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A Love So Beautiful 致我们单纯的小美好 Episode 16 Recap

Chen Xiaoxi and Wu Baisong started their study plan, and the two unreliable people had a bumpy road to study. In a blink of an eye it was the sprint time for the college entrance examination, and the school was full of tense exam atmosphere. Chen Xiaoxi and Lin Jingxiao came to the rooftop and finally took a breath of free air. Chen Xiaoxi said in bitterness that he wanted to blow up Tsinghua University and finally made Lin Jingxiao laugh. Two people, one thought about Jiang Chen, the other thought about Lu Yang, each had their own concerns.

Jiang Chen finally ended his Beijing exam and returned to school. Teacher Liu asked everyone to write down the university they wanted to take and what kind of person they wanted to be in the future. Chen Xiaoxi watched Lin Jingxiao and Jiang Chen write, only she and Wu Baisong stared at the blank paper. She didn’t know what kind of adult she wanted to be.

In the library, Chen Xiaoxi asked about Wu Baisong’s future plans. Wu Baisong doesn’t plan to swim anymore. Chen Xiaoxi said that she wants to do a lot. Wu Baisong asked Chen Xiaoxi if there was anything he liked about it. Chen Xiaoxi blurted out to paint, and she swallowed the word Jiang Chen. At this moment, Jiang Chen came over. Chen Xiaoxi was so happy that he wanted Jiang Chen to help them with the topic. Wu Baisong refused directly. Before Jiang Chen left, he said to them: “You two are really brave, one dare to speak, one dare to listen.”

Following the method taught by Chen Xiaoxi, Lin Jingxiao went to the hospital to find Lu Yang by surprise, so that he could not find a place to hide from her. Lin Jingxiao gave Lu Yang a paper carefully marked with the problem-solving process. Lu Yang didn’t want Lin Jingxiao to waste precious review time in his place, and let Lin Jingxiao go with an angry word, and never come again.

Lin Jingxiao’s temper became anxious, and she tore the paper to pieces in a fit of anger. After Lin Jingxiao left, Lu Yang picked up the paper piece by piece, saying helplessly that he was the only one who suffered from Lin Jingxiao’s temper.

Chen Xiaoxi didn’t know what kind of person she would become in the future, so she wrote a career on each side of the eraser and used dice to help her decide. After losing her mind several times, she finally gave up and threw it away. Seeing the cartoonist written on the side of the eraser, Chen Xiaoxi finally made a decision in her heart.

Jiang Chen came to the hospital to visit Lu Yang. He met a little girl who was worried about her father by chance, and remembered that her father had also died of illness. Lu Yang told Jiang Cheng that his physical condition was not qualified to like others, and he didn’t want to delay Lin Jingxiao. In the face of disease, how small human beings are, Jiang Chen made a decision in his heart that he wants to study medicine and stay with Chen Xiaoxi.

On this day, Chen Xiaoxi pulled Jiang Chen to trigonometric functions for her in the classroom. In the classroom in summer, the old electric fan made a squeaking noise. Jiang Chen put his head on his arm and lay on the table with his eyes closed, his forehead Dense beads of sweat appeared on the surface. Chen Xiaoxi looked at Jiang Chen, who was carrying the light. The faint outline of her hair was coated with a warm soft edge. Chen Xiaoxi bent her body as if bewitched, and slowly brought her head closer to Jiang Chen to kiss her. .

Like a beautiful movie scene, Jiang Chen suddenly opened his eyes when he was called a card. Looking at the tip of Chen Xiaoxi’s nose, Jiang Chen asked her what she wanted to do. Later, when Chen Xiaoxi recalled this scene countless times, she would regret why she said such stupid things. She asked Jiang Chen if she said he was helping him wipe his sweat. Jiang Chen slowly turned his head in one direction, his tone of voice was as calm as ever, but those words broke into Chen Xiaoxi’s heart, because he told Chen Xiaoxi that he would stop biting his pen.

Outside the window, Wu Baisong saw this scene leaving lonely. Desperate, Wu Baisong was hit by the ball and his nose bleeds. The pain in his heart is far greater than the pain in his body when he is in the infirmary. He grasped himself tightly, and wanted to grab a solid thing to fill himself. Hollow in my heart.

When Wu Baisong received the news that his grandma had been lost, he rushed out of the classroom anxiously. Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen also ran out to help out to find them. In the end, it turns out that grandma was lost because she bought swimming goggles for Wu Baisong. After this incident, Wu Baisong decided to leave school and go swimming again.

When returning home at night, Chen Xiaoxi worried that everyone had a clear goal for their future, but she did not. Jiang Chen told her that she would go to Zhejiang University if she stopped going to Tsinghua University. When Chen Xiaoxi heard this, she was full of blood and resurrected, and she had another chance to be with Jiang Chen.

Chen Xiaoxi asked Jiang Chen to write her graduation album, but Jiang Chen refused her and said it was written by a separate person. At that moment, Chen Xiaoxi’s eyes were full of sweetness. Yes, Jiang Chen has always been by her side since childhood, no matter how impossible it is, they will be by each other in the end.

Wu Baisong returned to the team to train and saw Chen Xiaoxi’s plus card drawn for her in the closet of the locker room. He knew that he would regret if he didn’t do something. In the evening, Wu Baisong invited Chen Xiaoxi to the school auditorium. Wu Baisong put on the T-shirt he had when he first met Chen Xiaoxi, and told Chen Xiaoxi all his thoughts.

He is the doll that accompanies Chen Xiaoxi to run at the sports meeting. He laid down for Chen Xiaoxi in the first snow in 2006. It is true that she likes her to guard secret games. Wu Baisong is bidding Chen Xiaoxi the last farewell, and Chen Xiaoxi also has Jiang Chen who can always accompany her, and he is going to pursue his dream. Goodbye, my boy, goodbye, Wu Baisong!

Jiang Chen told Mom Jiang that he didn’t want to apply for the mathematics department of Tsinghua University. It was his father’s dream to study medicine and his mother’s dream to go to Tsinghua University. Now he wants to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor.

The long farewell for the college entrance examination is finally here, and everyone will bid farewell to their immature self. The story of Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen in their high school ended with a curtain call. In this world, the mountains and rivers are long, and all the separated people will reunite, and they will also usher in a new chapter in their lives.

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