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A Love So Beautiful 致我们单纯的小美好 Episode 13 Recap

On the bus going back, Chen Xiaoxi cried heartbreakingly. Jiang Chen sat in the back and looked at Chen Xiaoxi all the time. Wu Baisong escorted Chen Xiaoxi home, and Jiang Chen unhurriedly followed behind. After watching Chen Xiaoxi enter the door, Wu Baisong showed Jiang Chen that he liked Chen Xiaoxi and knew that Chen Xiaoxi liked Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen lightly replied, “It’s fine if you know.” Wu Baisong firmly said that it will not be the case in the future. Jiang Chen disdainfully left a sentence of “Then you try” and left.

In the evening, Chen Xiaoxi cried heartbreakingly. This time she was really sad and tore up the comics of Jiang Chen she had drawn. Jiang Chen was also tossed and awake. The first time he saw Chen Xiaoxi so sad, he didn’t know what to do. He picked up the phone and wanted to send a text message to Chen Xiaoxi, but didn’t know what to say. That night, the lamp in Jiang Chen’s room was on all night.

The next morning, Jiang Chen got up late for the first time. Chen Xiaoxi went downstairs to school and saw that Jiang Chen’s car was still there. At this time Jiang Chen went downstairs. He thought that Chen Xiaoxi would wait for him to go to school. He didn’t expect Chen Xiaoxi to ride away without even looking at him, leaving only Jiang Chen’s “Hey” word engulfed in the cold air.

In the classroom, Li Wei deliberately put Chen Xiaoxi’s papers behind Jiang Chen when he was issuing the papers, and said at a volume that just happened to be heard by Chen Xiaoxi that Jiang Chen had taken the first place again. Chen Xiaoxi saw that she only scored 64 points. The paper, irritably received it under the book. Lu Yang saw Chen Xiaoxi unhappy, thinking about helping Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen create opportunities, and suggested that Jiang Chen and Lin Jingxiao help them make up lessons. Jiang Chen, who had been paying attention to Chen Xiaoxi, immediately said okay, but Chen Xiaoxi coldly refused to say that it was useless to make up the class because of his low score.

During class, Chen Xiaoxi hid when seeing Jiang Chen. Lin Jingxiao accompanied Chen Xiaoxi to buy things in the supermarket. Chen Xiaoxi told Lin Jingxiao who had been questioning that she thought Jiang Chen had someone she liked, and she was going to give up Jiang Chen. When checking out, Chen Xiaoxi saw Jiang Chen and Lu Yang walking in, and instinctively wanted to run away.

The cashier’s aunt called her to stop the potato chips before checking out. Chen Xiaoxi glanced at Jiang Chen and said that she didn’t want her anymore, and left as if she fled. Seeing that the potato chips had been torn apart, Auntie wanted to catch up. Jiang Chen stopped him and helped Chen Xiaoxi buy it. Lu Yang saw that Jiang Chen and Chen Xiaoxi were not quite right recently, and said that he would teach Jiang Chen some tricks to coax girls, and Jiang Chen, who was in a hurry, even believed him.

According to Lu Yang’s method, Jiang Chen took a large bag of snacks back to the classroom and put them on Chen Xiaoxi’s desk, who was lying on the table sleeping. When Chen Xiaoxi got up, he accidentally touched the snacks on the ground. Wu Baisong just came in and picked up the snacks and handed them to Chen Xiaoxi. Chen Xiaoxi said coldly that it was Jiang Chen’s, and Wu Baisong put the snacks on Jiang Chen’s table. Jiang Chen squeezed the snack bag with a green face, turned around and threw it to Lu Yang.

Classmates in the class played a game where strokes count as marriage. Lin Jingxiao reported that the strokes of her name and the person she liked were exactly the opposite of Lu Yangbao’s strokes. Lu Yang thought that the person Lin Jingxiao liked was herself, and kept smirking.

