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A Love So Beautiful 致我们单纯的小美好 Episode 10 Recap

Recently, many cases of bird flu broke out in the city. Chen’s mother asked Chen Xiaoxi to put on long trousers. Chen Xiaoxi disliked wearing long trousers. Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen went to school together and bought breakfast for him. Jiang Chen pierced Chen Xiaoxi in one second to eat more for himself. Wu Baisong prepared a hot water bottle for Chen Xiaoxi. He happened to see Jiang Chen and Chen Xiaoxi go to school talking and laughing together, feeling sad.

In the classroom, Chen Xiaoxi was eating chicken sandwiches with relish. Jiang Chen looked at her and couldn’t help asking if she really had breakfast. Chen Xiaoxi took out the sandwich she prepared for Jiang Chen and wanted to pass it to him. At this time, Li Wei came over and handed Jiang Chen the little biscuits she made by herself.

Upon seeing this, Chen Xiaoxi learned Li Wei’s tone and threw the sandwich to Lu Yang. Lu Yang saw the chicken chop sandwich written on the sandwich package and yelled to Chen Xiaoxi that Chen Xiaoxi would give him chicken chops because he loves and hates bird flu. It was such a small episode that led to a series of things that happened later.

Wu Baisong was afraid that Chen Xiaoxi Leng had specially prepared a hot water bottle for her but never had the chance to send it out.

During class, Chen Xiaoxi was talking to Lin Jingxiao about how bad she was this day. The MP3 she just bought was broken. Lu Yang’s novel “No Life” for her was confiscated by Mr. Liu before it was finished one page. , The long johns were frozen again without wearing them. Chen Xiaoxi and Lin Jingxiao were fighting and ran into Jiang Chen passing by. Chen Xiaoxi borrowed his mp3 from Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen said no if he wanted to tease Xiaoxi.

At this time, Li Wei came to Jiang Chen to borrow notes to talk about the topic, and Wu Baisong also ran over and put the hot water bottle in Chen Xiaoxi’s hand. Jiang Chen looked at the hot water bottle in Chen Xiaoxi’s hand and somehow became awkward, and agreed to give Li Wei a topic. Chen Xiaoxi felt depressed that Jiang Chen was so stingy towards her, and responsive to Li Wei.

During class, Qiao Lu suddenly developed a fever and was sent to the infirmary, because she was sent to the hospital for observation during the special period of the avian flu epidemic. All of a sudden, the classmates became panic because of the bird flu. School doctor Li came to the classroom to ask everyone to take their temperature, when Chen Xiaoxi suddenly sneezed a few times and was taken to the infirmary for examination. In the infirmary, Chen Xiaoxi had a dream that she had avian flu and was holding Jiang Chen’s hand before she died so that he would not be with Li Wei.

Jiang Chen and the others saw that Chen Xiaoxi hadn’t come back for so long and were very worried about Chen Xiaoxi. They secretly ran to the infirmary to see Chen Xiaoxi, but they were found by the teacher and rushed back to the classroom. Jiang Chen, who had always been sensible, knew that even if he went to see Chen Xiaoxi, he wouldn’t help her, but he still went, and his presence comforted Chen Xiaoxi.

After Wu Baisong returned to the classroom, he still couldn’t worry about Chen Xiaoxi, and sneaked out to find Chen Xiaoxi under the pretext of going to the toilet. Jiang Chen was also worried that Chen Xiaoxi saw Wu Baisong go out, and grabbed the mp3 on the table and ran out.

In the infirmary, Chen Xiaoxi comforted herself not to be afraid, and cried and called her mother. Wu Baisong came to the infirmary room to accompany Chen Xiaoxi across the wall. Wu Baisong sat in the corner and waved the leaves of the branches to let Chen Xiaoxi know that Wu Baisong would always be with her.

Here, Jiang Chen secretly recorded to Chen Xiaoxi in the toilet so that she would not be afraid. Li Wei was also sent to the infirmary because of a fever. Jiang Chen sent the recording to Chen Xiaoxi by the school doctor, but sent it to Li Wei by accident. Chen Xiaoxi was very depressed because of this misunderstanding of Jiang Chen. Li Wei was full of joy but after listening to the recording, she knew that the person Jiang Chen cared about was Chen Xiaoxi.

Wu Baisong secretly used a hot water bottle to make a fake fever and went to the infirmary to accompany Chen Xiaoxi. Teacher Liu asked Jiang Chen to act as the monitor for the time being. Jiang Chen saw Chen Xiaoxi’s “No Survival” on the desk secretly clipped in a folder and brought out. Jiang Chen worried about Chen Xiaoxi in his heart, and hurried to the infirmary to see Chen Xiaoxi and Wu Baisong playing backgammon happily.

Jiang Chen reads the bird flu note for readers on the radio station. After reading it, he opened the book “No Survival” and found a bookmark drawn by Chen Xiaoxi. Jiang Chen looked at the painting “JC don’t dream, I won’t marry you”. With a smile, he put the bookmark in his pocket and began to read the content of “No Life”.

In the infirmary, Chen Xiaoxi lay on the window and listened carefully to Jiang Chen’s voice on the radio. She was very excited to know that Jiang Chen was still reading “No Life” for herself. When Wu Baisong saw Chen Xiaoxi’s excitement, he knew that Jiang Chen was most important to Chen Xiaoxi.

Jiang Chen’s voice on the radio station was calm and full of power. No matter how the teacher shouted outside, Jiang Chen remained unaffected by reading the ending for Chen Xiaoxi, and finally told Chen Xiaoxi firmly not to be afraid.

The illness and storm passed, Chen Xiaoxi and others had no problem regaining their freedom. Wu Baisong also learned from this incident that Jiang Chen liked Chen Xiaoxi and formally declared war on Jiang Chen that he would not lose to him.

After returning in the evening, Chen Xiaoxi sent a text message to ask Jiang Chen whether “No Life Survival” looked good, and Jiang Chen replied not very well. Chen Xiaoxi couldn’t conceal the sweetness in Jiang Chen’s as usual tone.

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