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A Love So Beautiful 致我们单纯的小美好 Episode 11 Recap

Christmas is coming, Chen Xiaoxi and Lin Jingxiao are preparing Christmas gifts for the people they like in their hearts. Chen Xiaoxi chose an ordinary greeting card. After seeing that, Lin Jingxiao complained that Chen Xiaoxi was not creative. She shared her plan and said that boys all like tender girls, and the best gift is to give them a hand-woven one. scarf.

On the way to school, Chen Xiaoxi fought with Lu Yang and demanded his gloves as before. Since Lu Yang knew that Chen Xiaoxi liked Jiang Chen, she used this to coerce her to do things for him. Wu Baisong heard Chen Xiaoxi wanted gloves and ran to buy a pair. Although Jiang Chen walked in the front alone, he still paid attention to Chen Xiaoxi behind him.

Wu Bo deliberately ran to buy a pair of gloves for Chen Xiaoxi and gave it to her. Seeing that Chen Xiaoxi refused to accept it, everyone said it was a Christmas gift. Wu Baisong immediately ran out of the classroom to buy gloves, and ran into Jiang Chen at the door. Jiang Chen saw the gloves that fell on the ground and immediately understood what was going on, and picked them up and handed them to Wu Baisong. Since Jiang Chen and Wu Baisong both knew that the other party liked Chen Xiaoxi, they secretly competed against each other, but Wu Baisong directly showed it, and Jiang Chen buried everything in his heart and silently protected Chen Xiaoxi.

After school, on the way home with Chen Xiaoxi and others, Lu Yang asked Lin Jingxiao what Christmas present he wanted. He could pick the stars in the sky for her. It turns out that Lu Yang had already prepared for Christmas. He asked Jiang Chen to buy him the naming rights of a star from the American Stars website and named the star after Lin Jingxiao. He wanted to give Lin Jingxiao one on Christmas Day. a big surprise.

Lin Jingxiao thought that Lu Yang was joking when she said that she was starring for her, so she said that she hoped it would snow on Christmas Day. Chen Xiaoxi, who followed behind, became excited when she heard that it was snowing and said that she likes snow the most. Jiang Chen complained about the way she looked forward to, and she fell into the snow every time it snowed. After Wu Baisong heard that Chen Xiaoxi liked snow, the domineering building, Chen Xiaoxi put down the shoulders and said that she would snow for her on Christmas.

Several people went home one after another. Chen Xiaoxi and Lin Jingxiao walked slowly behind, Jiang Chen urged Chen Xiaoxi to hurry up. Chen Xiaoxi told Jiang Chen that Lin Jingxiao would go home with her, but Jiang Chen rode away without saying a word. When Lin Jingxiao saw this, Chen Xiaoxi joked that Jiang Chen’s jealous jar was turned over.

Lin Jingxiao went home with Chen Xiaoxi to learn how to knit a scarf. Under Chen’s mother, Lin Jingxiao quickly learned how to knit a scarf, but Chen Xiaoxi, who was confused, couldn’t learn how to make a mess of the yarn. In school, the girls are preparing for Christmas. Some people weave scarves and some people weave hats. Lin Jingxiao’s scarves are half finished, but Chen Xiaoxi still stays in the original state and keeps tearing it down. Weave. What made Chen Xiaoxi even more discouraged was that Li Wei was also knitting a scarf and chose the same gray as her.

When Chen’s mother was cleaning at home, she found that there was a small greeting card with I LOVE YOU on the cover of Chen Xiaoxi’s desk, and the content had not yet written the English word dear. Chen’s mother and Chen’s father were worried about Chen Xiaoxi’s early love when they were facing their enemies. They flanked at the dinner table to imply that Chen Xiaoxi should not fall in love, but the carefree Chen Xiaoxi didn’t understand what her parents meant.

When she went to school the next morning, Chen’s mother saw Jiang Chen and asked him if Chen Xiaoxi had walked closer to any boys. Jiang Chen thought to himself that Chen Xiaoxi was stuck with him all the time, but on the surface he was facing seriously. Mother Chen said no. Mother Chen thought that such a good boy as Jiang Chen would definitely not understand these premature loves, so Chen Xiaoxi went downstairs and urged them to go to school quickly.

In the classroom, Li Wei asked Jiang Chen to go out to give him a scarf that he had woven by himself. Chen Xiaoxi and Wu Baisong secretly followed out one after another when they happened to see this scene. Chen Xiaoxi and Wu Baisong were taken aback by Lu Yang who was also following them, and ran away quickly, so Chen Xiaoxi did not see the scene of Jiang Chen rejecting Li Wei’s scarf.

The next morning, Chen Xiaoxi was waiting for Jiang Chen to go to school downstairs, but saw Jiang Chen wearing a gray scarf around his neck. Chen Xiaoxi misunderstood that Jiang Chen took Li Wei’s scarf and rode away alone, leaving Jiang Chen alone and confused.

Lin Jingxiao went to the infirmary to give the school doctor Li Shu the scarf she knitted, but found that there was a beautifully wrapped gift box on Li Shu’s desk. Lin Jingxiao misunderstood that Li Shu already had a girlfriend, and left, lost.

Desperate Lin Jingxiao accidentally ran into Wang Dazhuang on the playground, and Wang Dazhuang’s brothers roared that Wang Dazhuang liked Lin Jingxiao. Wang Dazhuang didn’t want to lose face in front of his brothers, so he blocked Lin Jingxiao on the stairs and arrogantly asked her to be his girlfriend. Lin Jingxiao was so angry that Wang Dazhuang got off the ground. Wang Dazhuang was so embarrassed that he scolded Lin Jingxiao as no one liked him.

Seeing Lin Jingxiao, Lu Yang was unhappy to comfort her and named the stars he prepared for Christmas on the US website and gave it to her in advance. Although Lin Jingxiao saw the gift Lu Yang specially prepared for her, although she complained about him, she was still very moved.

On Christmas Day, the school organized a clean-up. When Lu Yang saw Lin Jingxiao standing on the table cleaning the windows, worried about her safety, he asked Chen Xiaoxi to stand up and change Lin Jingxiao down. As soon as Chen Xiaoxi stood on the table, Jiang Chen walked over and hugged Chen Xiaoxi’s waist with one hand. Chen Xiaoxi reacted with a look of surprise and felt very sweet in her heart.

The cleaning was still going on. At this time, some students said that it was snowing outside the window. Chen Xiaoxi immediately ran to the window excitedly and reached out to pick it up. It turned out that this was the snow specially prepared by Wu Baisong for Chen Xiaoxi. On the roof of the teaching building, Wu Baisong ran with his hands waving foam spray cans to prepare Chen Xiaoxi for this hearty Christmas first snow.

It really snowed on Christmas day. The scarf knitted by Lin Jingxiao was finally tied to Lu Yang’s neck, and Chen Xiaoxi also solved the misunderstanding with Jiang Chen. It turns out that the scarf on Jiang Chen’s neck was knitted by Mother Jiang, but The scarf was finally tied to Chen Xiaoxi’s neck. Chen’s father received Chen Xiaoxi’s greeting card, Chen’s father and Chen’s mother finally let go to know that their daughter has no premature love.

The next morning, Chen Xiaoxi gave Jiang Chen a Christmas gift in return, a bracelet with Chen Xiaoxi’s characteristics that can only be used as a belt because it is knitted. Youth may always have many mistakes, happy and unhappy, but Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen have always been with each other, creating their own little beauty.

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