Jiang Chen, Li Wei, and Lin Jingxiao are all top students in the school, and the teacher asked them to pay attention to their usual test results to prepare for the university’s independent enrollment. Li Wei felt very anxious after hearing this.

In the classroom, Chen Xiaoxi, Wu Baisong, and Lu Yang, a trio of poor students gathered together and looked helplessly at the exam questions. At this time Jiang Chen walked in, and Lu Yang immediately called Jiang Chen to save him, Chen Xiaoxi, a helpless girl. Chen Xiaoxi immediately took the paper and ran out of the classroom, Wu Baisong followed out to comfort Chen Xiaoxi.

Chen Xiaoxi accidentally spilled water on Li Wei passing by, Qiao Lu scolded Chen Xiaoxi for being frizzy. When Jiang Chen saw this, he ran over immediately. He was supposed to let Li Wei go in for Chen Xiaoxi’s relief. But in Chen Xiaoxi’s eyes, Jiang Chen was protecting Li Wei, and Chen Xiaoxi felt even more sad.

Wu Baisong took the initiative to find the teacher’s problem for Chen Xiaoxi, causing the teachers to think that the sun had come out from the west. Jiang Chen was not to be outdone here, and Lu Yang helped Jiang Chen figure out a way to use Jiang Chen’s beauty advantage to attract Chen Xiaoxi again. Lin Jingxiao and Lu Yang arranged for Jiang Chen to play the piano for Chen Xiaoxi. Jiang Chen’s slender fingers were flying on the black and white keys, playing her favorite song for Chen Xiaoxi. Chen Xiaoxi looked at Jiang Chen blankly, Jiang Chen looked back at her with gentle eyes.

But Jiang Chen’s beautiful male strategy did not work, and Chen Xiaoxi’s relationship with him did not ease. In the canteen, Chen Xiaoxi saw Jiang Chen and Li Wei sitting at a table, and told Lin Jingxiao about Jiang Chen and Li Wei performing four-handed play in junior high school. Everyone said they were golden boys and girls. Now Chen Xiaoxi also thinks they are golden boys and girls.

After school, Jiang Chen offered to take Chen Xiaoxi home. Chen Xiaoxi refused him and followed Wu Baisong. Wu Baisong performed a swimming for her to comfort Chen Xiaoxi, but his shoulder suddenly felt unbearable. Chen Xiaoxi accompanied Wu Baisong to the hospital for an examination until very late. And Jiang Chen has been waiting for Chen Xiaoxi downstairs at home, waiting from dawn to dark. Jiang Chen, who was holding an umbrella and waiting in the rain, finally saw Chen Xiaoxi’s figure, only to find that she was talking on the phone with Wu Baisong happily. Jiang Chen’s expression changed, and the knuckles of the umbrella were tightened.

On the next day of the exam, Jiang Chen, who was always on time, was actually late. Li Wei, who has always been a good student, was caught cheating. The teachers and students were in an uproar. Li Wei was under great pressure due to family reasons, and she also had mild depression symptoms. The dean therefore wants her to suspend school. The head teacher and Li school doctor kept Li Wei at school.

When Chen Xiaoxi met Jiang Chen on the road, she immediately wanted to turn her head and run away, but because she was wearing father’s slippers, one of them accidentally crippled her foot and fell to the ground. Jiang Chen saw Chen Xiaoxi’s injury and immediately checked Chen Xiaoxi’s condition, but Chen Xiaoxi didn’t say anything.

He had to pick up Chen Xiaoxi, put Chen Xiaoxi in a seat next to him, and carefully clean Chen Xiaoxi’s wound. Jiang Chen took Chen Xiaoxi on his back and explained to her that the relationship between herself and Li Wei was not what she thought, because it was someone else’s private matter that he couldn’t talk about. Chen Xiaoxi lay on Jiang Chen’s back and said aggrieved: “But I can tell you everything.”

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