Chen Xiaoxi’s cuteness and asked who she was. Jiang Chen blurted out “My Girlfriend”.

In the evening, at the welcome party, a large group of senior brothers and sisters seized the opportunity to pour the juniors and sisters a lot of wine. Chen Xiaoxi shrank beside Jiang Chen like a daughter-in-law. Since Jiang Chen learned the lesson last time, Chen Xiaoxi would not be touched by a drop of wine. A senior brother suggested to play the game of wine bottles, whoever points the bottle mouth to tell the truth, otherwise, the wine will be fined.

In the first round, the bottle was pointed at a girl, and the girl chose to tell the truth. The elder brothers cajoled and asked who she liked. After hearing this, Chen Xiaoxi fell into Jiang Chen’s ear and said that this question is too warm. But in the next second, when the girl looked at Jiang Chen shyly, she looked like she was about to confess affectionately to him. Chen Xiaoxi lamented that this question is too sharp.

At this moment, Jiang Chen bowed his head and gently dropped the word “Help me” in Chen Xiaoxi’s ear. Chen Xiaoxi was dumbfounded, her head couldn’t work, her body moved first, and she immediately covered her belly with her hand, shouting with a grim expression of stomach pain. Jiang Chen immediately put his hands around Chen Xiaoxi’s shoulder and told everyone that his girlfriend had a stomachache and was leaving first.

After speaking, the two immediately left as if fleeing. After Chen Xiaoxi reacted, he stammered and asked if Jiang Chen had just said the word “girlfriend”, and Jiang Chen condescendingly asked, “Do you have an opinion?” Chen Xiaoxi uttered three words “Welcome You” with difficulty. When Jiang Chen saw Chen Xiaoxi’s dumbfounded look, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but arouse. In this way, Chen Xiaoxi’s Great Wall finally came to an end and became Jiang Chen’s girlfriend.

The other couples in the five-person group, Lu Yang and Lin Jingxiao, are also as sweet as glue. Lin Jingxiao was reading in the library, while he sat in the distance and looked at her quietly. But how can such a big beauty like Lin Jingxiao not be welcomed by boys? So as soon as a boy approached Lin Jingxiao, he immediately turned on guard. Although Lin Jingxiao was helpless, her heart was still very sweet.

Since Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen determined the relationship between her boy and girl friends, Chen Xiaoxi went through a fierce ideological struggle and convinced herself that she was not a reserved line, so she decided to call Jiang Chen. Before the phone was dialed, Jiang Chen’s phone number was called first. When he heard that Jiang Chen was asking him to go out for dinner, his nature was immediately exposed. On the way, Chen Xiaoxi all hinted that he wanted to hold hands with Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen saw the rich little expression on Chen Xiaoxi’s face, secretly smiled, stretched out his big hand to wrap Chen Xiaoxi’s small hand, and then clasped his fingers.

At the dinner table, Chen Xiaoxi complained that Jiang Chen always refused to speak to him, making her feel that what her girlfriend did was extremely untrue. Jiang Chen asked Chen Xiaoxi to accompany her at night, but Chen Xiaoxi thought too much and thought Jiang Chen was talking about companionship between men and women. Her cheeks were flushed, her heart was shocked, she coughed, and the unfinished pasta came from her nose.

When it spurted out, the noodles stuck to the red wine glass by accident, seeming to laugh at how embarrassed Chen Xiaoxi was just now. Chen Xiaoxi was ashamed to cry, and she let Jiang Chen break up with her crying. Jiang Chen walked over and held Chen Xiaoxi in his arms, and said with a smile that he hadn’t seen anything, he wanted her to accompany her to study. Chen Xiaoxi was even more ashamed when she heard that, like a cooked shrimp, she buried her head in Jiang Chen’s arms and dared not look at him.

After listening to Lin Jingxiao’s suggestion, Chen Xiaoxi changed into a short one-shoulder skirt and high heels, hoping to show off her personal charm before Jiang Chenman. But on this hot summer night, Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen were sitting on a park bench together, clutching the mosquito bite on the leg. Jiang Chen asked her what smell she had on her body, and Chen Xiaoxi said that she wiped toilet water and wind oil when she felt there were too many mosquitoes. Chen Xiaoxi thought Jiang Chen didn’t like the smell, so she slowly moved to the other side of the bench.

At this time, Jiang Chen asked her to go over and give him a kiss, and it slammed Chen Xiaoxi’s brain. When Jiang Chen’s soft lips pressed against Chen Xiaoxi’s, Chen Xiaoxi still looked dazed. Chen Xiaoxi asked Jiang Chen why he kissed her suddenly, whether it was because of the sexy dress or the toilet water, or the bugs. Jiang Chen denied one by one, Yun Danfeng said lightly because he wanted to know the difference between lip contact and normal skin contact.

Time passed, Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen spent a happy college time together. In winter, he wrapped himself like a zongzi and accompanied Jiang Chen in the library. Jiang Chen was studying on the sidelines. Chen Xiaoxi was reading the novel next to him. When he wanted to turn the page, she elbowed Jiang Chen, forming a silent understanding between the two. This picture was also taken by a school reporter and used to participate in the campus lovers contest.

Lu Yang had a heart operation and deliberately made Lin Jingxiao unhappy, not wanting her to worry. Jiang Chen still asked Chen Xiaoxi to tell Lin Jingxiao about Lu Yang, not wanting to leave regrets between them. Lin Jingxiao, Jiang Chen, and Chen Xiaoxi visited Lu Yang together. At this time, Wu Baisong, who was participating in the game from afar, also encouraged Lu Yang on TV through interviews after the game. With the company of friends, Lu Yang’s operation was very successful and he was alive and well.

Regardless of Jiang Chen’s objection, Chen Xiaoxi worked summer vacation next to the hospital where Jiang Chen was intern. In the hot summer, Chen Xiaoxi wore a heavy doll costume and handed out flyers. Unexpectedly, after a while, Jiang Chen unexpectedly appeared. She was holding the doll costume and complained that she was a little taller. When Chen Xiaoxi heard it, he thought of passers-by saying Jiang Chen’s girl. The friend is very ordinary, crying aggrieved. Finally, Jiang Chen helped Chen Xiaoxi distribute flyers, and Chen Xiaoxi sat in the shade and looked at Jiang Chen.

Another year’s summer vacation, on a sultry summer night, Jiang Chen and Chen Xiaoxi talked on the phone and said that he was going home from school very late. Chen Xiaoxi was going to pick him up, but fell asleep accidentally. When he woke up, he flew downstairs, only to find that Jiang Chen was waiting silently downstairs. Chen Xiaoxi couldn’t close the corners of Jiang Chen’s mouth. After Chen Xiaoxi took the gift Jiang Chen gave her, she wanted to stay with Jiang Chen for a while, but Jiang Chen asked her to go back quickly. Chen Xiaoxi dragged his lazy steps up the stairs.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Chen suddenly rushed up and stopped her at this time. Jiang Chen’s face was flushed with fine sweat on his forehead, his Adam’s apple rolled, and he made a gesture to kiss Chen Xiaoxi. Unexpectedly, Chen Xiaoxi pecked Jiang Chen at the corner of his mouth one step at a time, and then escaped through under Jiang Chen’s arm. Jiang Chen touched the corners of his mouth and smiled dozingly.

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